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Eric Petersen


Here's What Your Dance Moves Say About Your Personality

This is some good information for the next time you're out dancing, and suddenly a circle forms around you and you realize: This is MY time to show who I am through the timeless art of dance.

--A new study out of the University of Jyvaskyia in Finland has figured out what different dance styles say about your personality. Here's what they found:

--If you move around a LOT, with exaggerated, energetic movements of your arms and head, it shows that you're an EXTROVERT.

--If you tend to kind of "shuffle" . . . jerking your hands and feet with sharp movements . . . it means you're NEUROTIC.

--If you move around the dance floor a little more smoothly, swinging your hands and moving side-to-side, it shows you're AGREEABLE.

--If you bob up-and-down more rhythmically in a less exaggerated way, it shows you're OPEN-MINDED.

--If you move all over the dance floor and move your hands all over the place, it shows you're the RESPONSIBLE, CONSCIENTIOUS type.

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11/17/2010 6:43AM
Here's What Your Dance Moves Say About Your Personality
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