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Things I am thankful for... a brief list.

I'm thankful for The Philadelphia Eagles, cold beer, my 55" flat screen, a good steak, the DVR, macadamia nuts, Hawaii Five-O and anything that drives Selena crazy...
I'm thankful for the NFL Sunday Ticket and the Red Zone Channel as well as the Multi View NCAAF channel and the way that DCTC’s Amy Jo keeps Piper in awe for hours...
I am thankful for Barrett's chicken wings and bar pie pizza (with mushrooms) a semi-dry Chianti and a Love Boat of sushi...
I am thankful for the heated seats in my car and really good blue cheese...
Buffalo chicken flavored Doritos and horseradish cheddar by the block...
I am thankful for Bacon, in all forms, on all things, Oink...
I am thankful for a beautiful, and crazy, blonde goddess named Erika and her nearly perfect five year old daughter Piper and the unspeakable happiness that have brought to me since becoming a part of my world...
And I am thankful for you, yes you, who listens every day, and laughs, and tells (or forces) your friends to listen. I do this job, and keep this position on a day to day basis because of you and I thank God for this job and your dedication to our show more than you will ever know.
Happy Thanksgiving

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A few words about choices...

I feel the need to talk with you a bit about choices.

From the outside a choice is the simple and common act of deciding on something seems pretty mundane… you choose an option every second of everyday almost. Choices are usually tiny and require little thought or time to consider, they are done and over in a second and we barely know we’ve made a choice.

Choices like: should I eat in or take out or glance at that person, walk a bit faster or sit on this chair; simple, fast and usually uneventful… but the choices I am speaking of are the ones that seem small but are anything but.
I think it’s important to first say that the choices you make for yourself today will dictate the very life you’ll be living tomorrow. Remember that!

What you choose to do today will alter the best laid plan you may have for yourself in the future, maybe even your immediate future.

-You promised yourself you’d lose weight (and you plan on it) but eating the super-sized meal today is what you chose to do.
-You knew that if you were late to work one more time you’d get fired but you stayed out till 3am last night and couldn’t get up anyhow.
-Your spouse will be very mad if you don’t help with the laundry but going to the mall today was what you ended up doing! Etc.

This week marked the passing of a friend that had made so many bad choices in his existence that he felt certain that his future was doomed, and he ultimately took his own life. His choice to do so has sent a ripple effect through the family he left behind, a precious 4 year old daughter, the woman who truly loved him, his circle of stunned friends, and the community that he lived in. In truth he was a kind hearted man, yet he felt that the telling truth, and the act of doing the right thing, was just too boring and instead chose to inflate himself and his image through grandiose lies, as well as dodge his creditors and all his responsibilities. His denial of making the correct choices in life led to his inability to see things clearly at all… his tangled up life, that was easily fixable, was of no value to him -and he ultimately chose to end it.
Sad… but the life choices we make can and will do irreparable damage.

So now I ask you: What choice will you make today that will move you closer to your dreams? Will you admit that you need to make changes to get there, or will you lie and disguise the depth that you fallen to again? Will you walk confidently in the direction of your dreams or will you cower to the fear of the unknown?

Whatever you do, choose wisely today, and every day, and remember that you are going to either be rewarded or punished by what option you chose to make. Tomorrow is waiting… choose carefully.
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Are you walking with a "rock in your shoe"?

In an effort to begin getting in shape I have started walking a 3+ mile route around the neighborhood where we live. On Sunday I set out on what would be a walk that would teach me a life lesson as well as get me closer to cardiovascular health.

I put on comfy (gym style) clothes, an appropriate wind breaker,  laced up my new pair of Nike Shox and began my trip around the berg, but as I stepped off the curb something instantly was wrong. Inside my left sneaker was something that was just big enough to make it uncomfortable to walk. The trouble was that it also was almost bearable enough to just let it stay there. I was torn, because I really didn’t want to stop and remove my shoe in the middle of a country road, plus I had a little bit of momentum built up that I didn’t want to interrupt, so I walked on hoping it would soon become a non-issue… it didn’t.

About a quarter of a mile into my journey I begrudgingly stopped, leaned against a tree, unlaced the Nike and removed the shoe, in an effort to remove whatever it was that was bugging me. I expected it to be the size of a boulder, it had to be right? Any item inside your shoe that keeps you from being able to move in comfort must be massive, I thought.

I slipped the sneaker off and tilted it toward me so that whatever it was would roll into my view… as it did, I peered into the shoe, only to be amazed at how, what I could only describe as, miniscule the pain causing item actually was. It turned out that my “boulder” was in fact a tiny metal ball bearing that must’ve come from a broken toy of Piper’s that had flown into my nearby sneaker. It was SO small that it was barely visible at all! I took it out, tossed it into the leaves, and began again to tread onward.

