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Eric Petersen


Here are Your Instructions for Carving a Pumpkin to Look Like the Death Star Fro

Want to GUARANTEE that your pumpkin is NERDIER than any other pumpkin on the block? I've got you covered.

--I found a website that gives you full instructions on how to carve your pumpkin to look like the DEATH STAR from "Star Wars". It's complicated . . . but no one said being a RAGING NERD was easy, right?

--Just go to, or search for "Carving the Death Star."
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Here is this weeks "Really Wrong Sing Along"...

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And Now, Introducing. . . Deep-Fried Bubblegum!!!

Every year, state fairs across America try to find new ways to DEEP FRY FOOD. But NONE of them can touch the brilliant frying minds at the Texas State Fair. It draws the cream of the frying crop.

--The Texas State Fair opens on September 30th. And this year, the deep-fried offering that's got everyone talking is . . . DEEP-FRIED BUBBLEGUM.

--Now . . . they don't actually batter a stick of Big Red and drop it in the deep fryer. Apparently that doesn't work. The fried bubblegum is a deep-fried marshmallow that's flavored with pink bubblegum extract, then covered in frosting and Chicklets.

--Here are some of the other food creations that will be making their debut at the Texas State Fair . . .

--Deep-fried SALSA.

--Deep-fried sauerkraut and pork sausage ball.

--A taco served in a bag of nacho cheese-flavored Doritos.

--A buffalo chicken strip coated with pancake batter and deep-fried.
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Here is this weeks "Really Wrong Sing Along"...

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Here is this weeks "Really Wrong Sing Along"...

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"The Really Wrong Sing Along" for this week is:

In honor of it being Johnny Nash's 71st birthday, we will destroy his classic "I Can See Clearly Now"... enjoy the awful-ness!
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Here is this week's Really Wrong Sing Along!!!

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Butler is not a normal cat!

"Oh good, now that you're up, would you get the paper... The coffee is started, and I need food" he said Saturday morning at 7:30.

BTW: This is not a "posed" pic... this is what I saw when I woke up! Jeez!!!
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This week's "Really Wrong Sing Along"!!!

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And this week's "Really Wrong Sing Along" is...

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Please... Stop it With The Cliches!

I used to work for a guy who would use a cliché for everything... and I mean everything!!! His very special favorite was: "jump the shark"... UGH!!!

Ok, to be fair I use a bunch of clichés in my everyday speech too, but being a master of the King's English I think I know when to stop. But some people use way too many clichés, and after the two hundred thousandth time of hearing any one cliché it starts to lose its sting.

Here are some clichés that are overused and should probably be banned:

1. Money doesn't grow on trees.
2. To throw someone under a bus.
3. LOL
4. Been there, done that.
5. That's how I roll.
6. I know, right?
7. More bang for your buck
8. Outside of the box
9. You go, girl!
10. It is what it is.
11. 24/7

Seriously... What should be added to this list? Which of these do you hate the most? The least?

I'm curious what ones you hear all the time that bug you!
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Here is this week's "Really Wrong Sing Along"!!!

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Get Grocery Store Discounts Without Giving Them Your Phone Number . . .

We've all been there: You're at a grocery store or a drug store, you want to get the discounts from the shopper's loyalty club, but you don't have a membership, you don't want to fill out an application, and you don't want to give them your number.

--Here's a GREAT way to beat the system.

--Just tell the cashier you forgot your card. They'll ask for your phone number. And just match up any area code along with, arguably, the most famous phone number in history . . . 867-5309.

--Which you probably recognized as JENNY'S phone number from the 1982 TOMMY TUTONE one-hit wonder "867-5309/Jenny".

--The reason it works is that SOMEONE at some point before you has filled out the application for a membership card, but didn't want to give their real phone number. So they filled in 867-5309.

-Try it today (or over the weekend) and let me know how you made out!!! See ya Monday!
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There are some awesome superhero powers that most guys wished they had, like: I wish I had the ability to fly, or superhuman strength or invisibility.
But, in the history of comic books, there have also been some completely worthless superhero powers, such as:

• Taking the Form of Water (Wonder Twin Zan) -- When push comes to shove, the ability to turn into a puddle of water isn't all that amazing.
• Yelling Really Loudly (The Thunderer) -- Yelling really loudly is more annoying than menacing.
• Body of Plastic (Plastic Man/Mister Fantastic) -- Sure, plasticity can help you slip under a door frame or possibly take a punch, but there's hardly any type of destruction potential from the ability to become rubber.
• Talking to Fish (Aquaman) -- Seriously. How often in your life would it have been useful to call a shark to help you?

-If you could have just one superhero power, what would it be and why?
-What's the closest thing you have to a superpower? How much better at this are you than the mere mortals around you? (You are using this power for good and not evil, right?)
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Here's this week's "Really Wrong Sing Along"!!!

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Here's an awkward scenario ... your friend broke up with his girlfriend, and you spent the evening having drinks and telling him exactly what you didn't like about her. But, wait, now they're back together!

Ever done this?... well my friend, if you have, you're in good company!
I have also spoken my mind, too much, too soon, and on more than just one occassion!!!!

You (like I was) are a victim of a "fakeup" -- a fake breakup ... or a breakup that doesn't take.

Just Asking ... Have you ever told a friend what you thought of his or her ex -- only to have them get back together? What did you say? Did it affect the friendship? Have you ever gone through a "fakeup"?
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I do a "spot-on" Rodney impersonation... who can you do?

Somewhere along the line I discovered that I can pull off a handfull of impersonations... and one of them is Rodney Dangerfield!

I can do more: Paul Lynn, Pee Wee Herman, Mike Tyson... but they pale in comparison to my Dangerfield routine.

Can you impersonate any celebrity? Are you good at it? Could you do an Eric & Selena Impersonation?

Join us Monday morning after 6am and give us your best celebrity impersonation!!!

