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I'm not crazy - I'm just singin' to my son!

Parents, we find ourselves willing to make a fool of ourselves to entertain our kids.

I love it when my son laughs.  It's my favorite sound in the world.  Definitely better than the alternative - crying.

Cole was getting a lil fussy while grocery shopping, and the parental instinct just kicked in .... SING!!!! 
He loves it when I sing, even if you hate it during The Wake Up Call's Really Wrong Sing Along on Friday!

So, here I am, in the middle of Price Chopper, singing my heart out to calm his crying. 

I must have lost myself in the moment ... I bumped into a guy behind me who was patiently waiting for me to move from the pasta aisle.  Apparently, I don't just sing.  I sing AND dance.  In the grocery store. Hey, I'm willing to swallow my pride for a happy kid!


Turns out, my husband does the same thing!  And he's looking for more songs to add to his repertoire - do you have any good kid songs to add?  Here's what Ethan just wrote on FB:

I’d like to apologize to Target for my singing voice, and the pony it rode in on.

My son’s a little over 13 months old. You might think that in 13 months, I would have learned several songs for babies and kids. But you would be wrong. I have a whopping, two kid songs in my repertoire- not counting the ridiculous songs about poop that I make up on the spot. One is the ABC song. The other is the song my son’s battery-powered singing pony regales us with, every time Cole hits the button in the pony’s left ear. I know the song by heart now, because Cole hits that button a lot. Sometimes I hear the song in my sleep and awake screaming in the night.

I recently found myself at Target with a cranky Cole who would only stop crying when I sang to him. The ABC song wasn’t cutting it for the little music critic, so I launched right into the pony song: “I’m a pretty pony… clippety-clop, clippety-clop… such a pretty pony… clippety-clop, clippety-clop…”

Now, I haven’t sung the words, “I’m a pretty pony” out loud since prison, so I was a little rusty. But that’s all I have in my song catalog. So while my son got quiet, Target shoppers got a free shit-show. Target, I’m sorry you had to hear a fat guy with a beard sing about something other than Christmas or fish sticks.

Any song suggestions, anyone? I need songs to sing to my kid that (1) won’t make me come off as any creepier than I probably already do, and (2) don’t announce to everyone else in the store that I see myself as a small, attractive horse.

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03/15/2013 11:33AM
I'm not crazy - I'm just singin' to my son!
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03/17/2013 9:01AM
Crazy about your kiddos
Omg my daughter has that same pony, and that song is ingrained in my head forevermore! It should come with a warning label. Not to mention the "Wheels on the Bus." Don't worry Selena I drop everything in the middle of the store to sing and dance too :)
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