As I now was walking it was noticeably better and much more pleasant to move forward. I walked faster and it seemed almost like to steps were easier and more positive. My mood seemed to lighten and I began to look around me at the passing scenery as opposed to thinking about what was causing me pain in my every step.

Then it hit me…
What little thing was in my life that was causing me pain?
What was I was just dealing with instead of removing from my life?
What was bugging me that I no longer had to tolerate?
What was slowing me down and keeping me from being happy and enjoying my journey through this world?
What seemed SO huge, that was no doubt minuscule, was distracting me from moving on?
And- How more miles would I have to travel in this world to finally get it out of my life?
Serious questions provoked by a tiny annoyance, but a great lesson learned.
So, ask yourself if there’s a proverbial rock in your shoe as you’re living your life. Consider the idea of ridding yourself of the things that cause you pain, and how positive you’ll feel as a result.  The choice is yours to walk on in comfort or not… but, why walk with a rock in your shoe?
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What's changed in your life in the last 5 years?

I did a bit on the show this week where I asked people to briefly  tell me about what changes have happened in the last 5 years of their lives… it was astonishing!

For starters it was amazing how many calls I got!  Dozens of people with powerful stories about overcoming obstacles, gaining success and finding great improvement in their lives… but there was also people who told us of great setbacks, hardships and failures they’d incurred in the past half-decade, yet all of them ended their calls with a positive look at the future, and if nothing else, all had a determined will to win over the odds that may have seemed almost insurmountable.

I sat there a bit in awe. I honestly had thought that the topic would be a “risky” considering the fragile state of the average person’s mindset these days. I expected the worst and instead got a pleasant surprise!

I also couldn’t help but drift off to remember the person I had been five years ago and consequently sit in disbelief of how different my world is now as opposed to then.

Five years ago I was taking full care of my mother (who was in ill health), I drove a PT Cruiser, I was in a dysfunctional and toxic relationship, lived in an unfinished house and not only had no pets, but had no desire to have one (not to mention two or four), oh, and I was not even a member of the morning show that I now co-host.

Half a decade later all of that is changed… I am in a totally finished and beautiful home, drive a Chevy Colorado, I have a job that most people (even those in the radio biz) would love to have, I am the proud father of a cat- a dog- and two fish, I adore a five year old that keeps me on my best behavior daily, and in December I’ll stand on a beach in South Carolina and commit my life to her mother, my soul mate, as she becomes my wife.

Wanna make yourself smile?... Take a moment and think now about where you were ONLY five years ago… you may be surprised how far you’ve come, or maybe you'll get a very clear picture of what you need to change to start moving forward, but for better or worse, I hope that the next five will be equally as awesome, for both of us!
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“A vacation is having nothing to do and all day to do it in.” -Robert Orben

In a matter of days we will be setting sail for the Eastern Caribbean on the AAA North Penn/ Froggy101 cruise. This will be my 8th cruise and I can’t explain to you how excited and (honestly) deserving Erika and I are about this pending break.

We actually had to prepare ourselves for an extremely challenging twelve month stretch as 2014 began, and it has not only been challenging but this year has been downright overwhelming. Honestly, we have succeeded in doing some of the biggest things that a couple can in their entire lives (moving, merging houses, changing jobs, fixing/ renovating a house,  putting a child into school for her 1st year, getting married) and all in one year!!! If we had decided to add: start a business and have a baby, to the list we would’ve achieved the complete list of marital milestone accomplishments and have no more big things left to do. JEEZ!

The old Jonas Salk adage states that: “The reward for work well done is the opportunity to do more”… and I am honored to be able to do what I do, but there is also a quote that says: “Vacation used to be a luxury, however, in today's world, it has become a necessity.”

Don’t misunderstand me; I constantly challenge myself to be better, and to achieve the next level, but from the 25th of September to the 4th of October my fiancé and I will be unavailable!

Sure you can call but the phone won’t work were we’ll be…
and that’s just fine with both of us.  
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Can dogs & cats be friends? Maybe.

When I was growing up my parents simply never considered the idea of a dog as a pet in our house. Dogs, let’s face it, are more work than cats, fish, snakes, hamsters and a substantial list of other pets you could consider, so they purposely dodged the question when I asked them if we could get a dog.

