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Fashion Nativity Scene DON'T?!!

Fashion Nativity Scene DON'T?!
Fashion Nativity Scene DON'T?!
An L.A. boutique took creative license for their creation of a "fashion" nativity scene, which is not sitting well with many on-lookers.

The Virgin Mary is in a mini skirt...where's the fashion police for this crime of tackiness?!

 I understand the store's sense of creativity and freedom of expression, but maybe I wouldn't be so taken aback if it wasn't for the halos. Christmas is commercialized enough with "Santa Sales".  Shouldn't the nativity scene remain the one untainted religious icon?  (And this, coming from a Jewish gal!)

Sure, you can call anything "art", but the Three Wise (wo-)Men are carrying shopping bags!  While it's clever for bringing their gold, and frankincense, and myrrh, maybe they would be wise to bring Mary some undergarments :-b


 I'm not offended; it just doesn't make me think about the sincerity of a religious icon. All I can think about, now, is how "breezy" Mary must feel!






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12/14/2009 7:01AM
Fashion Nativity Scene DON'T?!!
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