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I DO NOT look like that....

Well, now they've done it.

I don't know what the heck is going on in this studio after Eric and I are long gone, but it looks like the lil' monkeys got loose again.

I was so (geeky!) excited to get new markers for our studio's planner board.  Those markers are under lock-n-key; it was a big privilege bestowed upon us to receive such a generous offering.  We've gone so long with old markers, I was ready to draw blood for ink!

...and now I know why the ink runs out so soon.

I'm thinking the gun-toting crazy lady (Jessie Roberts thinks the item in the left hand is a mailbox, btw!) might be me.  I was told the one with busted brains on the floor is Eric (he wants an explanation why he looks so rotund!)

And I'm thinking this is Crockett's masterpiece...only he would throw Robbie under the bus by writing, "Robbie did this".

I'm not even upset about the voo-doo doll hair....the gnarly teeth....the angry uni-brow.  At least I look skinny. 

But I am a lil' peeved about WASTING MARKERS!!!!

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05/27/2011 11:11AM
I DO NOT look like that....
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