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Hey!!! Movies Lied To Us About The Future, And I'm Mad!!!

It's 2012, which means we're living in the future!

You know, the future! With flying cars, jet propelled backpacks, and robots that act like humans.

Not so fast ... The movies of the past sort of, kind of missed when they predicted what our lives would be like at this point in time.

Here's some examples of the ways movies lied to us about the future:

  • Alien Nation -- The film Alien Nation suggested that in 1991, we would have alien migrant workers.
  • Conquest of the Planet of the Apes -- It's a good thing this movie wrongly predicted there would be ape slave labor by 1991.
  • 2001: A Space Odyssey - In this classic science fiction movie, we were supposed to have homicidal computers piloting rocket ships to Jupiter.
  • Time Cop -- According to Time Cop, we should have had time traveling police officers by the year 2004. (Then again ... Maybe we do have time traveling cops around us -- and just don't know it.)
  • I Am Legend -- Fortunately, this movie missed its prediction of having vampire cannibal people by 2009.

So now I gotta ask:

-When you were a kid, what sorts of stuff did you imagine we'd see in the future? How much of what you imagined has actually come true?
-What one thing do you hope to see in your lifetime? What's the craziest thing you think your kids will see in their lifetime?

Monday morning on the Wake Up Call we will share our disappontments about the movie stuff that never actually came to pass... see ya then!

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01/12/2012 11:05AM
Hey!!! Movies Lied To Us About The Future, And I'm Mad!!!
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02/21/2012 7:22AM
U rock
Hey eric u r amazing I love this radio station see u lator
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