Have a great weekend!
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In Honor of the 1st Full Weekend of Summer...

Here is this weeks "Really Wrong Sing Along"!!!

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Here's what we have to look forward to...

BLAKE SHELTON celebrated his 35th birthday on Saturday . . . with a little help from a sexy friend. BRAD PAISLEY was kind enough to Tweet a photo of that special encounter...

Now you do realize that Brad is a master prankster, and no doubt had everything to do with this. Get ready for one if not several of these types of antics when they come to NEPA July 22nd!!!

Consider yourself warned!!!
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Deep-Fried Kool-Aid Has Arrived!!!

This is straight out of the "Why didn't anyone think of this before?" file. We Americans find a way to deep fry EVERYTHING. And now, one of our signature drinks can be added to that list.

--DEEP FRIED KOOL-AID is hitting the county fair circuit this summer . . . and it's a monster hit.

--"Chicken" Charlie Boghosian is a fried food innovator who sells his fried foods at county fairs around the country. He created deep-fried Kool-Aid this year . . . and it's quickly becoming his biggest item.

--The deep-fried Kool-Aid balls involve flour, water, and cherry Kool-Aid. Charlie mixes up a batter, rolls them into balls, then deep fries them. They come out tasting like sweet donut holes.

--There's no word on the nutritional information on one of these.

--Charlie is at the San Diego County Fair right now and is selling at least 1,200 balls a day . . . which is double the amount of new items he usually sells.

--He's also debuted things like deep-fried Klondike bars, Pop Tarts, and frog legs in the past few years.
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Have you ever heard the expression "Age is just a number"? It's really just something you say more and more as you get older. The truth is, age is just a number and it doesn't necessarily represent how old you are.
To know for sure if you're getting old, just look for the following eight signs.

8. You routinely throw out your back.
7. You start doing your own taxes.
6. You prefer to stay in on a Saturday night.
5. You start watching the nightly news.
4. You go to sleep before midnight every night.
3. You keep plants in your house.
2. There is more food than alcohol in your fridge.
1. You have gray hair ... of course.

Has anything happened recently that freaked you out because it was a sign you are getting old?
Did you see a gray nose hair? Are your ankles clicking?
Did you tell your kids to turn the music down?

Join us Monday morning after 7am and confess your "aging pains"...
Have a great weekend and Happy Fathers Day!!!
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Let's talk about: CHEST HAIR!!!

With the new Teen Wolf series up and running on MTV, Bradley Cooper's not-so-bare chest in The Hangover 2, and Ryan Reynolds' cover shoot for Entertainment Weekly, it looks like chest hair might be making a comeback.

The super smooth guys with the super smooth chests had been hogging the spotlight in the post-Magnum, P.I. days -- but the young, hot stars of today aren't afraid to show a little stubble south of their chin.

Thank God!!!

So now I'm asking ... What do you think of hairy chests? Does your guy manscape? Does he do it for you or in spite of you? Guys: Have you ever had the experience of being manscaped? Did you like it, or hate it?

Join us tomorrow morning as we tackle the very sensitive subect of shaved chests!!!
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NFL WILL LOSE SOME FANS... (just not this one).

The current NFL lockout is not sitting well with football fans, and many say they will lose interest completely if the season is cancelled or even delayed.

I still hold out hope that everything will be resolved by the start of the season, but even if it dosen't start on time, I will still love and support the greatest game on earth and my beloved Philadelphia Eagles!!!

However:A new poll found that one-in-four NFL fans say they will not attend games or even watch at home if the lockout has any type of negative impact on the season.

Sachs/Mason-Dixon, which conducted the poll, suggests that the NFL could lose hundreds of millions of dollars if the season is shortened or delayed.

Seriously ... Are you an NFL fan who would REALLY stay away from the games?
What would it take for you actually follow through with your threat to stay away?
Does the season have to start late? Do games have to be lost?
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The "Really Wrong Sing Along" celebrates the hot weather!!!

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Tell me about your "Dirty Laundry"!

There are so many personal chores that we have to do even though we dread them.

One of these is laundry. Whether you do it every day, once or twice a week, or not nearly as much as you should, it's a real pain.

I have been using my neighbor's washer and dryer for the last two weeks since mine "gave up the ghost"... it's starting to get awkward! So awkward in fact that I have been wearing the same stuff two and three times to lessen the load (so to speak)!

So how often do you do laundry?
Do you have your own washer and dryer, or do you have to go a Laundromat or apartment-building laundry room?
Do you avoid doing laundry often by wearing certain things more than once?
What articles of clothing can you wear multiple times before washing? Is there anything you do to pass the time while doing laundry, like reading a book?
What's the worst part of doing laundry?

Tell me about your dirty laundry!!!
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Be honest: Are you obsessed with something?

Here's a completely random piece of information about FRANK SINATRA to amuse your grandparents with. Apparently, he was OBSESSED with staying clean . . . and he used to take 12 showers a day.

--His fourth and final wife, Barbara Sinatra, revealed that in her new memoir "Lady Blue Eyes: My Life With Frank". She does say that thanks to the showers he, quote, "always smelled like lavender."

--Barbara and Frank were together for 22 years. He died of a heart attack in 1998 and her book just hit stores last week.

--I Eric Petersen must confess that I have to wash the car at least everyother day... yes its a fact!

What's your obsession? Is it good or bad? Healthy or really not? Join us monday morning after 6am on the Wake Up Call, and we'll confess our true obsessions!!!
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Here is this week's "Really Wrong Sing Along"... consider yoursel

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"Man Stuff": Blowing Her Off... Bad Idea?

So I'm out with a friend of mine the other night who is approached by an incredibly good looking woman. She was super hot, and he turned her down!!!

I don't think this woman had ever been turned down before... ever. My friend told her he was taking a break from dating (which he is), and I called him nuts! The funny thing is that she kept on persuing him all night long!

