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Frogman caught on security cam....

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08/30/2010 5:45AM
Frogman caught on security cam....
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08/30/2010 5:33PM
Salena, That must have been a very scary episode today. I was listening when you screamed and it scared me. I sure hope they find out who that was.Where would he get a costume that looks so much like froggy? Glad no one was hurt when he threw the trash can and Rusty also when he was pushed to the ground.
08/31/2010 6:07AM
After watching the video, it looks to me like the person knew the layout of the building. They knew exactly were to run too and how to get out of the building fast. They also looked in the other rooms next to your studio to see if anyone else was there, so they might also know what time other people arrive to work. Just giving you something to think about. Hope it was helpful
09/03/2010 12:51PM
Its just way too obvious that the "frogman" is someone from the station, but I just cant figure out where you guys are going with this gag ?? I can tell ya though, not too many people really care where the frogman is now....time to move on...
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