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Eric Petersen


Is Your Name in a Song?

Is your first name featured in a popular song?

Are you a Michelle who gets all warm and fuzzy when you hear The Beatles' "Michelle?"

Or a Jeremy who feels a bit vengeful when listening to Pearl Jam's "Jeremy?" What is your name, and what is your song?

How do you feel when you hear it?

Not only is my name in a song... but I'm pretty sure that I inspired a song from a famous singer/songwriter! Join us Monday and we will get to the bottom of "A Song For Eric" fron Tori Amos!!! See ya'll then!

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03/25/2011 10:35AM
Is Your Name in a Song?
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03/25/2011 8:21PM
Arlene Miller
With a name like Arlene I don't experct to see my name in a sond any time soon ! Guess I acan thabk my parents for that!
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