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I just can't complain!

Is it a bad thing that I'm not a complainer?  Let me explain, I'm not sure how I got to be this way, or when I decided never to speak up, but if something I order, buy, or receive is not right, I will NOT complain.  Never, I will just smile take whatever it is, and complain in my mind.

I know a lot of people will say, "you paid for it, then it should be right," but I just feel, I don;t know, guilty.  For example, this weekend T and myself went and had some Chinese food for lunch.  While ordering, the woman who usually take the order, I guess was not there, or in the back, so the cook took our order.  Obviously he was not as fluent in English as the woman who takes the orders, but he did his best.

So, my order got, well some what, screwed up.  My girlfriend, T, told me I should speak up and say something, but my response was, "no, no, it's fine, I'm sure this will be just as good."  Is this a problem?  Am I looking at this all wrong?

And it seems to happen to me all the time.  This morning, I went to Wendys, yes Wendys (Get off my back! McDonald's Credit Card machine was busted!) and order two 5 piece spicy chicken nuggets (they weren't serving breakfast yet) but when I got my order, they were regular!  I sighed, thought about going back and asking for the spicy kind, but decided to just settle and eat the regular.

Maybe I feel bad for the employee's, I mean, they deal with this all day, people complaining, yelling, screaming, and maybe they are a little hung over.  How about it, should I complain, or am I in the right? Do you complain, or just let things go?


02/07/2011 9:04AM
I just can't complain!
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