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I look homeless?

So yesterday, I decided to go make a surprise visit to T while she was at work.  She works at a grocery store, and figured while I went I could pick up dinner.   So I grab a cool retro shirt/jersey that my dad wore when he got out of college back in the day.  For those who don't know, my father played football for Syracuse on a full scholarship (running back) , unfortunately for him, a punt return went wrong, and he almost lost his leg due to the hit.  So football came to an abrupt end.

Anyway, after the injury past, he did what any regular football player would do, he started a team in a flag football league.  SOMEHOW, this shirt has survived all these years, and I now have it in my possession!  So I wear this sweet jersey to her work and greet her with a smile.

Know what I get back in return?  "You look homeless".... ouch!  I love this shirt and I thought I looked rugged and manly, I haven't shaved in a while, so I thought, "man, this looks like a good look."  Well,  guess I was wrong, I apparently looked homeless...what do you think?  Yes I wore the outfit today so you could see...


02/24/2011 9:20AM
I look homeless?
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