I suppose that some women (like her) can't imagine that they aren't gonig to get an immediate success with a guy. She wanted him more and more as he continued turning down her advances over and over each time.

Ladies, is a guy sexier if he's not interested in you? Have you ever had this happen? Did you try harder because you just "had to make him like you"?
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Repair, Reuse, or Replace?... That Is The Question!

As always I have a problem! Over the weekend I discovered that my clothes dryer is in the "winter of its life".

I have known for some time that it was slowing down but it finally has reached the fork in the appliance road.

Here's the problem: I am pretty sure it will be easy to fix, but should I go that way?
1st) If I call an appliance repairman he'll require a $75.00 estimate fee (applied towards the price if I choose to have him make the repair)
or 2nd) should I go to the Paper Shop and find one a year old for about $100.00
or 3rd) do I shoot the moon and truck down to Best Buy and get a brand new washer and dryer for $500.00 and never look back?!

Leave me your opinion and join us tomorrow morning after 7am for the Wednesday morning appliance talk!
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Pressing Question of the Weekend: What Do I Bring?

It's nice to host a barbecue for your friends and family, but sometimes it's even nicer to be a guest at someone else's barbecue. This way you just show up and spend all day throwing down pounds of meat and mayonnaise-based salads.

Sure enough, I have been invited to a doozie!!!

But I don't want to be a freeloader, so what should I bring? A dessert? Some booze?

Maybe it's a good idea to ask the hosts what they need.

But... what if the host tells me that I don't need to bring anything, what do I wind up bringing?

Join us Tuesday morning after 8am and help out the lost & rude party guest, with no contributions to the festivities (Eric)!!!! See ya'll then!
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The Memorial Day Weekend "Really Wrong Sing Along"!

Here it is!!!! The "Really Wrong Sing Along" choice we've made for your Memorial Day Weekend!!! Join us tomorrow morning at 8:15 and sing along where evr you are... I dare ya! Talk to you then!

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BURNING QUESTION: Does Her Underwear Matter?

Some women make a big deal out of their underwear. They spend a ton of money on it and won't go outside the house unless they're wearing premium panties.
Guys, on the other hand, are notorious for not caring at all about their underwear.
But, do guys care about their wife or girlfriend's underwear?

Is it a big deal? A big turn-on? Or... Does it really not matter at all?

Are both panties and bras equally important?

At what point are a woman's panties or bras a turn-OFF? Could they get so ratty and torn that they need to go? Have you ever told your wife or girlfriend to say goodbye to a pair of panties?

Does your wife or girlfriend spend a LOT of money on her panties and bras? How much money are we talking about? Does this bother you?

Has your wife or girlfriend gotten relaxed about her panties and bras through the years? Do you remember when they were sexy and cool? In what kind of shape are they now? Does this bother you?

Join us tomorrow morning after 8am and I'll discuss the reasons why women spend so much more on thier drawers!!!! See ya then!
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Esquire magazine recently released a list of things all men should be able to do.

Some of the notable entries included:
• Get a Busy Bartender's Attention
• Give a Good Massage
• Chop Down a Tree
• Make Eggs Four Ways
• Look Good in a Picture
• Calm a Crying Baby
• Parallel Park
• Make Pancakes from Scratch
• Stop a Running Toilet
• Carve a Turkey
• Pick Ripe Produce
• Jump-Start a Car
• Get a Table in a Restaurant
• Console a Crying Woman

Seriously?!!!! I consider myself a pretty capable guy and I can only pull off nine of these (you figure out which ones).
Are there any "manly" skills that you admit to not being able to do?
What manly skill are you an ace at? How did you get so good? Who taught you?
See ya in the morning!!!
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While women are very good at wasting money, they haven't cornered the market.
Guys, too, make plenty of boneheaded money decisions.

Here's a rundown of some of the dumbest decisions men make with their money:

• Not Joining the Supermarket Loyalty Program -- Yes. Having a supermarket loyalty card on your key chain makes you look like a tool. But, not joining the club costs you money each and every time you go to the store.

• Buying Tons of DVDs and Videogames -- Is it really necessary to have the latest version of Call of Duty before your neighbor's 12-year-old-son? Buy the great stuff. Rent the other stuff.

• Spending a Fortune on a Car -- Cars cost money, but they also cost tons of time and attention if you're not careful. Just be reasonable.

I gotta ask: Is it more important for you to build your bank account or to enjoy the moment and have fun, no matter what it costs?
What do you spend way too much money on? Why is this? What would it take for you to cut back?

Join us Monday morning after 6am and I'll admit what I blow my bucks on!!!
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Join us Friday morning at 8:15 as we butcher another classic!!!

We apoligize in advance... see you then!!!
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Question: Do We Need Year-Round School?

While most school kids are excited about summer vacation, counting down the days until school lets out, many educators are worried.
Kids in America are falling behind kids in other countries -- and fast.

According to a recent study, American 15-year-olds now rank 14th in reading, 17th in science and 25th in math -- and only eight of the 34 countries that took part in the study have a lower high school graduation rate than we do.

So, why do American kids still have the summer off?

Some parents will say, "Let our kids be kids." But what does that mean today? Watching TV? Playing video games? Getting into trouble?
We live in a rapidly changing, competitive world. It might be time to reconsider everything in our efforts to keep up -- even summer vacation.

-Am I right? Do you think kids should go to school year-round? Is this because you want them to have an improved education? Or ... Do you just not want them running around the house all summer?

Join us tomorrow morning after 7am and chime in about weather twelve months of school is a good, or bad, idea. See ya then!!!
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Warning: "Lip Kissers"... be afraid!!!

Over this past weekend I watched the movie "Grown Ups". I must admit I laughed out loud at several scenes in it, as I saw myself in the character played by Adam Sandler.He is a Hollywood agent and deals with the stresses of the entertainment business.