Fast forward to now and the day that my fiancé Erika told me of her plans for adopting a dog (a large one at that)…  I was totally against it. She and I both had small places that a large dog would be a menace to live with, and in a short amount of time we would be merging into one small place and the dog would be even more cramped! We live fairly stress free lives and, in my opinion, adding a dog meant no more nights out or weekends away without the constant thought of how, or who, would take care of the dog!

But honestly, one of my biggest sticking points was that I had a very well behaved and peaceful cat that I shared my life with named Butler, whom would no doubt be less than thrilled to surrender a percentage of his domain to a K9 of any size, most especially one that weighed in at 80+ pounds!

My fear of their meeting was monumental, and I remember the day that Endo & Butler met for the first time… it wasn’t pretty. To Butler the invasion was similar to that of when Hitler occupied France! Here was this massive, hulking, dominant force that was immovable and was seemingly thrust upon him, and he wasn’t leaving any time soon… his nerve and ego were in a state of shock and his only logical move was a retreat  for higher ground (on top of the kitchen cabinets).
But a pretty miraculous thing started to happen shortly after the occupation (as Butler calls it) happened, he started to warm up to the big headed, dog faced, black mutt, in truth we all did.

Endo is a boxer-pit bull mix and his mode of operation is to love you to death. He’s constantly in need of affection, will lick your face or any other extremity (feet, leg, hands, ear, etc.) at his access to get your attention, truly believes at 8 years old that he is still a 2 pound puppy/ lap dog, and honestly loves Butler and his companionship to death!

They aren’t “the best of friends” just yet, but there are signs that show the possibility of a cuddle buddy relationship on the horizon… and don’t worry, I’ll post those pics ASAP! J
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Anyone have a shoehorn we can borrow?

Moving is tough… really tough, but the real challenge is where all the stuff you’ve moved is going to be put now that it’s in the house!

Erika and I sat on the couch, exhausted and covered in sweat between boxes and boxes of freshly moved items, and just tried to imagine where it all would was going to fit. What seemed among the impossible was the thought of all of it disappearing into orderly places.

 I have a relatively small place with not enough closets to fit my belongings, and I had just brought the entire collection of worldly possessions of not one but two females into it, for the foreseeable future.

There were 5 wardrobe boxes filled with both clothes and shoes, ten large boxes of everything from towels & blankets to pans & pictures, and then there was everything else: lamps, couches, books, tables, canned food, old records, shoes (lots of shoes), etc., but above all else there was toys…. loads and loads of toys.

I had to remind myself, box after box after box, that fate and circumstance had required us to move into this home as opposed to moving into the one we had intended to build, but that didn’t make the bitter and overwhelming feeling of total and complete disorganization any easier to handle.

I know that in time, no doubt sooner that we think, it will all be filed, folded , sorted and stored… but there in the midst of what seemed like an three day episode of Hoarders Visits Storage Wars… it was inconceivable.

The conclusion we’ve come to: We hate moving!
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The most influential lesson I've ever learned...

On Wednesday I was sitting in the Lackawanna Trail Elementary school gym, listening to the principal Kelly speak to the parents of the incoming class of 2027, and I began to think of how awesome it was that I was going to be helping a little girl to become an adult. Man, what amazing changes have happened to my life.

If you’d have told me a decade ago that I would be in a “parental” position today, not to mention that I’d like it as much as I do, I would’ve laughed in your face. Piper and I have known each other for a little over 3 years now, but the alterations that she (and her mom) has made in the very man that I am have been astounding.

I remember well the “Things That I Absolutely Will Not Do… Ever” list that I had established for my life, it was written in stone and I would dictate the items on it verbatim to anyone who wished to hear them.
  1. I will never have a job that will force me to wake up at an unreasonable time… plenty of other employment options to choose from with a normal start time.
  2. I will never drive a pickup truck… I don’t need one
  3. I will never date a woman named Erika… too hokey.
  4. I will never work in radio… TV is more my style.
  5. I will never date a woman with a child… just because.
The items on that list seemed pretty concrete to me at the time, and I laugh to think of how I truly believed that they were going to remain the commandments that I’d live by…  but that was then.

As the years have slowly ticked off I have watched in disbelief as each so called concrete item of the “Things That I Absolutely Will Not Do… Ever” list began to fall, and my life became better as a result.

When you’re in your teens and early twenties you truly have the incredibly convoluted notion that you absolutely know it all, and there is nobody and no thing that will convince you otherwise; strangely it wasn’t until the day that I said to myself, out loud, “God, please help me, I really have no idea at all of what I’m doing in this world” that I began to learn any of the answers that would be of help. I am convinced it was on that day, when I uttered those words, that I began growing up.

Today I woke up at 3:10am, kissed my fiancé named Erika and her daughter Piper, and drove to my radio job… in my pickup. Astounding.

