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Eric Petersen


Go Away Earworm!!!

-Fortunately for me, health experts say the majority of people who enjoy and listen to music often have a song stuck in their heads. Unfortunately for me I work in a music driven business, so it happens every day (ok, maybe once a week)!!!

Maybe it's a song I like a lot like Jerrod Neiman's new one "What Do You Want?"... sometimes it's even a song I can't stand. It could even be a commercial I just heard. Whatever it is, it's stuck in your head and it keeps playing over and over again.

So how about right now? Is there a song stuck in your head? What is it?

Join us tomorrow morning on Froggy101's Wake Up Call and we will talk about the Earworm (song) that's stuck in your head!!!

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03/10/2011 9:59AM
Go Away Earworm!!!
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03/10/2011 9:22PM
Unfortunately, it's "Stuck Like Glue" by Sugarland! That song makes me think of someone hiccupping!!!
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