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Make your celebrity child...

Melissa Etheridge "chose David Crosby over Brad Pitt" as sperm donor 

First, I didn't know these celebrities were up for grabs to selflessly provide ingredients for other's offspring!

Second, I find it amusing how people (her own son, jokingly included) can't believe she didn't pick the "hot" choice .
.. after all, the decision was made after Brad Pitt exposed his stellar abs in Thelma & Louise.

My son said, ‘I could’ve been amazingly handsome,” Etheridge said.

Hellloooo -- she's not interested in Brad Pitts abs -- plus -- even if she was, why would someone want their child to look like someone they fantasize about  -- naked --- ick.

Etheridge said she "chose" (there it is again -- celebs for the taking!) David Crosby because he already had children, so it was a "gift"; she didn't want (then, childless) Pitt to feel obligated to "raise" the child, because the child would "already have two parents."

It had nothing to do with picking music over acting, by the way.
Here's the full article

Who would you pick for you celebrity fantasy baby -- yeah, we're playing this game -- just like the celebrities are with each other!!

I initially narrowed it down to a famous brain and a famous comic -- then I wondered if comedy is genetic, or situational (that fantasy kid of mine will have plenty of ridiculous hilarity already)

... Is Albert Einstein's sperm available?
Brains ...
Funny eyebrows ...
My Jewish mother would be thrilled (Einstein was a Doctor of something-or-other, right?!) ...

My perfect package!


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WOW -- Does Carrie Underwood Work Out!

Had the amazing opportunity to talk with Carrie Underwood on Saturday at her Allentown show. At my first initial glimpse into the room I was meeting her, I was wondering when this beautiful "skinny minny" would bring in Carrie, then I realized, holy cow - -THAT IS CARRIE! Where did the rest of her go?

She is in amazing shape -- and she brings a traveling gym on tour with her to prove it.  But after seeing her incredible show --- and how much running around on stage she does during it! -- I can understand why you strive for fitness while on tour. 

....and seriously -- look at those killer legs! Go Carrie! .... You've inspired me to run today. Okay, well, at least put down the 4th Thin Mint cookie I was going to eat today...

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Easter Bunny: Boy or Girl?

If you always thought the Easter Bunny was a boy, this bunny meeting my son would beg to differ!  I almost called her, "Mrs. Bunny," too,  as if she was filling in for her "Hubby Bunny" or something; like Mrs. Claus is to Santa...  WHAT?!
That reasoning is just as crazy as assuming the Easter Bunny is a boy.  Who says?!

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SHARKIER ... I like it.

Kip Moore loves to surf, but he's a lil nervous about going to Australia this weekend because, as he says, it's QUOTE -- a little bit "SHARKIER" than other places ....
I don't know why that cracks me up. Maybe it's just being able to say "SHARKIER" out loud ... like it's a real thing. I suddenly want to surf so I can speak the lingo and OWN it ... SHARKIIIIIIIIIIER!!!!!  Love It.
Have fun, Kip Moore, and look out for sharkier waters when you're Hanging 10 on those righteous waves!

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To Brush or not to brush ....

random thought of the day --- I have a regualr dental checkup/cleaning appointment in 20 minutes .... am I expected to brush? I mean, really -- aren't I making my gums work overtime if my mouth is getting the full VIP spa treatment in now 19 mintues ....
I better stop typing and just do it already .... only because who needs to be that close to coffee breath....but they have masks on -- can they even smell anything?

15 minutes to get there --- maybe I'll just pop a breathmint :-)
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READ if you have SIPPY CUPS!

EWWWWW!!  Toddlers have been drinking milk through MOLDY sippy cups and parents had no idea because the anti-leak tab (which should be removed and cleaned regularly) was designed to be stationary on this "Tommee Tippee" sippy cup: Moldy sippy cup . Convenience is not always better .... if you have sippy cups in your house -- time to give the inside "anti-leak" cap/tab that prevents a spill a gooood scrubbing -- take it off the cup.  And if you can't --- then throw it out and get cups that allow you to remove them. 

I prefer the "Toss n Go" cups -- there's no tab, it's see-thru, and they're relatively inexpensive to replace.


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Holy Cow!!

Holy Cow! Of course a cow gets loose on I81 and causes a traffic jam: click for cow!
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Happy Birthday ... can I celebrate alone?

My 80th (bahaha -- I look great for 80!) is Sunday February 21st.  My husband at the last minute asked me, "sooo, what do ya want....?"
Maybe I'm just keeping my expectations low (maybe be pleasantly surprised later?)...maybe, just maybe, a part of me wants to be alone.  YIKES. Did I admit that?
Eric congratulated me on officially becoming an adult.

Is it bad that I want this as a gift? To wake up one morning by myself, and not by the shrills of a 4 year old from the bathroom:  " MOOOOOOOMMMMMMMY!!!!!!  CAN YOU WIIIIIIIIIIIPE MEEEEEEEEEEEE?!!!"  

 ... Nothing says "Happy Birthday" like a jolt and stumble to the bathroom at 6a to wipe someone else's butt.

Hey, at least I'm not asking someone to "powder MY nose" for a birthday gift. 

I'm just asking for a lil time to wake up on my own accord (after the sun rises!), relax, and, well...smell the that so wrong?

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Justin Moore is a GREAT sport!

Justin Moore was such a great sport playing "BeanBoozled" with the lawn & SKUNK (bluh!!) flavored jelly beans. Justin has three daughters -- he said "he's a pro" at eating these!! He didn't even flinch when he ate them Check out the video here: Jelly Bean Justin!

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What a way to kick off Valentine's Weekend!

How ADORABLE are Bri & Wil?! Newly engaged Friday morning with the "cast of characters" stunting a dating game show -- Bri cried when Will dropped to one knee in a surprise proposal - check out the video highlights: Love on Froggy
Thank you Rainbow Jewelers for the stunning $2,000 diamond engagement ring, which Will dreamed of giving Bri, his future bride whom he says, "deserves it all." We all teared up watching, touched to be a part of their special day  <3  Congratulations, Bri & Will!!!

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