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I finally cooked. Sorry you slept through it.

A female listener struck a cord with me the other day as we were pouncing on a husband that insisted his working wife's job should ALSO be to cook. 

She said that she also has a full-time job and kids, but she does the cooking exclusively to express her appreciation to her family.  In other words, she doesn't look at it as a job that she's hoping to pawn off occasionally on her husband; she ENJOYS going the extra mile for her family.

That made me want to cook.

And I went full-out.  No pearls and apron Ala June Cleaver, but I prepared a Greek rub from scratch and massaged that raw chicken between its skin and meat as if I was working for tips. 

And I HATE touching raw chicken. 

But I love my family... that was my mantra, anyway, during the rubdown.  Even made mashed potatoes without a recipe - a scary thought for someone that doesn't cook, but I was determined to show full family love. 

Three hours later (because a cleaning freak skeeves out handling raw chicken and needs time to over-Lysol everything), dinner was served.  Everything looked so good, angels should have been singing as I opened the oven door.  I couldn't wait to perform my "wifey duties" and serve my husband and son.

We sat down, and I intently watched Ethan take a bite.  Nothin. 

I turned to my son, who will usually put anything in his mouth, and saw a fistful of potatoes smeared on his face.  He found a new toy. 

I looked at my husband again, who is still silent, but eating.  I couldn't take it anymore ....."Well?!!! Say something!!!!"

"If I'm not talking, it's because I'm eating.  Take it as a good sign."  Hmm.  Wise words.  Success.

Then I look at my son, and see this:

Almost looks like he's pretending to sleep to avoid eating anymore. This is not helping mommy's cooking reputation.  Maybe I took too long to serve dinner (damn you, Lysol).

I thought the dinner was delicious, if I may say so.  I was even surprised.  We'll see how soon my next "family appreciation" cook-fest happens.  In the meantime, I hope the family appreciates left-overs...


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08/08/2013 2:58PM
I finally cooked. Sorry you slept through it.
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08/09/2013 10:18AM
Crock Pot
Selina, learn how to put together great meals using a crock pot. So easy.
08/15/2013 10:23AM
Crock Pots are GREAT!
Selena, My fiance and i moved in to my parents house with our 2 kids. And for 10 months now i have pretty much cooked EVERY SINGLE DAY. I work, go to school, take kids to sports, and so much more...but yet i still have to cook every night. And i will sayit truely gets sooo exhausting. One thing i have been doing is surfing Pintrist for different Crock Pot ideas for all types of food. Those cut down on time soo much.
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