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Eric Petersen

Posts from May 2013

The "Hit & Run"!

Have you ever had a coworker hit your car and then not tell you?

The very same week that I bought my truck I noticed that I had a dent in my door and I had no clue how it happened.

I traced back every place my car had been and who I had parked beside and it came down to the guy that works on a morning shift here in the building!

What do I do?
Do I call all the people on that shift out?
Do I go to corporate?

 I did change parking in my "usual" space, but that didn't fix the dent. I hate some people. Ha!

Monday morning at 7:15 we will ask you if you (like me) have ever been a victim of a "Hit & Run"!
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An Amazing & Sweet Story From Oklahoma...
Usually I find it kinda depressing when you hear about an elderly person making a wrong turn and driving hundreds of miles in the wrong direction.  Not this time.  This time it actually SAVED two grandparents' LIVES.

Thomas and Claudia Foutch of Moore, Oklahoma are grandparents who are both in their 80s.  On Monday, they were headed home from a funeral . . . just before that devastating tornado completely ravaged the town.

BUT . . . as they were driving home, they took a WRONG TURN.  They got confused, and ended up 200 MILES south, in Texas.  And that probably ended up SAVING THEIR LIVES.

They eventually figured out they were lost, but couldn't get back to Moore because of the road blocks.  They didn't have cell phones.  They didn't know their family members' phone numbers.  They didn't have enough money for a hotel.

So they ended up spending almost 48 hours in their truck until they found their way back home.  Their family didn't know what had happened to them . . . and even went on "Piers Morgan Live" to ask for help finding them.

Their granddaughter says now that she's been reunited with her grandparents, her first move was to get them cell phones.

God Bless them both and please continue praying for the folks from the area that bore the brunt of the storm.

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This time it's us!!!

I left on much needed spring vacation in the start of May, and while we were away I asked my girlfriend to be my wife. If you didn’t hear about it, fear not, I kept it in very deep confidentiality, for many reasons, and I don’t regret that move one bit.  I’ve always been a private person (my parents hated that in me) and still, as I always have, I try to protect certain things with the secrecy of a 007 plot! As a result my proposal plan worked nearly flawlessly… It was beautiful, it was emotional but above all else it was our moment, yeah only ours to stand together and choose a common path for life that we will decide on together.

As we were shuffling through the line in the airport on our trip home, we laughingly looked at each other and said “Whoa… this time it’s us” as if to say that up to that point we were watching the “movie of life” where it was only our friends and family that got engaged and married, but now it was now us in the lead roles, and we were a little bit shocked to be living in that moment.

 Days later I sat on the couch in a very introspective mindset and began thinking about how well it had gone, and how happy we both were, but I also took the journey back through twisted labyrinth of years and decisions that brought me to this place; the one in life where a choice like this would for me be at all a possibility. I sat amazed at the ground that I have covered, the crazy amount of time that has passed, the things of the past that seemed so important and devastating once that now seem so trivial, and how so many the times of my life that seem so recent really happened decades ago.

 I thought about my first grade crush Brook Mercer (the little red haired girl) and my first kiss Karen Rufner (in the back of a school bus); I remembered my first real love (and first heartbreak) Margaret Carroll and eventually I thought of most of the rest of my bigger mistakes… but this time remembering them didn’t haunt me. Right there, on my couch, I came to that amazing moment where I had arrived at the realization that I wasn’t sad or angry at any of the women of my past any longer… I was in fact happy that they had chosen something other than our relationship as their priority and had moved on. I was happy mainly because they gave me a gift in the process: they forced me to move on too, and for that I am grateful.

Let’s understand something: I am “older” by definition to be getting married (for the first time anyhow) and many people were surprised to hear not only that I had made this commitment, but also that I was willing to do it at all!  I have for years been accused (falsely) of being afraid of commitment, not true, what I was afraid of was committing to someone who didn’t deserve me doing so. I love Erika and I know that she is, in fact, the woman that God intended me to meet and share this earth with. She is perfect for me and I hope to drive her up the wall of a very, very long time.  :)

The years have been kind to lead me here to her and I thank God for that, and I have seen enough to know many things but I still can’t say with any confidence that “I know what I want”… what I do know from the lessons of the past is: “I know full well what I don’t want”, and I have found my soul mate as a result!
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