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Eric Petersen

Posts from May 2012

Another Thing On My "Favorite Stuff" List!

If you like having a drink or two while you're golfing (like we do), I've got just the accessory for you.
SiliShot is a silicone shotglass, bottle capper and golf tee -- all in one!
Oh, and I forgot to mention that it's dishwasher safe!

Enjoy... and remember it come Christmas list making time!

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A Man Storms Out After a Fight Over His Wife's Cooking . . . and Nearly Starves

 Last month, 69-year-old Yuri Ticuic from the Siberia region of Russia got into a fight with his wife over her LOUSY COOKING.  He was so mad that her soup was always cold, that he stormed out of the house.

 And then he got lost in a frozen Siberian forest.  Where he wasn't found for THIRTY DAYS.

 Yuri survived by scavenging for berries, EATING HAY, and DRINKING SNOW.  I think this goes without saying . . . but at that point, he probably missed his wife's cold soup A LOT.

After a month, some farmers finally found him.  He was too weak to walk and severely frostbitten.  Doctors may end up having to amputate both of his legs.

 Yuri told reporters he'll never criticize his wife's cooking again.

Tomorrow on the Wake Up Call, we'll ask you to admit: "What have you lost because of your temper?"


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People: Yuri Ticuic

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Signs you're a "Happy Man"...

While different guys want different things out of life, all guys can agree that they want to be happy. So on the eve of my 46th birthday I decided to share with you what the folks at say are signs you're a happy man:

  • You Make a Lot of Eye Contact -- A study found that happy people actively seek eye contact.
  • You're Distracted -- Scientists have discovered that happiness causes increased distractibility.
  • You're Generous -- Happy people give away more money and volunteer more.
  •  You're Healthy -- Research shows that happiness has a lot to do with a bunch of health benefits, including living longer, experiencing less pain and getting sick less often.
  • You're Not Addicted to Anything -- If you're happy, you're probably doing less self-medication.

  • If you don't see yourself here answer these questions:
  • What one change in your life right now would deliver the most happiness?
  • How old were you when you were the happiest?
  • What was going on in your life at the time?
  • How have things changed?
  • How has your level of happiness changed?

          Live Large!

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