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Eric Petersen


Bugs that bug you most...

I’m reading this new study that states: mosquitoes love beer drinkers.

Is this really true because if so then my fiancé Erika is sneaking a bunch of beers down behind my back!
Researchers say just a single 12-ounce bottle of beer can make you more attractive to the bugs.

Scientists also say a bunch of other factors – such blood type, metabolism, the amount of exercise you do, and the amount of carbon dioxide you emit – all have something to do with how much mosquitoes target you.

Furthermore the research said: They tend to attack people with larger frames and bigger bodies – which are also, sometimes, guys with serious beer bellies!

This was very perplexing since Erika doesn’t drink beer (she barely drinks at all), she is a size 3 and I can’t imagine that she emits a measurable amount of carbon dioxide! So why then is that on summer evenings she gets bitten like crazy and I sit there untouched?!

My house is home to swarms of wasps (which I am highly allergic to) and she is completely unbothered when she visits.  Why?!!

Question: What insect or animal causes you he most trouble?! Monday morning at 7:15 we’ll be looking for your stories of pestilence! Talk to you then!

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08/16/2013 12:19PM
Bugs that bug you most...
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