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Posts from July 2013

"Pet Voices" are a real thing...

Why do people use such funny and/or weird voices when talking to their pets?
I do it, I admit it. In fact, Selena asked me to talk to her like I was talking to my cat, Bulter, so I said (in a mushy baby talk type inflection): "How's my boy... My best friend, My little Butler Boy". "Oh My God" she yells, bursting into laughter!

She looked at me as if I had just made the strangest, most bizarre statement ever. "Oh please, like you don't talk to Fozzie the same way?!" I said in my defense.  Shortly thereafter she too had to admit that she had a "Pet Voice" that she would employ when talking to her cat too.

I sincerely believe there is a "cat voice" that we cat owners talk in; it’s a different language that only we and other cat owners (and maybe the people that work at PetsMart) can understand.

So with that said I ask you pet owners: Do you use a “Pet Voice” when you speak to your pet? (secretly I already know the answer). Join us Monday morning at 8:15 and use it, and you may be rewarded with tickets to our Up Close And Personal show at the Montage Mountain Waterpark on the 26th .

Talk to you then!!!
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What did you accidentally destroy fire with fireworks?

Every neighborhood has one.... Someone who buys a massive amount of fireworks to "One Up" his neighbors and to 'Shock In Awww" the neighborhood. Well my neighborhood is no different. I have a neighbor who stockpile fireworks all year round for his so-called "Fourth of July" PRIVATE PARTY.

Anyhow, last night he began the lighting the mountain of explosives he’d accumulated off, and all of the Dalton-tastic fireworks were going loud, long, and seemingly well, when there was a sudden rush of bodies (and focused attention) that was centered on a storage shed that the neighbor had just purchased on the edge of the property line.

 It seems that one of the larger fireworks had either misfired or been mis-aimed and had rocketed into the shed’s window and exploded… causing the gas can to ignite and thus causing the snow thrower, lawnmower, weed whacker, quad and a small fortune in lawn care implements housed inside of the shed to be eviscerated!

So I ask you now: What did you accidentally destroy with fireworks?
Think about it and join us Monday morning at 7:25 to tell us your story!
Have an awesome weekend… talk to ya then!
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