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Horror movies suggestions...

Do you guys have any?  Today after the show, the topic seemed to be horror movies.  It all started earlier this month when Jessie Roberts and myself got on the topic of horror movies.  I told her to check out the fourth kind.  For anyone who hasn't seen this's TERRIFYING!  Now maybe I'm just being a total wuss, but my god, I was freaking out during the entire movie.  Jessie Roberts not believing me, went out last night and rented it.

In fact before she watched it, I received a very pleasant text message from her reading, "Fourth Kind better be freakin scary, or you owe me six bucks!"  Know whats haunting about that text, that she spend six bucks on a rental!  Anyway, about two hours later I receive another text message from Ms. Roberts reading, "Thanks, now I will get no sleep tonight!"

So this morning after the show, she came into the studio, and we just started busting out laughing and talking about how damn scary this movie is!  From here, the topic wondered it's way back into the office.  See tonight, myself and T (my girlfriend) are having a date night, not much too date night, I pop some popcorn, pour some soda, and watch a movie on the couch.  Well tonight I figured we could watch something scary.  I mean after all, last night we watched Poltergeist, and that didn't quite do it for me.

So I asked Selena, whats a good scary movie?  She suggested the Ring.  I have to be honest here, that movie, when it came out was horrifying.  Now I'm sure some people,  you know the ones, who can't have any fun, and no matter what they are watching they will say, "oh that movie was so dumb!  I can't believe you were scared, not me, if that was me, I would have punched that ring girl in the face then ran 7,000 miles and climbed a mountain!"  Yea those people, they will say that I can't handle a scary movie, or that I'm a girl, but I love to wrap myself into the story and just have fun. But back to the subject.  The Ring, yea when that little girl was terrorizing everyone, it was bone chilling.  See, I'm doing my best not to ruin the story, because my girlfriend has yet to see it, and I know she reads my blogs, and we might end up watching this tonight.

So here is where all of you can help!  What is a really good scary movie?  Something that will wrap you up and not let you go?  Take for example, the Strangers.  That movie will make you, make sure you locked ALL of your windows and doors before you go to bed!  Other greats are, Paranormal Activity, Vacancy, and the Grudge 2.

So how about it?  Can you help me out tonight?  Thank for all your help!


01/25/2011 10:20AM
Horror movies suggestions...
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01/25/2011 11:06PM
Bridget Blosser
-The Horseman is pretty good, very... Gory and frightening. -Quarantine was another good horror film up until the last second. -Sweeney Tod too, if you can force yourself through the singing is very gruesome and horrifying at times.VERY BLOODY.
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