I am not an agent like him in the movie, but I am in the entertainment business and sometiimes have the same trials to my patience... like lip kissers!

Look; I like meeting people, all kinds of people... but unless we're dating you'd be better to kiss my cheek not my lips.
My lips (any section of them) are the "holy grail" of my facial affection. Anyone blessed enough to kiss me on the lips is truly in a category all their own.

I do not kiss my family members (mom included) on the lips. I do not kiss my friends (P.S. girls only get kisses) on the lips. I do not, no matter what kiss strangers of any kind, on, near or around the lips!!!

So with that said, here's a word of warning: Please unless we're already dating, thinking about dating, have been previously romatically linked, or I give you the permission to touchdown on my Chapstick prepped kissing strips... kiss me on the lips!!!

If you choose to ignore this warning: expect me to do a head fake end-around and dismiss you to the flesh pillows (aka cheeks) next to my ears!

Join us tomorrow morning after 8am and tell me if you think my lip kissing fear is correct!
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Is it wrong to have a: MAN-CRUSH?

Most guys will never admit to finding another guy attractive. In fact, many will say they can't even decipher which guys are good-looking and which aren't. But just as women crush on famous men, so do we.
It may not be the same type of crush, but most guys have a famous guy they look up to and wouldn't mind trading places with.

So who is your man-crush? Here's a list of 11 guys that guys crush on.
1. Ryan Reynolds
2. Tom Brady
3. Seth Rogen
4. Mark Wahlberg
5. Director Christopher Nolan
6. Robert Downey Jr.
7. John Stewart
8. Hugh Jackman
9. Barack Obama
10. George Clooney
11. Bruce Wayne (Batman)

Excuse me but where is James Bond? (My man crush!)

• If you could trade places with any other guy, who would it be and why?
• Are there any male celebrities that your wife or girlfriend would dump you for in a heartbeat? Are you comfortable with this? Or ... Do you think this celebrity is a tool?

Join us Tuesday morning at 6:15, and tell about your "Man-Crush"!
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The Worst Mother's Day Gifts... I Have A List!

There are a couple of surveys floating around that asked moms to name the WORST Mother's Day gifts they'd ever received. So if you're planning on giving mom any of these on Sunday, you'd better get ready to hit the mall tomorrow.

--Here are some of the things that were named as the worst gifts:

--A used frying pan.

--Plus-sized pajamas.

--A PAULY SHORE video.

--A used breast pump.

--A bullwhip.

--A bag of frozen cheese tortellini.

--A denture-cleaning kit.

--A mustache trimmer.

--The good news? Overall, 51% of mothers say they've never received a bad gift. And 14% say they haven't received a bad gift, but they have received NO GIFT, and that was pretty bad.

Happy Mothers Day!!! See ya'll Monday morning!
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I was really into the Royal Wedding... for a reason!!!

As I sat there on the first day of my vacation, unable to sleep, I watched the "Royal Wedding" slowly begin. I would honestly have been watching something else, but at 4:30am there is only infomercials and news on the telly... and the wedding of a prince is "the news" when it happens.

A statement of fact first:
When a man watches a wedding he is totally detached. It's not like watching sports, or car shows, there is no scoring no competition, no battle for supremacy, it just gracefully unfolds.

So there I was, bored to tears, waiting for something, and I mean anything, to happen to change the momentum... and there she was!
I sat up in bed; I moved closer to the TV; I would've let out a victorious scream if it hadn't been 5am... Pippa had arrived!

Ok, to be fair Kate had arrived, and her sister was helping with the train of her dress, but I had finally found my reason to continue watching the "wedding of the year": because of the georgeous Maid Of Honor/ sister of the bride, and I wasn't moving!

Go ahead, make fun of me, say what you will, call your friends and tell them I've sold out for a Brit-Chick, I don't care... she's hot!

So now I gotta ask: Do you feel the same way? Did Pippa steal the show? If you were Kate would you be mad at all the attention your sister was getting?

Tomorrow morning join me, I mean us, as we talk about all things Pippa!
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Here Are the Three Things Your Mom Wants For Mother's Day . . . And the One

Mother's Day is less than two weeks away. And for the lifetime of sacrifices she's made for you . . . you could at least drop a few bucks on something she actually wants.

--According to a new survey of moms by, here are the top three gifts that mothers want . . .

#1.) A day at the spa

#2.) A gift card

#3.) Something homemade

--As for the gift that they DON'T want . . . the number one answer was "flowers."

--Now, beyond the gift: 32% of moms said the way they most want to spend Mother's Day is by having a nice family meal out. 30% want to spend time with the family at home.

--Of the non-mothers in the survey, only 22% say they plan to spend at least $25 more on a Mother's Day gift this year.

I wanted to give ya'll a head start on the gift ideas!!!
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This Just In: You're A Creature of Habit!!!

We are all creatures of habit -- (Boy, I am!) Whether you have a favorite chair that you always sit in, a particular side of the bed you always sleep on or a spot at the dining room table you always eat at, you are in some way a creature of habit.

You don't even really think about it until someone else sits in your favorite chair or eats at your spot at the table.

What is that thing for you? Do you take the same exact route to work every day? Do you eat lunch at the same time everyday? What is it that makes you a creature of habit?

Join us tomorrow morning at 8:15 and confess how much of a creature of habit you are!!! See ya then!
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Please, Have Mercy... I Really Need To Go!!!

A Man Busts Into an Elementary School, and They Evacuate . . . But it Turns Out He Just Needed to Use the Bathroom

Look, I understand that bathroom emergencies are no joke. When you gotta go, you don't care which toilet gets the honor. But still . . . this was probably a bad idea.

--On Thursday, an adult man BARGED into Stony Creek Elementary School in Littleton, Colorado. (--Littleton is the city right next to where the Columbine High School massacre happened in 1999.)

