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Eric Petersen

Posts from November 2013


Thanksgiving is a day when more than 100 million Americans will observe the most honored of traditions … gathering with family and friends to watch as many as 15 straight hours of television.

In fact, Last Thanksgiving, more than 114 million viewers were sitting in front of their TVs.

The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade kicks things off – and then (my favorite) there are three NFL games.

And if you’re not into football, you might be among of the 19 million people who will tune in for at least a little bit of The National Dog Show.

Whatever you watch, you can feel good about continuing this new great American holiday tradition
– a little food, a little wine, and a hell of a lot of tube time.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Appreciating all things good...

With November being the month that Thanksgiving happens to occur in, there has been a massive amount of people taking the time to list daily what things they are thankful for on Facebook.  It’s honestly inspiring to see hundreds of people taking just a few moments out of their day to actively name the things in their respective lives that they are most blessed by having. Honestly, I haven’t been one of them… until today.

I think that we forget to be thankful in our lives. We trudge on usually blindly throughout our days, living and acting unconscious of the things that help us live, and often live well. It’s easier to ignore the blessings that surround us and dwell rather on the obstacles and the forebodings that are set before us.
I wish to change that in my life and ask that you consider that change for your life too.

Take a second and remember your past. As a child or young teen, maybe even as a college age person, were you, like I was, more appreciative of the little things in your life? If you got a good grade, a date with your crush, a decent parking spot or even found a dollar you’d forgotten in your freshly washed jeans, didn’t you feel more appreciative of it than you do now, and didn’t it make you feel more… in touch with the world.

Cosmic thinking… maybe, but if you think about it isn’t the world a sea of endless abundance? Can’t an ocean float a canoe as easily as it would the massive cruise ship the Allure of the Seas?  Isn’t there more to go around than we will ever really be able to absorb? Despite what the news media (predictors of impending doom) want you to believe the universe isn’t shrinking and the things that you have and need are always at your beckon call. I believe this. Thus, to me it seems simply absurd to live in the fear of never reaching you goals. Why worry about the difficulty of the road ahead when clearly what you want is waiting for you… in excess.

 A patient pursuit of you dream will yield a purely perfect outcome…   so be grateful for the ability to pursue the prize you want, and that alone will help you to enjoy what previously seems like impossibly hard work.
I am deeply grateful for the gifts that God has given to me and subscribe to the theory that the world has everything that I could ever want  (maybe too much) and I live happily in that belief.

So, with that said, I am thankful for:
my amazing life, my beautiful fiancé, her equally beautiful daughter, my home, my job, my crazy (not lying here) family and friends, my inexplicably excellent health, the life that I have built, the future that I believe is coming faster and better than I expected it to, and for you… yes you, you who is reading this and maybe you listens to the Wake Up Call in the morning, because you allow me to continue living this dream, everyday…
and I thank you for that gift.
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I'm really not a fast starter...

When many guys get into their 30s and 40s, they notice that they’re out of shape – and start worrying about death. I have started to notice the middle age spread happening to my body and I'm not thrilled about it but, I'm not overly frightened either. 

Of course some others don’t worry about their health...  they make the most of the last half of their life by buying a Corvette and sleeping with their secretary, I'm not considering this as an option either... but I digress.

Those who actually do something about their declining physical health by exercising are admired.

Unfortunately, a new study says this might be the exact wrong thing to do – and might lead to a premature death.

Doctors are finding that guys who get into excessive, vigorous, and unsupervised exercise habits can seriously hurt their hearts and increase the risk of cardiac arrest in a big way.

The key is to build up to vigorous exercise slowly, letting your body get more and more used to all the work you’re doing.

So I will approach this in the manner to which I was intending... very slowly! I can hear the doctors words now: "Don’t just jump in and run a marathon next weekend Eric, your heart might not be ready for it." Thanks Doc... I don't intend to. 

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I now pronounce you... and you?!
As a guy who works in a business that is sometimes “ego driven” I marvel at the ways that people adore themselves. They stand in the mirror for hours, they talk on and on about what they have done in their careers, they honestly would rather talk about themselves than you… always. Well, I have the perfect Christmas gift for them: I Married Me! That’s right, for $300, you can get everything you could possibly need to … marry yourself.

The new Self-Wedding In-A-Box kit includes a (rose, white, or yellow) gold ring to place on your own finger, vows for you to read to solidify your commitment to yourself, and day-of-the-week affirmation cards to ensure long lasting love. For those unwilling to splurge on their solo-nuptuals, there's also a sterling silver ring for $45.

I Married Me, is “rooted in the notion people should first and foremost practice self-love, and they ought to proclaim that love by tying the knot with the one individual who will forever be loyal to them-themselves”. At their wedding, the company founders Jeffrey Levin, a jewelry designer, and Bonnie Powers, a design strategist, proved they're no hypocrites by holding a self-marriage ceremony for each of the 120 guests in attendance… I can only imagine what the slow dances looked like that evening.

Powers and Levin, launched the company four years ago, and say their product is just a means to an end: motivating people to improve their relationship with themselves, and in turn, with others.

I suppose there's something empowering, yet gimmicky about what they're proposing (get it?), but do you really need to spend $300 to throw a party celebrating yourself?! I say a six pack and a dozen wings (about $12) will do just fine for me at my solo party! 
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Would you buy a MURSE?!!

I logged on to, as I usually do, and began reading an article only to wish I had not. I was awe struck by the article that was titled: Don’t laugh at the “man purse”!

Here’s an excerpt: All is not well in the luxury world…  New research confirms that the industry is in a bit of a slump. Global luxury sales are on track to grow only by 3% this year, the slowest rate in four years.
However, growth will pick up next year, driven by its strongest segment in recent years: accessories, specifically men’s accessories. The luxury goods industry has been “manning up” of late. A host of luxury brands are opening men’s only stores, tapping a less saturated market undergoing significant shifts in tastes.
But one of the hottest luxury items with global appeal is the men’s handbag—the “man bag,” “man purse,” or, simply, “murse“.


Apparently over the past five years the old source of my best jokes, men’s handbags have seen sales grow at nearly twice the rate of the overall luxury industry. The man-bag market in Asia has doubled since 2008, with murses in the Middle East growing by two-thirds over the same period. The global market for men’s luxury bags will reach just under, hold on:  $9 billion this year!!!
The idea of men sporting flashier purses is a possible trend that may happen too. “Years ago, your average man wouldn’t be caught dead walking down the street with a Mulberry bag,” but now apparently men’s bags have “become part of a gentleman’s outfit.”  
In fact industry experts expect sales of men’s handbags continue to grow faster than women’s purses in many parts of the world. In fact in Africa and the Middle East the sales of murses out number women’s handbag sales 61% to 40%!!!
Please people of America, I beg you: MAKE IT STOP!!! Please end the anguish now, and prevent us good old fashioned, red blooded, redneck, beef eating, back woods, American men from toting a satchel around to the mall, church, or our garage appointment.

What could be next, a salon appointment with the boys for MAN-icures?
A front row seat for just the guys to see the premier of the 50 Shades Of Grey movie?
A special murse party for the men only at work because you’ll need “one to match your new Carhartt jacket”?!

Consider yourselves warned! 
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