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Posts from April 2013

A Little Yearly Advise...

When I got back to the office his morning I saw an envelope with my name scribbled in the boss’s nearly illegible handwriting. I had no reason to panic; the boss has left me many things in envelopes throughout the years: circus tickets, Christmas cards, errant fan mail, money… (Ok, that last one is a lie) today it was an anniversary card.

You know, I’m usually very good at remembering dates like birthdays, and holidays, and anniversaries, but for some reason the yearly celebration that marks my hiring here at Entercom, always seems to always slip my mind. Maybe it’s because I won’t be angry with myself if I forget it, maybe because it’s no big deal at all, or maybe because I don’t look at the calendar and constantly tick off the seconds till I can retire like so many other jobs I’ve had in my past.

Unlike most people on this planet, I love my job. I do, I love it, and I admit that I even enjoy the crazy hours, weird co-workers, unusual assignments, endless frustration, amazing fans, great music, scary bathrooms, hectic workload, unexpected perks, etc. etc. etc… I love it all of it. I have met and made friends and connections more now than ever in my life thanks to his job and the people I have shared these days with, and I couldn’t be more grateful. I never look at the time I spend at work as work, and I made a promise to the man that originally put me on this payroll that if it ever stopped being fun, there would be no need to dispatch me, I’d quit if that day ever came; fortunately for me it has not, and God willing it won’t.

When I first applied for a job here I had just moved back from trying to work in the acting business in NYC, I had a very sick mother who needed me, I worked at a job I hated, I made no money at all, and I kicked myself daily because I believed I was stuck there in my mediocrity… not true. In the midst of all that self-pity and depression I got some great advice from a very odd man named Bob that was teaching us marketing. He said: “The life you have today, you have chosen to live. You are right where you are, right now, because you have chosen to be there.”

 It hit me like a hammer. I was mad, mainly because he was right. It wasn’t the boss that put me here, it wasn’t my friends that made more money than I did that were preventing me from making a better living, it wasn’t the teachers or coaches or counselors in my life that had directed me to an unhappy life… it was my fault, period! In that very moment that those words hit my ears I began taking the steps to find the life I really wanted, that week I resigned… two years later I was hired here.
These days, I always try to look back on the past year and consider the changes that have happened in my life, and in the work that I do, when the calendar flips to April 14th (my anniversary date was 4-14-04) and it always surprises me at how much ground I cover and yet how much more I feel there is to go.

With that said, let me impart some sage words of wisdom: If you hate your job, it’s your fault, so fix it!
-No one on earth was put here to be miserable and God wants you to be happy, so be happy. Begin today to find your calling, no matter what anyone may say about how crazy they may think you are for chasing that path. Life rewards action not fear, and ultimately the people you leave behind will dislike you out of their jealousy of your action, because they are frozen in their irrational dis-belief in themselves.

Now go get moving!
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Working Overtime For Prom Money?!

According a survey by Visa, it'll cost kids $1,139 to go to the prom this year.  That's a 5% increase over last year . . . which means that prom costs are rising faster than inflation

Families who make less money will spend about $100 MORE than richer families . . . and single parents will spend almost TWICE as much as married parents.

Is this true? Are proms actually costing parents over eleven hundred dollars?

I am quite sure that tux rental and floral cost never reached $200.00 in my day (said the 47 year old)... But, even adjusting for inflation, is it possible that I could shell out almost 6 times as much today, or do boys costs for prom necessities not factor into this survey?!

Help me understand these numbers... someone!
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My wardrobe malfunction...

I had to run some errands after work recently and realized after about three stops my fly was unzipped.

I went to the bank, the grocery store and to a pharmacy.

The long stare of senior citizen Rita behind the counter at my crotch at the pharmacy made me realize what was going on.

Next time give me the memo if my crotch is making any sort of appearance!

Thanks... that is all for today.
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Watch what you say and do… because it's all about you.

I read an awesome article on line about the purpose of relationships, and how important it is to understand that you do not need someone to complete you, but to share in your completion… and how we all have luggage and simply need someone to help carry and unpack it with us instead of being ashamed of it.

I drifted off (for more time than I care to confess to) thinking about my greatest relationship mistakes in my life, how they changed my view of the world and ultimately changed the course I took to get to where I am now. I also thought of a newly made friend that is married to a man that may be the biggest mistake I’ve ever seen a woman make, and yet she stays.  I have always subscribed to the adage that states “there ain’t no point in moving on till you’ve got somewhere to go” and it’s always worked for me with one bold and awful exception: interpersonal relationships.

People frequently complain about how much it stinks to be alone, but it’s substantially worse to be with the wrong person than it is to be alone! Being in a situation that drains you of your strength of self is the equivalent of voluntarily staying in pain or poverty or in direct danger, when a clear road to health, riches or safety is easily available. In other words it’s foolish to try to “make it work” if doing so requires a substantial amount of conscious effort.

Yep, I’ve done it, and maybe you’ve done it, but that doesn’t make it right, it just makes it a commonality that we share; one we should have learned from, and one that needs not be repeated again.

What others say and do is often based entirely on their own self-reflection… they may believe that they are internally very ugly and don’t deserve being treated well. Remember that when you are insulted by someone you love, because ultimately they don’t deserve your love; if they treat you like crap they don’t deserve good things at all, and you should no longer reward their abuse with the gift of your acceptance.

Look at your life right now, and people in it, the very ones you spend the bulk of your time and emotional effort, and perhaps money on, and ask if they are worth those gifts!  If the answer is anything but absolute YES, leave that relationship immediately! I know it seems an extremely quick and rash decision, but settling should never be an option, and the time God has given you is moving forward and you should be too. Don’t get me wrong I’m not suggesting that you start searching for the perfect person, but instead look for the person who brings out the best in you. Surround yourself with people who make you a better person, and let go of those who don’t.
I am very happy these days, mainly because of the awesome woman I’ve got in my life, but also because of the lessons I have learned from making a lot of mistakes. If I could tell you the biggest lesson I’ve earned it’s this: people come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime. When you figure out which one it is, you will know what to do for each person.
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