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Justin Taylor
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Hollywood...Brings back memories! So does being Tan!

Believe it or not, back in the day, I use to be in GREAT shape. I was cut, lean and mean. I had a solid six pack, I was defined with muscles, and was a complete work alcoholic, not to mention, tan. Today is a very different story. I no longer have that once beautiful thing called a six pack, large defined arms, and worst part about it, I'm ghostly white!

Well today I turned a new page! As if a sign from god, or whatever you believe in, the name on the marquee said it all: "Hollywood Tans." Yes, today I went tanning for the first time ever! Before we go into this escapade on how Hollywood Tans is a sign, let me tell you about the experience I had today.

For the record, I have never gone to a tanning salon, EVER. I have step foot into the lobby, three times, and that was it. I never knew what it looked like past the front desk, in fact, the only hint I ever had, was from the hit movie, The Wrestler, with Mickey Rouke. Well today that all changed, when I went a paid my friends at Hollywood Tans on Kidder Street Wilkes Barre, a visit. I was greeted by the friendly manager, Joe, and after some basic guidelines on how things worked, he lead me to the place I always wonder about for years, past the counter!

At Hollywood Tans, they have all stand up booths, and I have to tell you I was very impressed. Each both has its own little dressing room, with seat, so when you are undressing or re dressing you not crashing around the room like a klutz. So Joe walks me to my booth, and shows me how everything works. How to turn on the lights, the fan, turn up the built in radio, ect. He then informs me that I will be in the chamber for 4 minutes. His reason for four minutes, he didn't want me to look like a lobster, and not be able to move today. So for that, I'm very gracious.

So I go into the booth, the door shuts and it's go time! Maybe I'm just a wuss, but do the stand up beds seem a bit intimidating? I mean, once those doors shut, you can no longer see the entrance/exit to the booth, and you are in a very tight space. I started to think to myself, "Man, I would do horrible in the hole at prision!" I found myself wanting to talk to someone, anyone, even myself, but I realized, that there was a chance that people could hear me talking to myself in the booth, and think someone crazy was in there!

They do have built in speakers, with music playing, but I forgot to turn mine up loud enough to listen, so I just stood there, listening to the fan and lights hum. Before I knew it, the booth went black and I was done. I walked out, got dressed, and went out to the lobby. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a tan handsome man...yet! I'm still white as a ghost, but Joe informed me, I will be much darker in a week. I will continue to go for the rest of the week, and maybe lay out over the weekend, just so I can get some color fast! I think we are going to up the time tomorrow, maybe 7 minutes.

The crazy thing though, when I went to work today, and was discussing my story with the staff, they all looked at me funny, when I told them, I was wearing underwear during the process. I couldn't figure out why they were all looking at me funny. Turns out, I'm suppose to go nude, and just cover up with a sock! I don't know about this, either they are playing a joke on me, or this is proper tanning etiquette, maybe I will give it a shot tomorrow!

So how is this a sign? Well back in high school, my nickname was Hollywood. Mostly because of my desire to be famous one day, and funny enough, it was given to me by one of my buddies grand moms. So seeing the name Hollywood Tans, was a wake up call, get back in shape, just one more time. Now I'm pretending my life is a Rocky movie, and this is the montage!


05/11/2011 2:57PM
Hollywood...Brings back memories! So does being Tan!
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