--The school panicked, and EVACUATED all of the students and staff.

--Thankfully, the man wasn't there to cause trouble. No . . . when the police confronted him, he told them he just really needed to use the bathroom, and the school was his closest option.

--He won't be charged with any crime.

I've been there (when you feel like you're gonna die, or explode) when the bathroom is the promised land!
Join us tomorrow morning after 8am and explain your worst bathroom emergency stories!!! See ya'll then!
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I want to look at your junk!!!!

Isn't spring just great? The weather turns nicer, you get to spend more time outside, and neighbors start having garage sales.

Are you a fan of garage sales? Are you that person who will always stop at a garage sale if you happen to be nearby?

What's the best thing you've ever purchased at a garage sale? What's the most money you've made holding your own garage sale?

Did you ever sell anything that you wish you hadn't?

Join us Monday morning where we'll discuss garage sales (and flea markets) and how much we love 'em!!! See ya then & Happy Easter!!!
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There's a private school in Shanghai where golf has been made a mandatory course for the school's first and second graders.

"Learning golf is not only about cultivating certain skills, it is also all about raising the standards of living and making people happier as it is both a physical exercise and an entertainment," according to the school's principal.

"We hope that golf can be an effective way of improving the abilities of students and have a positive effect on their future development, as they have to communicate in English and learn to respect others when playing the sport," he said.

I always wanted to learn auto maintainence skills, and never did, beacuse I wasn't forced to (like in a school setting)!

So now tell me: Are there any sports, hobbies or other skills you wish your parents had hooked you up with earlier in life? Why?

Join us tomorrow morning and tell us on the Wake Up Call!!! See ya then!
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Department Stores Have Finally Realized That People Hate Getting Assaulted By Pe

For decades now, we've walked through department stores knowing that if we head through the fragrance area, it's a GAUNTLET of over-aggressive salespeople trying to spray you with perfume.

--Well . . . it appears that the department stores have finally figured out that people HATE THAT. And HATRED doesn't sell perfume.

--Everyone from Nordstrom to Lord & Taylor to Bloomingdale's is cutting back on the perfume sprayers. They're cutting the staff, asking them just to spray those little pieces of paper instead of people, and generally making the whole area more laid back.

--Pamela Vaile is a high-profile perfume marketer, and she summed up why the department stores have finally moved in this direction. Quote, "Accosting a consumer with your product doesn't convey luxury."

Is there something at the Mall (or any store) that you hate so much you avoid going there? What is it? How do you combat it if you must shop there? Tell us tomorrow morning on the Wake Up Call!!! See ya then!
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Hey Guys: Expensive Dates Don't Impress Women!!!

Great news fellas... according to a new survey from, men think they need to spend a lot of money on a date to impress a woman, but women say it's not important.

The survey found that men are three times more likely than women to think there are expectations on how much they need to spend on a date.

But, a majority of women (58 percent) don't even want an expensive date. They'd rather their date keep it casual by meeting up for coffee. To top it off, 46 percent of women would be fine if their date used a coupon to pay for the date.

Now be honest, Ladies: If a guy takes you out on a date, what are your minimum expectations? Any dollar amount? Any certain things you need to see him doing?

Guys: Did you have a date over recently that was incredibly bad? What happened? When did you realize you were in for a wild ride?

Join us tomorrow morning @ 6:30 and lets talk about your dating stories! See ya then!!!
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Computer Violence... Would Ya?

Today greeted us with a lot of technical troubles (since the power outages this weekend) and man was that frustrating!

If you spend most of your workday on a computer, there's no doubt the machine has caused you a lot of stress and anger.

Whether it freezes up, shuts down, deletes files or knocks you off the Internet, we've all had moments where we fantasize about what we'd like to do it.

I'm curious: Have you ever physically taken your anger and frustration out on a computer? What did you do? Did you hit it, punch it, kick it smash it or throw it? Did you feel better after?

Join me tomorrow morning and lets talk about your computer ire!!! See ya then!!!
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Would You Wear Boxer Briefs Printed To Look Like Tight Denim Cutoffs? Of Course

[gallery]I'm loving this new product out of Japan. They're called JeanPants and they're men's boxer briefs that are printed to look just like skin-tight denim cutoffs.

--They look incredibly authentic, and they're not cheap . . . an importer is selling them for $61 plus $18 shipping.

My question is: Would Ya?... Heck yeah!!!

Have an awesome Weekend!
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The car you drive says a lot about you. And, if you're going on a date with a girl and you have to meet her dad, your car might say more about you than you want it to.

Here's a rundown of some of the worst vehicles to drive when meeting your date's dad:

• 1970s Custom Van -- If it's got tinted windows and a mural painted on the side, it pretty much says you're a creepy pervert.

• Cargo Van -- The only thing worse than a custom van is a cargo van, which says you're a serial killer.

• Modified Import -- If your car has a spoiler, modified exhaust and neon underbody lights, you've got a need for speed. Your date's dad would much rather you have a need to drive responsibly.

• Chick Car -- Showing up in a vehicle that has a strong reputation for being a favorite of women (think Volkswagon Beetle) might get your girl's dad asking you questions of a semi-personal nature.

• Lifted Truck or SUV -- Every guy, at one time in his life, needs to grow up and stop driving around the monster truck. (I know, I know... but just because she likes it doesn't mean he will)

• Old Tiny Hatchback - If you're still tooling around in an old Festiva or Tercel, it literally (and figuratively) says you're going nowhere fast.

Hey... hate the message not the messenger, I'm just trying to help!!!
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When it comes to love, career, money and family, most of us can use all the help we can get.That may explain why so many people turn to a usually free and relatively easy form of help -- their horoscope.

These little nuggets of wisdom are always just a mouse click or magazine flip away and often provide people with the extra solace they need when they feel they have nowhere else to turn.

