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Going to spend some money!

So today was payday...know what that means? Time to blow it all in one day! This seems to be the trend, I get paid, pay all my bills, then I look at my left over money, and say to myself, 'Awesome, I can go buy new crap!" I go out, spend all of my money, then the next week, I look into my wallet and simply say, "Crap."

Every single time, never fails, I waste all of my money on stuff I don't need. Then I act like it is someone else s fault that I have no money. Here I am, mid week, no money, starving to death, no gas, wondering if I have enough gas to get to my parents house for some free food, living off of chips, then pay day comes and what do I do? Nope don't buy food, barley fill my gas tank, and go buy junk!

You think I would learn my lesson....nope.


03/31/2011 11:23AM
Going to spend some money!
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