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Eric and I...not seeing eye to eye.

So this morning, Eric has been on my case about liking Macho flicks.  What are Macho flicks?  Well let me list a few of my favorites:  Over the Top, All of the Rocky movies, DC Cab, Cobra, Judge Dredd, Rambo, Demolition Man, Robocop, Pumping Iron, Predator 1 and 2, Terminator, I think we get the drift here.

See Eric is one of these movie buff guys, who takes acting, maybe a little too serious.  He studied acting in college, he had a singing career and in his mind if the story is not accurate to life, or the acting is not spot on...the movie is no good! This is where we do not see eye to eye.

What some of you may not know, is that I too went to college for theater arts.  I took the classes, did the exercises, and I still find the over the top movies the best.  To me, it's a movie, it's suppose to capture the imagination.  Sure there can be realistic movies, with great actors, and real problems, but I deal with these problems everyday!  I want to come home, see some dude who is all steroided up, with a machine gun who could wipe out a small country with one round!

I want the villain, half mutated, hell bent for world domination, who had thugs with mo hawks and pink dyed hair.  The city is man handled and is in need of a hero, and just when all hope is lost, here comes this hero to crush the competition!

Or how about the classics sports hero, who is down on their luck, and need this one main event to turn their life around.  We all know whats going to happen, but we still watch and cheer for him anyway, and when he wins, we smile, and we think to ourselves...."I need to work out, because compared to this guy, I'm a fat sack of crap!'  Of course we never do, but thats ok, at least the movie kicked ass!

These movie reviewers and Eric  need to realize this.  These movies are not tying to be snooty academy award winners, they understand what they are going for: over the top, kill all enemies, make sure the  story line is so simple, that even if you walk into the movie 30 minute late, you know what is going on, and that the good guy will always win.  I feel these movies should be rated on a scale of their own.

Could you imagine if all movies were rated on THIS scale?  Some of these movie buffs favorite movies would be considered terrible!  Citizen Kane, considered to be one of the greatest movies of all time, would be considered one of the worst!

So how about it?  Love these macho movies?  What's your favorite/  Or are you with Snooty Movie Man himself, Eric Peterson?


03/01/2011 8:11AM
Eric and I...not seeing eye to eye.
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03/01/2011 11:49AM
I love mostly anything the Governator was in as well as JCVD films. Universal Soldier is another good macho flick.
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