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Bryan Baylee
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Holiday is crushing my financial situation

I'm happy to say that I have all of my holiday shopping completed; however, I have $7 left in my bank account until the next pay check comes in... two weeks away!  Luckily I have a full tank of gas, and I'm hoping that it can last the full two weeks.

If I can somehow find a way to stretch $7 into two weeks, I myself will be amazed.  Every year I tell myself, "I'm not going to go crazy this year with gifts.  Just one or two things and that's it."  But then I get out into the atmosphere of Christmas.  I start seeing all of the bags everyone else is carrying and think that I need to have the same or more bags as them.

I black out, and regain conscious in the car.  In the back seat are a ton of bags, and I'm clueless on how they got there.  I look in my wallet and see a lone $5 bill left.  Panicked because I know this is the last of my cash, I drive to McDonald's and order $5 worth of food to calm me down.  Now I have no money, a ton of gifts and a lot of stress.   Am I the only one in the predicament?


12/06/2010 6:15AM
Holiday is crushing my financial situation
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01/16/2011 6:10PM
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Awesome Story, I can TOTALLY Relate and am in a similar situation with upcoming success. Thanks for the Inspiration and keep developing awesome stuff!
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