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He Said- Christmas Photo Cards

I’ve never been the type of person that (in a relationship) likes wearing matching outfits or having pet names, or for Pete’s sake, “Couples Photo Christmas Greeting cards” (which usually contain both of the aforementioned items that I hate)! It’s so hokey, and sappy, and sickeningly sugary… whoa!
Then one day I got a Christmas photo-card from one of my lifelong friends. It wasn’t just he and the missus in it, the photo showed his two kids with them around the family Christmas tree, presents, dog and all, the same sad sappy stuff you’d expect, but somehow it looked… well, “right”. It illustrated how much older his kids had gotten since I’d seen them last, it showed how happy as a family they were, and it showed me how I had to reconnect with them, so that I could never let that much time pass by us apart again! The card has hung on my fridge from that day on, and was joined by the other five or six they’ve sent since. The point I’m trying to make is that I’ve softened to the idea, but only under a few conditions.
If you are: a married couple (with, or without kids), are planning on getting married, should be married, have been together so long the entire civilized world thinks you’re already married… (you get the point) then by all means send out a picture of yourselves,, framed by a holiday backdrop… if you don’t fall under that criterion, then don’t bother!
“Why”, you ask… well, a) you’ll look really foolish, b) you’ll be wasting a sizable amount of better spent money, and c) you’ll incur the wrath of all the sane, currently unattached, level thinking addressee’s that will never let you forget the year you sent a picture of yourself in a sweater that has a scene on it that echoes the vinyl winter wonderland that’s draped behind you and yours.
To quote and old Billy Squire song: “Christmas Is the Time to Say I Love You”, please don’t say it with a holiday card that will be a punch line for the rest of the coming year!

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12/14/2009 4:06PM
He Said- Christmas Photo Cards
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