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Eric Petersen


He Said: Dating Websites...

Years ago I had a roommate who had absolutely no abilities with meeting women. To be truthful, he usually would date any girl who would show any interest in him at all, which usually got him into very bad relationships! Frustrated, he eventually asked me to help him fill out an on-line dating profile (the one that matches you through 23 levels of compatibility). Why he needed me I'm not sure, but I agreed to help, and boy what a lesson I learned.
Instantly he received profiles of about six bachelorettes that were described as eager to meet him, and all of them completely different that his taste would dictate. In the weeks that followed he received several more "matches", some a bit closer to his liking but not one exacting match. I encouraged him to at least go through the motions and date two or three of these women, and just see if pulling back the veil would expose a silver lining... no dice!
As the 60 days of his enrollment passed, and after going on 8-10 dates that could only be described politely as :"awkward", we both concluded that he should throw in the towel. The lesson that he learned (and I learned by watching) is that he could easily have found that same outcomes he'd gotten by introducing himself to any "mis-aligned matches", any where, and thus save the subscription fee.
To be blunt: I know what I like, and I have no qualms about my capabilities to find it (I mean her). I, unlike most men, have a job that allows me to meet dozens of women, many of which already know a bit about my personality, and as a result I have no use for dating help of any kind, especially on-line dating sites. After watching my friend struggle, and sacrifice his tastes for a zero gain, I'll tell you that if I had ever even considered the idea of using an on-lie dating site, that thought's been extinguished. They all guarantee results... personally I'll take my chances.

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10/28/2009 7:49AM
He Said: Dating Websites...
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12/08/2009 11:10AM
Joan E. Lampman
I think I heard you say yesterday that you don't like Lady Antebellum. Well, I feel even stronger about Taylor Swift. Her songs have only 5 or 5 notes in them with little complexity. I guess sex sells!
12/10/2009 6:44PM
I have 2 say u look hot in the hat. The questions is if I had you come up to my house could you really ride one of my horses?
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