Longer than a fortune cookie and cheaper than a psychic, horoscopes are read ... and trusted ... by millions!

I have to ask: Do you read your horoscope regularly? Do you believe in astrological powers? What's the spookiest thing that has ever come true from your horoscope? Do you refuse to trust this kind of stuff?

Join us tomorrow morning on the Wake Up Call @ 8:15 and defend or deny!!! See ya then!
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Are You Cutting Back On Driving As Gas Prices Keep Rising?

According to a new survey, the price of gasoline is causing people to drive less.

With the price of gas above $3.50 a gallon in all but one state, gas sales have fallen for five straight weeks, the first time that has happened since November.

Before the decline, demand was increasing for two months. Some insiders had expected the trend to continue because the economic recovery is picking up.

No such luck.

And, it doesn't look like things are getting better anytime soon. Most analysts are sticking to forecasts of a high of $4 a gallon, and some have even predicted $5 gas.

Tell me: Have rising gas prices caused you to change your driving habits in any way? How cheap will gas have to be before you return to your normal driving routine?

·Will high gas prices have any impact on your decisions about your summer vacation? Could you end up not going on a trip because of the price of gas?

Join us tomorrow morning @ 6:15 and vent your frustration about the gas crisis!!! See ya then!!!
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It's Monday morning, time for you to kick off your week with a good breakfast. Better make it a good one!

Unfortunately, there are a lot of bad breakfasts that tempt us each and every morning. Here are some of the dumbest things to start your day with:

Beer: Maybe if you're a college kid, you can get away with getting the party started at 9:00 a.m. on weekends, but c'mon... let's be grown-ups here.

Sugar Cereal: If your milk turns neon colors or chocolatey brown from your cereal, you might as well just have a Snickers bar.

Cold Pizza: Again, this sorta works for college kids, but if you're a functioning adult, eating cold pizza for breakfast is a cry for help.

Frozen Pancakes: Toast is made in the toaster and pancakes are made on the griddle. What are you? Eight years old?

Let's be honest folks.... What's the nastiest food you eat for breakfast? Last night's Chinese food? Do you like a grilled cheese in the morning? How's your energy during the day?

Join us tomorrow morning on the Wake Up Call and lets talk about breakfast foods! See ya'll then.
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Two guys in Massachusetts pleaded not guilty after police said they started a fight during a child's birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese.32-year-old Donald Jean Estime and 36-year-old Ezekiel L. Tavares were both arrested and charged with assault and battery and disturbing the peace.
According to a police report, the pair were at Estime's son's birthday party and appeared to have been drinking.
Estime got into an argument about a kid who was playing air hockey.
During the argument, Estime shoved a Chuck E. Cheese employee -- and Tavares jumped in and joined the fight.
In court, the Judge expressed surprise about the assault.
"Isn't Chuck E. Cheese a fight-free zone?'' he asked.

I have to ask you: Have you ever seen a fight break out between parents and a childrens function? How did you react?

Do you have any friends that you've stopped inviting to places because they can't behave properly?

Join us Monday morning after 8am and tell us about it! See ya then!
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Do you talk like it's 1999?!

Things we do and say today are becoming outdated very, very quickly.
Here are a few phrases we take for granted that will probably not be around very much longer:

"Just buy the new CD" -- Because more and more CDs and CD players are being eliminated each day, buying a CD is being replaced with "buy it on iTunes" or "download it."

"What's your mailing address?" -- Is anyone writing notes, licking stamps and putting envelopes in the mail anymore? Ever?

"Swipe your card" -- We're still a few years away from this, but this phrase is going to be replaced with "swipe your Phone." From your ID to credit cards, the mere swiping of your programmed phone will be all you need to buy anything.

"Call 911" -- It's going to be replaced with "text 911," which will honestly sound extremely strange.
"Page me" or "Fax it" -- A few industries still love their pagers and faxes, but the end is near.

I gotta ask: Do you have any family members who are especially out-of-date? What old gadgets or ways of doing things are they clinging to? Why? Is there any chance of you breaking them of these habits and bringing them into the 21st century?

Are there any old gadgets that you still enjoy using? Is it because the old gadgets are still efficient for you? Or, do you have a weird, romantic attachment to the past?
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Against My Better Judgment...

Everyone knows that smoking is bad for you. Even smokers know this, but they do it anyway.
We all know that wearing our seatbelts is both important and the law, but many of us still drive unbuckled.
Many people pop zits even though it can leave a scar. We do so many things that we shouldn't do, despite knowing that they're bad for us.

Tell me something that you do despite knowing that it's bad for you. Why do you still do it? Do you forget... or do you just not care?

Join us tomorrow morning on The Wake Up Call and confess!!! See ya then!
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This week, the NFL players and owners are scheduled to square off in court over this crazy lockout.

While it's almost impossible for football fans to imagine Sundays without football, it's important to remember -- the players are suing the owners. There's a lot of bad blood here. It could happen.

If it does happen, here are some potential things we can do on Sundays instead of watch football:

Lingerie Football -- Unfortunately, the women playing are slower and weaker than NFL stars. Fortunately, though, they're hot and wearing nothing but underwear.

Scabs -- Sure, it would be crappy football but at least there'd still be a league. Something to keep in mind ... There are plenty of people who never came back to watching Major League Baseball after they shut it down in 1994.

NFL Players Playing Other Sports -- These are very talented, very exciting guys. Why not let them compete against each other in other sports. It could be something as ridiculous as a reality show -- or as serious as a full-contact gladiator face-off.

What are we going to do??!!!

Do you have any big time weekly rituals? Is there something you do each and every week -- and never miss? How long has this been a part of your life? How dedicated are you to NEVER missing?
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TV Shows Guaranteed To Boost Your Self-Esteem!!!

