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I get to eat a "great" sandwich tomorrow... we took your phone calls and suggestions, on weird combination of food.  Out of all of them, I get to eat Peanut Butter, Mayo, Bananas, and lettuce on bread.

I LOVE mayo!  I mean LOVE it.  I could eat a jar full of mayo by itself no problem.  I like peanut butter, especially on carrots and celery, and on chili sandwiches, but I do not like bananas!  I hate the smell, the texture, and even worse when they are bruised!

Now I get to take all these ingredients mix them together and eat them on a sandwich...great.  And lucky for you, we will video tape the entire thing.  I hope you enjoy it, because I probably wont.


01/06/2011 6:39AM
I get to eat a "great" sandwich tomorrow...
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01/06/2011 6:49AM
jen Z
I Have heard of much weirder combinations, trust me ive tried a few i went to school for culinary arts and tried steak with a coffee sauce and had coffee beans crushed on the outside of the steak with a mustard sauce...
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