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I'm pretty sure it's going to be a long day...

At the time, I figured it would be a great idea to go through a week long cheerleading camp with the Pittston Area High School cheerleading team. Why? Well The Pittston Area Varsity Cheerleading Team traveled to Disney World from 2-11-11 to 2-13-11. They competed in the National High School Cheerleading Championship in the Large Varsity non tumbling Division. They placed second, only missing first by .28! This is the first time the team ever competed in this competition. The team is very grateful to the community who helped them fundraise $16,000 in just 6 weeks which made them able to attend.

When I read the story about the cheerleading team, I was disappointed about the lack of coverage the girls received. So I decided to take matter into my own hands! And what a better way to help out the cause? By joining forces with the team and going through a intense cheerleading camp! Of course, like the moron I am, I figured I was still in great shape, and could play two, one hour long basketball games and come out just fine.

Well I did not come out just fine. In fact, I can't even move today! My lower back is shot, and I'm walking like an old man. I'm in some serious pain, and to make matters worse, camp starts today! Something tells me that these girls are tough too. I mean, they go down to Florida and dominate, so I feel they will have little sympathy for poor ole Crockett. In fact, the head coach, Kimberly Morgan, sent me the schedule for this week, and here is what is in store for me today, "Monday we will do stretching, stunting, and jumping." Great.

And for everyone out there, don't worry, I will be video taping all these practices. Today is going to be a long day...wish me luck, and for the love of god...Pittston Area Cheerleaders...PLEASE SHOW MERCY!


Lets show our support for these hard working girls! The team hopes attend next year again they will be holding a breakfast at Applebee's on May 15th. The cheerleaders will be serving tables!!! To purchase tickets($7 for adults $5 for kids) or to make a donation to the squad to help pay for next year's trip, please contact Kim Morgan at the Pittston Area Middle School.

03/21/2011 6:06AM
I'm pretty sure it's going to be a long day...
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03/21/2011 7:26PM
That was too funny today, and i can honestly say i think your toe touches are better than mine! Hope your not hurting too bad!
03/21/2011 7:39PM
You did soo good todAy!!
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