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Posts from September 2012

I need to learn something... soon.
I always get to this time of year and breath a heavy sigh of exhaustion as I realize that the summer is officially over. Leaves are turning, temps are slowly dropping and I have worked (again) throughout the warm summer weather so often and so diligently that I only now wake up to the sad reality that: I haven't taken a single ounce of vacation time since mid May.
Just take a look at that picture... Erika and I were at the Folly Beach Crab Shack in South Carolina. Yeah ok, so I was the better part of 30 lbs heavier, so I was tired from running around from local to local for a solid week without one full nights rest, so we had family responsibilities that took time away from our plans, so what, we were on vacation and I was happy.
Don't get me wrong I love my job, and I thank God for the ability to do it daily, but everything becomes "routine" and vacation ain't routine, ever! You cant help but learn stuff when you travel: anything from the right lane to be in to get through traffic best, to the best way to eat a new food, to how long you can stay in the sun for before you regret it in a different latitude.
You learn... and just maybe you will end up learning something about yourself, and I need school to be in, soon.
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