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Dolly Parton comes to town!

So a lot of people ask me, "Who is the one country singer you haven't met yet, that you would love to meet." A big name on that list is Dolly Parton, and last week I was told Dolly is FINALLY coming to our area! That's right, she comes to the Mohegan Sun Arena Wednesday June 22nd! I can not wait for this show! Even better, I have tickets all week! So get ready to win this whole week in the 4pm hour!
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I'm into the the dirty 30's and all I want to do is go to the DMV

So I turned 30 today (4-19) and my drivers license expires tomorrow (4-20), and I have tried Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday to go get it re newed, and EVERY day I went the DMV was closed! I head to NJ this weekend to see my brother and I don't want to run into any problems because my id is expired, so I'm TRYING to do the responsible thing here, but the government is making it awful hard..... COME ON!
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Tara broke the "good" hairbursh. I fixed it like a redneck.

It's so simple even you can do it! All you need is, A pen, duct tape, electrical tape, bolt cutters, a screw driver, and a drill bit! Watch the video below!

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I can't read a ruler, and I watch in envy as my buddy build everything

Somehow I went 29 (going on 30) years without learning how to read a ruler. Yes you read that correctly. I can't read a ruler. I do know how to build things, and use power tools, however all my creations come out crooked and uneven due to not knowing how to read a ruler. Now my buddy Matt, he CAN read a ruler, and is extremely handy with tools. He has his own shop that he build all sorts of things: Furniture, racks, tables, even a dog bath stand! I stand back and watch him make money out of nature, and think to myself, "Just learn how to read a ruler, and make some money!"

If you want to check out my buddies store, here is the link!
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I would be at my weight goal, if it wasn't for the weekends.

Since the end of Februrary I made the goal that I needed to get down to 200lbs.  Not lose 200 lbs, but to weigh 200lbs!   I was hovering around 228-230, and I figured a good date would be by my 30th birthday, April 19th. I do very well during the week.  I eat clean, drink plently of water, and WHEN the weather is nice out (not that often in NEPA) I go for walks!   I SHOULD be at 200 lbs by now, if it wasn't for these dag gone weekends!   

Once the weekends hits, Im talking Budweisers, pizza, and wings.  It's like a rainstorm.  I can see its coming on the radar, but I can't stop it.  Well, I could stop it with some more will power, but its the weekend, and its pizza, and its beer, and its wings.  However; April 19th is quickly approaching, and now its time to start cracking down.  

Can I do it?  Maybe.  Just keep the beer and junk food out of sight! 
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Head is a tad sore this morning...

While doing chores last night, I about gave myself a concussion.  It all happened while doing dishes.  You may ask yourself, "Crockett, how on Earth do you almost give yourself a concussion doing dishes?"  Well, I had the dishwasher door ajar (how about that for a word!) and right before I closed the door, I dropped a knife on floor.  I bent over quickly to pick it up, but one problem.  My gigantic head, well actually my face smashed off the door of the dishwasher, about knocking me unconscious.  
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Q&A turns into wrestling talk!

So today (3/08/16) Holy Rosary elementary had me come in to read to 4th 5th and 6th graders.  After I was finished reading, we did a Q&A session.  I was told earlier, try and lean questions towards the importance of reading and writing.  I said, "no problem," and was doing a great job of it.... until.   A student asked me, "Did you always want to be in radio?"  I told them no, and the next question asked was, "What did you want to be growing up?"  I told them a pro wrestler. 

At this time, all the boys quietly to themselves cheered, and immediately following, was ten hands all shooting up in the air.  All of those hands had one topic in mind.  Pro wrestling.  The Q&A session went from reading, writing and radio, to WWE talk.  The teacher tried to get it back on the rails, but the damage was done.  I loved every minute of it! 

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Can never win!

So when I put some weight on, people tell me I should drop some pounds, or make jokes here and there, then I lose some weight I get the "you look too thin" or "you look weird now!"  What do you want from me!?  Believe me I would love to eat whatever I want, and be a massive dj, but at some point you have to take care of yourself... right? 
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What a long weekend!

So this past weekend my buddy Nick moved to NYC.  He recently took a job with MLB, and needed help moving.  I was the only guy who said yes to help him, so I went down Thursday night.  The move didn't actually take place till Saturday morning, but we did not bother packing until Saturday morning.  So Saturday we wake up, go get the U haul, bring it back, pack, load the truck and drive to NYC.  

We finally to NYC, and it was FREEZING, and we had to move up three flights of stairs.  It was one of the most exhausting things I have ever done.  After moving everything into his apartment, we took the U haul back, went to our hotel room, got cleaned up and met with our buddy Joe who lives in Brooklyn.  

Well maybe we were a little ambitious, but we ended up staying out till 5:30 am, and didn't get back to the hotel till 6am.  We also had to catch a bus by ten, so we had little sleep and had to run like hell to actually make this bus.  Good news was we made the bus, bad news, I STUNK!   I couldn't wait to get home and shower, because I could actually smell myself!  So I finally get home at 5pm, get to the bathroom..... pipes frozen. 

I call my landlord, and she tells me to just run the sink, and wait for the tub to unfreeze, because it happened to her earlier that day.  "ok," I thought to myself, "no big deal, I have Monday off, so I will just take a shower then, and sleep in."   Well Tara wakes me up Monday morning and says, "Should there be water on the floor?"  I say, "There should never be water on the floor."  Turns out the pipe finally thawed, and water blasted everywhere!   So now my day off turned into talking with plumbers, and cleaning.  

Good news, no pipes were broken.  Bad news, my day off stunk. 
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Bad Husband or bad friend?

So I have a situation on my hands.  A while ago, my buddy who lives in Philadelphia, left his job and is now going to work for MLB in NYC.  The last time he moved, he had a bad experience with movers, so this time he sent me a text asking if I would help with the move.  He told me he would cover tolls, gas (both ways), and he would pay me on top of it.  Being a good friend, I said yes, and that was that.  

Here is where things go south quick.  He finds out Friday, he can move in his apartment this Saturday and has everything lined up, along with me being his help.  Only catch, Sunday is Valentines Day.  Now I can't back out on him now, because he is starting his new job, and is moving, and there is just too much stuff to move, and he needs a guy.  I have already committed to helping, so I'm stuck.  I had to tell Tara (my wife)  hey I won't be home till late on Sunday (Valentines day) so we wont be able to celebrate, 

NOW BEFORE EVERYONE STARTS THINKING IM THE BAD GUY!  I have set a date for Monday, to go out to diner, at the spot of our first date!   What would you do in this situation? 
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