There are plenty of things you can do when you're not feeling good about yourself. You can hide in your bedroom, ask a friend to cheer you or... watch TV shows about people who are more pathetic than you.

Here's a rundown of some shows guaranteed to boost your self-esteem:

If you think you're fat, watch Heavy, the documentary on A&E that follows people who are extremely, outrageously, scary big.

If you think your house is messy, watch Hoarders, the show about people who can't throw anything away.

If you're bummed because you're struggling to quit smoking, watch My Strange Addiction, which follows troubled individuals who have unusual addictions, such as eating chalk.

If you think you're a lousy parent, watch Intervention, which documents an addict's daily life and then surprises them with a family intervention. This show could just as easily be called "Here's How Not to Parent."

SERIOUSLY; What do you do when you need a self-esteem boost? How often does this happen? Is there anything in your life that triggers a slide in your confidence?
Do you have any messed-up friends that make you feel good about yourself? How messed up are they? In what ways?

Join us on the Wake Up Call tomorrow morning after 6am and lets discuss!!! See ya'll then!
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And Now, An Inhaler. . . Flavored Like Bacon?

Who says American ingenuity isn't alive and well? A company called J&D Foods has just introduced a revolutionary new product: It's an inhaler that gives you bursts of oxygen . . . flavored like BACON.

--This isn't a bacon air freshener or spray. You literally put this thing in your mouth and take a puff of oxygen. And it tastes like bacon.

--They say it took two years of research to perfect. The spray is completely calorie and fat-free, and they say it's both versatile and delicious.

--Quote, "Hungry for bacon but don't want the calories? Competing in a sporting event or spelling bee? Vacuuming the house? Driving a race car or semi-truck? Try BaconAir!"

--One thing NOT on that list? "Have asthma? Try BaconAir!" There's a disclaimer on the site that says even though it looks like an asthma inhaler, it's not tested to help you during an asthma attack . . . and could even make things worse.

--The spray sells for $8.99 on their website . . . but it was so popular yesterday that they're already sold out and taking names for a waitlist. Just in case you're wondering... the answer is: yes, I'm on the list already! See ya'll monday morning!
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A Guy in Iowa is Giving Up Food For Lent . . . And Just Drinking Beer!!!

I'm not the Pope or anything, but if observing Lent causes you to drink MORE alcohol, you're doing it wrong.

--A man named J. Wilson in Corning, Iowa is giving up FOOD for Lent. And instead, he's just going to DRINK BEER.

--It's not just any beer, though. Wilson says he was researching Franciscan monks and found that they sometimes sustained themselves during Lent on a special, high-carb beer.

--So he brewed some of that beer himself, and now he's going six weeks on four glasses per day.

--Each glass has 300 calories, so he'll get a total of 1,200 calories each day. A doctor is going to be monitoring his health.

--Wilson says, quote, "I want to educate beer-people about God . . . and I want to educate God-people about beer."

I gotta know: What did you give up for lent? Did you give up anything? Is it killing you, or have you become used to living without it?
Join us after 6am tomorrow morning on The Wake Up Call, and tell us your lenten sacrifice!
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Hey ladies, have you ever batted your eyelashes at a salesman to get a discount? You wouldn't be alone if you have. 85 percent of women admit to flirting in order to knock some of the price off their purchase. Many of the women surveyed said they have saved close to $250 in a year using the flirting discount. 56 percent said they have gotten things completely for free because they flirted with the salesman.

So, with that I ask you, ladies ... Have you ever flirted in order to get a discount? Has it worked? Have you ever gotten anything completely for free by flirting? Salesmen -- Have you ever given a woman a discount or free item because she flirted with you?

Join us tomorrow morning on the Wake Up Call after 7am and confess to us the time you used a "Flirt Coupon"!!!!
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Warning: Itching Really Can Be Contagious!!!

You know how sometimes when you see someone SCRATCHING, suddenly you find yourself scratching too? Well, it's not just because you gave each other crabs.

--According to a study at the Wake Forest University School of Medicine in North Carolina, itching really CAN be contagious.

--The researchers found that when you see someone scratching, your brain instinctively becomes hypersensitive . . . and thinks you have an itch too. So, before you know it, you start scratching.

--It's the same way that yawns are contagious. When you see someone yawn, your brain thinks you're tired too, so you also yawn.

I also think that break lights are equally contagious... the car ahead of you breaks; instantly you do too!!!

I'm just wondering: What do you do that is out of sheer impulse when you see someone else doing it? What is your contagious impulse action?
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Aint this a thing of beauty!!!

Fellas, Father's Day is still more than two months away but maybe, just maybe, you can convince your wife or kids to give you an ADVANCE on your gift and get your hands on a remote controlled beer cooler. This would be a welcome addition to the Petersen residence, I think, as well!

Hammacher Schlemmer is selling a remote-controlled, rolling beer cooler for just $69.95.

It's got wheels. It's got a lining to keep your drinks cold. It can go on a porch. It can go in a living room.

You can drive your beer to yourself and to your buddies.

And, considering we've still got March Madness to enjoy until the championship game on April 4th, now is the PERFECT time to have this toy.

I gotta know: What is your most important or most unusual party accessory?

When you're watching a game, what do you wish you did not have to get up for? Beer? Food? Snacks?

Have you been able to creatively solve any of these problems?

Do you have a kid, wife or girlfriend who lovingly delivers?

Please leave any and all this great info for me here!!! Talk to ya in the morning!!!
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Is Your Name in a Song?

Is your first name featured in a popular song?

Are you a Michelle who gets all warm and fuzzy when you hear The Beatles' "Michelle?"

Or a Jeremy who feels a bit vengeful when listening to Pearl Jam's "Jeremy?" What is your name, and what is your song?

How do you feel when you hear it?

Not only is my name in a song... but I'm pretty sure that I inspired a song from a famous singer/songwriter! Join us Monday and we will get to the bottom of "A Song For Eric" fron Tori Amos!!! See ya'll then!
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People Believe Some Crazy Stuff!!!