The lessons Piper will learn and the experiences she will be a part of in her school career are the things that will influence her entire life, and knowing that I had to share one of the most influential lessons that I have ever  learned, and hopefully one that she learns a lot sooner than I did: Never Say Never!
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What I learned... from a whisper.

When Harrison Ford in an interview was asked about how he dealt with fame he had an interesting answer: “You seldom see or hear it in front of you… you hear it around you, and behind you”. To me that was an odd response, but I remember the day that I found out exactly what he meant.

We had been invited to a fundraising event as guests, not “celebrity guests” or performers, and that was a bonus to me. It was to be an evening out that had nothing to do with my work. Don’t get me wrong I love what I do, and I do a lot of it, but when we are given a chance to just chill and simply enjoy a night out (without a work commitment of any description) it’s a rare gift!

The event was in the backstage area at the Scranton Cultural Center, and as we entered we did so with a relaxed sense of peace. Our friends had held a couple seats for us, and our timing was unusually perfect. The crowd, however, in the entry way was oddly large and rather dense, so getting from the door to our table would pose a challenge of sorts.

As we pierced the outer edge of the massive herd of party goers to head towards our seats I said “excuse us please”… in response three people turned to look with a sort awareness in their glace. They said nothing but slid gently apart and held their gaze as we passed. I will admit that most of their attention was focused on Erika, as it should be, but the mood of the moment had changed somehow as we pressed on.

Then it happened, my moment of clarity… the three lookers were behind us and as we were moving briskly away from them I heard one of them say to the other two “That’s the morning guy from Froggy”, and just like he’d described in the interview, the small amount of fame I have attained revealed itself to me… not from in front of me, but from the side and behind me.

We stopped, said hello, took some pics and spent several minutes chatting up a trio of great people.  I came away from that brief interaction feeling like I’d made a couple of new friends… but I couldn’t help but wonder what it must be like for a guy like Harrison Ford, who’s attained worldwide fame, to attempt a date night and fail at every attempt.

I am more grateful than you can understand for every ounce of recognition I receive. I never find it an inconvenience to say hello or shake a hand with a listener of the show, or any Froggy fan for that matter… ever, but I did learn what it feels like to have a person briefly hold you in a higher place, to be somewhat intimidated to speak to you directly, and to hear the background voice of fame talking… but this time it was about me.
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The "roads to hell" are here in NEPA!!!

There are few things on this earth that I claim to hate… but one of them is the roads of NEPA!

The driving in this state is abhorred, and year after year, as I continue sailing down the byways of the Keystone State I am less and less inclined to believe it’ll ever be anything but that!

From the potholes to the heaving concrete, the crumbling road shoulders to the dilapidated signage, there is no joy in traveling from place to place here; but this week I saw  the last straw thrown onto the camel’s back… the state approved the install of my personal favorite road pain in the ass: “tar & chips”! Let me explain.

The stretch of road that separates Erika house from mine (Rt. 107) was a road that could have easily fit in well to a war zone! Regular air raid bombings could only produce more damage than was visible on that 14 mile stretch of highway for the past 8-10 years. Well a miracle happened, as the macadam God’s smiled on us and a crew of yellow trucks delivered miles of fresh black smoothness to the gateway to my fiancé’s house, and Rt. 107 got a new and flawless layer of paving last year. Sadly, that was LAST YEAR!

Fast forward to yesterday and the disaster that is Rt.107 now… (see the attached picture).

“Tar & chips” is a process where by a huge spray truck applies a generous layer of hot sticky tar to the flat (usually flawless) road surface and then another truck spills an equally massive amount of crushed gravel (dusty, dirty and most of it not adhering to the tar) on top of it. It then is brushed over by a vehicle that I can only describe as a street sweeper from hell that pushes the excess to the ditch. In about a week the street sweeper from hell does an additional pass, and the job is considered complete.

The problem is that during the week that spans from application day to the final sweep day, it is up to the cars and trucks that travel that road to compact the chips into the tar, and during that process your vehicle is treated to a covering of dust, clanking gravel smashing under your fender wells, slippery stone filled travel lanes, and a shower of the same gravel flying over your vehicle from the drivers (just as pissed as you are) traveling the same road at a speed that sprays your car with military precision!

May I now ask: What in the name of the good Lord almighty above are you doing PennDot?! Why, when you do your best work, do you find it necessary to cover it? Why have you ever so consistently done this on the roads I frequent?  Why is it that you have no respect for those of us who own black vehicles and wish them to remain clean and free of paint chips?!! WHY?!!!!

Dang it!
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