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I guess I'm in denile of how fat I actually am! Read below:

The Waist Size On Your Pants Is Probably Tricking You Into Thinking You're Skinnier Than You Are

Turns out there's a pretty big difference between having a 36-inch waist and wearing size 36 pants.
"Esquire" magazine compared pants labeled with 36-inch waists from different stores and manufacturers, and found that NONE of them were actually 36 inches around. All of them were bigger. Here's how they broke down.

--H&M, 37 inches.

--Calvin Klein, 38.5 inches.

--Gap, 39 inches.

--Haggar, 39 inches.

--Dockers, 39.5 inches.

--Old Navy, 41 inches. (!!!)

The reason for this is pretty obvious . . . clothing manufacturers want you to feel good about the waist size you're squeezing into, and make you more likely to actually buy their pants.
PS: I love shopping at Old Navy!!! I guess I now know one of the main reasons!

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09/14/2010 5:26AM
I guess I'm in denile of how fat I actually am! Read below:
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10/01/2010 1:51AM
You spelled denial wrong. I guess you did graduate from Lackawanna Trail, school of knowledge. You owe me tickets still from my neices graduation party this past summer in Dalton. Gretchen wilson would be nice.
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