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Eric Petersen


How's your work?

I remember my first working experiences, those first couple of jobs where you literally learn how to work. For me it was an unusually amazing experience because of who I learned from. You know the type, they've literally been at their job for life, they know every facet of the position, they could absolutely do the job in their sleep, and as a result they can, if you listen to them, teach you how to become awesome at it.

I have, ever since, believed that I learned about the working world from the very people that keep it running. My early mentors taught me: 1) that there is a "right" way to do something that should set the bar for each task, no matter how mundane, it entails, 2) that your work is a direct reflection of who you are that people will judge you by, and 3) that there is always a way to do your work a "little bit better" that you should strive to find.

With that said, I ask you: do you approach your work, or life, in that way? Do you ask why you always get passed over for raises, or promotions, or basic respect ? Do you "autograph your work with excellence", or trudge on robotic-ally?

If not, let me pose a challenge to you: Try a different approach for a week... I dare you.

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01/20/2010 12:08PM
How's your work?
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