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Posts from June 2013

What's the most damage you've ever done at work?

I was just reading a story out of England, where a airport baggage handler accidentally caused $6 million worth of damage to a jet.

How, you ask... Having just finished loading the plane with luggage, the baggage handler accidentally left his electronic scanning gun on the aircraft's engine cover.

When the plane reved the engines and started moving, the scanning gun was sucked into the engine, causing the damage and causing the pilot to abort the takeoff.

While costing the airline $6 million dollars is bad enough, it could have been worse if it had happened after takeoff.

It got me thinking about all the damage I've seen (and sometimes done) at work.

So here's the question: What's the most damage you've done at work?

... think about it and join me at 6:15 for the Wake Up Call Monday morning!!! Talk to ya then!!!
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What do you call your boyfriend when you're over the age of 40?

Now that we are engaged I have very little introducing my fiancée to anyone who we may run into… but, back when I was getting ready to introduce (my then girlfriend) Erika to “the entire world of Eric” two summers ago, I really didn't know what to say when making all the introductions.

I truly thought "I’d like you to meet my girlfriend" sounded too much like being back in high school…  but what wording do you use when talking about your significant other without using that label?

 Do you go with something like 'sweetheart', 'lady friend', or 'other half'? Do you agree that it seems awkward for me to be calling her my "girlfriend"?
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Topics: Human Interest

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The Worst Song In Recorded History Is...
During our post show wrap meeting I began to think about all the music that I thought ranked as the worst songs in recorded history. There were several, but as always there can be only one "worst ever"!

Songs you simply cannot understand why they got produced, then released, and then somehow people inexplicably liked them when they heard them! WHY!!!

My (edited for size issues) list includes:
#3) Ya Mo Be There- James Ingram
#2) MacArthur Park- Donna Summer

But the #1 worst song in recorded history is one you probably have heard but… but I did.
In fact it was a hit in NYC many years ago when I was working there in the 90’s and is gut wrenching!

I will introduce you to this epic musical disaster Monday morning at 7:15am!
(Plus: think about what you consider the worst song in recorded history and tell us!)
Have a great weekend and Happy Father’s Day!!!
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You aint from around here, are ya?!

Everyone in this country can get behind a good "U-S-A!  U-S-A!" chant.  For everything else, we've got our own regional dialects.

As a linguistic person myself I find this both infuriating and very intriguing!


A statistician at North Carolina State University analyzed survey data on the different words and pronunciations different parts of this country use to describe the same exact thing.  Here are the three biggest ones that we Americans disagree on . . .



Caramel.  The East and the South usually go with "car-a-mel" . . . the Midwest and West go with "car-mil."



You Guys vs. Ya'll.  The South uses "ya'll" . . . except for south Florida, which goes with "you guys."  Pretty much the rest of the country goes with "you guys" . . . except central Kentucky, where the most popular version is "you all."

Pecan.  This might be the biggest divide of all.  The Northeast pronounces it "PEE-can" . . . Louisiana and its surrounding areas go with "pick-AHN" . . . northern Wisconsin and Michigan say "PEE-kahn" . . . and the rest say "pee-KAHN."

What word (or phrase) can make your skin crawl when it's said unusually?


BTW: Here is an interesting article on how Americans speak differently depending on where they live:

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