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His Girlfriend Hates Her Parents

What do you do when you think you're dating a perfectly nice, sweet person, and then their fangs come out ... while talking to their parents?!!  You see their ugly side, and it kind of scares you.

Paul wrote The Wake Up Call:

 I met a woman who's great.  She's friendly and warm, and we've been getting along really well the past month.

Then the other day, I showed up at her house while she was on the phone with her mom.  She started yelling and cursing at her mom. Her dad got on the phone and they started screaming at each other too.  It was a totally new side I’ve never seen in her.  I was shocked she was talking to her parents that way.

She wouldn't tell me what the argument was about.  She would only say that she doesn’t get along with anyone in her family, and she hasn’t for a long time.  She says she wouldn’t talk to them ever again if it wasn’t for her daughter; she doesn’t want to completely remove her from her grandparents.

That's a lot of heavy baggage to bring into a new relationship.



--Is it a bad idea to get involved with a woman who has a terrible relationship with her family? Seeing her on the phone, screaming and cursing at her parents, may have exposed her true colors.  Could she be a vindictive person?

We'll talk to Paul Wednesday morn at 7:45 on The Wake Up Call with Eric & Selena .... # 1-800-570-1013

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07/19/2011 11:11AM
His Girlfriend Hates Her Parents
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07/29/2015 8:42AM
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