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Eric Petersen

Posts from September 2014

“A vacation is having nothing to do and all day to do it in.” -Robert Orben
In a matter of days we will be setting sail for the Eastern Caribbean on the AAA North Penn/ Froggy101 cruise. This will be my 8th cruise and I can’t explain to you how excited and (honestly) deserving Erika and I are about this pending break.

We actually had to prepare ourselves for an extremely challenging twelve month stretch as 2014 began, and it has not only been challenging but this year has been downright overwhelming. Honestly, we have succeeded in doing some of the biggest things that a couple can in their entire lives (moving, merging houses, changing jobs, fixing/ renovating a house,  putting a child into school for her 1st year, getting married) and all in one year!!! If we had decided to add: start a business and have a baby, to the list we would’ve achieved the complete list of marital milestone accomplishments and have no more big things left to do. JEEZ!

The old Jonas Salk adage states that: “The reward for work well done is the opportunity to do more”… and I am honored to be able to do what I do, but there is also a quote that says: “Vacation used to be a luxury, however, in today's world, it has become a necessity.”

Don’t misunderstand me; I constantly challenge myself to be better, and to achieve the next level, but from the 25th of September to the 4th of October my fiancé and I will be unavailable!

Sure you can call but the phone won’t work were we’ll be…
and that’s just fine with both of us.  
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Can dogs & cats be friends? Maybe.
When I was growing up my parents simply never considered the idea of a dog as a pet in our house. Dogs, let’s face it, are more work than cats, fish, snakes, hamsters and a substantial list of other pets you could consider, so they purposely dodged the question when I asked them if we could get a dog.

Fast forward to now and the day that my fiancé Erika told me of her plans for adopting a dog (a large one at that)…  I was totally against it. She and I both had small places that a large dog would be a menace to live with, and in a short amount of time we would be merging into one small place and the dog would be even more cramped! We live fairly stress free lives and, in my opinion, adding a dog meant no more nights out or weekends away without the constant thought of how, or who, would take care of the dog!

But honestly, one of my biggest sticking points was that I had a very well behaved and peaceful cat that I shared my life with named Butler, whom would no doubt be less than thrilled to surrender a percentage of his domain to a K9 of any size, most especially one that weighed in at 80+ pounds!

My fear of their meeting was monumental, and I remember the day that Endo & Butler met for the first time… it wasn’t pretty. To Butler the invasion was similar to that of when Hitler occupied France! Here was this massive, hulking, dominant force that was immovable and was seemingly thrust upon him, and he wasn’t leaving any time soon… his nerve and ego were in a state of shock and his only logical move was a retreat  for higher ground (on top of the kitchen cabinets).
But a pretty miraculous thing started to happen shortly after the occupation (as Butler calls it) happened, he started to warm up to the big headed, dog faced, black mutt, in truth we all did.

Endo is a boxer-pit bull mix and his mode of operation is to love you to death. He’s constantly in need of affection, will lick your face or any other extremity (feet, leg, hands, ear, etc.) at his access to get your attention, truly believes at 8 years old that he is still a 2 pound puppy/ lap dog, and honestly loves Butler and his companionship to death!

They aren’t “the best of friends” just yet, but there are signs that show the possibility of a cuddle buddy relationship on the horizon… and don’t worry, I’ll post those pics ASAP! J
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Anyone have a shoehorn we can borrow?
Moving is tough… really tough, but the real challenge is where all the stuff you’ve moved is going to be put now that it’s in the house!

Erika and I sat on the couch, exhausted and covered in sweat between boxes and boxes of freshly moved items, and just tried to imagine where it all would was going to fit. What seemed among the impossible was the thought of all of it disappearing into orderly places.

 I have a relatively small place with not enough closets to fit my belongings, and I had just brought the entire collection of worldly possessions of not one but two females into it, for the foreseeable future.

There were 5 wardrobe boxes filled with both clothes and shoes, ten large boxes of everything from towels & blankets to pans & pictures, and then there was everything else: lamps, couches, books, tables, canned food, old records, shoes (lots of shoes), etc., but above all else there was toys…. loads and loads of toys.

I had to remind myself, box after box after box, that fate and circumstance had required us to move into this home as opposed to moving into the one we had intended to build, but that didn’t make the bitter and overwhelming feeling of total and complete disorganization any easier to handle.

I know that in time, no doubt sooner that we think, it will all be filed, folded , sorted and stored… but there in the midst of what seemed like an three day episode of Hoarders Visits Storage Wars… it was inconceivable.

The conclusion we’ve come to: We hate moving!
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