A new British survey shed an embarrassing light on just how gullible many people are.
Here's a rundown of the sorts of crazy things many people believe:

Nearly a third of those surveyed believe time travel is actually possible.
Over 20 percent of adults believe light sabers exist.
24 percent of people believe humans can be teleported.
Almost half of adults believe memory-erasing technology exists.
More than 40 percent of people believe hover boards exist.
18 percent of adults believe they can see gravity.

Ok fess up!... Is there anything you admit is unusual that you actually believe? Do you try to get others to believe it too? Or ... Are you happy being "smarter" than everyone else?
What's the craziest thing you remember believing when you were a little kid? How did you finally figure out the truth?

join us tomorrow morning after 6am and tell us your crazy belief!!! See ya'll then!
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Hey, is that lizard smoking?!

Paramount's new animated feature, Rango, has a lot of people up in arms. It seems some of the characters in the PG-rated movie are shown smoking cigarettes and cigars. In fact, according to Yahoo, there are more than 60 instances of smoking throughout the film.

A Paramount spokesperson says that the movie does not glamorize smoking in any way: "The images of smoking in the film, which primarily involves the animals, are portrayed by supporting characters and are not intended to be celebrated or emulated." The main character, Rango -- voiced by Johnny Depp -- is never shown smoking.

But that might not be enough to appease parents and anti-smoking groups like Breathe California.

So I have to ask ... Would you take your child to see a movie with smoking in it? Did you watch a lot of movies with smoking as a kid? Did it affect how you look at smoking?

Join us tomorrow morning after 8am on Froggy101's Wake Up Call and tell us weather your thoughts on smoking in the movies!!! See ya then!
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Is it Ever Acceptable To Call Another Dude Just To Chat?

We live in wondrous times. We can reach almost anyone in our lives at any time -- instantly. Including our buddies.

We can reach these buddies by way of e-mail, text or Facebook.

We can also pick up the phone and call them, which is almost never a problem ... but it can be.

I have a friend that calls... just to talk. I have come to the point that I'm beginning to wonder weather we should schedule a "spa day", eat a pint of chocolate ice cream and cry at a sad movie together too!!!

Is it weird for dudes to call each other?
Is it ever cool to pick up the phone to call a buddy "just to chat"? Under any circumstances? Ever?
Why or why not?
What things is it acceptable to call about? Advice? To vent?
Should phone calls like this be scheduled?

Join us tomorrow morning on Froggy101's Wake Up Call and we will talk about Dudes Chatting! See ya then!
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I admit it... I am a "Keeper".

Backing out of my garage this morning the headlights scanned across the contents that have accumulated in the last several years, and I came to the staunch realization that not too much of what I was seeing was actually mine!

As it turns out, I am a "Keeper"... Let me explain: I have a wheelbarrow that belonged to my father, I have a sump pump that was lent to me by my best friend (two years ago), and I possess a compressor that my neighbor actually forgot he owns!

I also saw a sledge hammer, box of nails, socket set, bike tire pump, garden hose, ladder and etc. etc. etc... all belonging to other people!!! In some cases, it's been so long that these good folks have forgotten they lent these items to me, and I am not too sure which friends belong to which items anymore.

Monday morning on the Wake Up Call, join us after 8am and tell us about the "Keeper" in your life, or is the "Keeper" really you? See ya then!
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And Now, Four Random Facts About St. Patrick's Day:

#1.) St. Patrick Wasn't Irish. We've said it before and we'll say it again . . . St. Patrick wasn't actually Irish! He was born in Scotland or Wales, and brought to Ireland as a slave. Also, his name wasn't Patrick . . . his given name was Maewyn.

#2.) Until 1970, Irish Bars Closed On St. Patrick's Day. In 1903, St. Patrick's Day was named a national holiday in Ireland. Nice tribute . . . but in Ireland, bars have to close on national holidays. That was overturned in 1970.

#3.) America Is Far More Irish Than Ireland. There are more than 35 million Americans with Irish ancestry. The population of Ireland is 4.2 million. (I especially love this one, since all of my friends that are of Irish decent feel that they have to remind me that... and I remind them that they're AMERICAN!)

#4.) Four Out Of Five Americans Wear Green Today. And about 20 million, or about one out of 13, go to a bar!

Oh well... whatever you do today, be safe and have an awesome St. Pat's!!! See ya'll in the morning!!!
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Hey... what's this key for?!!

As soon as I saw this survey I said, "Yep, that's me." I'm one of those people who has an incredibly difficult time convincing myself to take a key off my keychain.

--According to the survey, the average person carries around NINE keys . . . but can only say for sure what SIX of them actually unlock.

--On average, women carry slightly more keys than men . . . women carry 10, men carry eight. Women also usually remember what their keys open a little better than men.

--Almost one out of 10 people say they carry around more than 21 keys.

--Only 10% of people say if they lose their house keys, they have the locks changed . . . most people figure whoever found their keys won't find their house.

--20% of people say they have a key "hidden" within 10 feet of their house. Rocks are the most popular hiding place . . . slipping it under the doormat is second . . . and putting it under a car tire in the driveway is third.

Sooooo... how many keys do you currently have on your keyring? How many do you use? How many do you have no idea what they're for?

Call us tomorrow morning on the Wake Up Call (after 8am) and fess up!!! We'll see ya then!
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Do Worry, Be Unhappy ... And Live Longer!

If you're one of those people (the kind that drive me nuts) who always looks on the sunny side of life ... stop, it might be killing you!
A study has determined that people who are more optimistic and cheerful have shorter lives than the grouches like me. In their book The Longevity Project, the authors try to make us un-learn some advice we've lived with for ages, such as:

Turn that frown upside-down. Study participants who were the most cheerful lived shorter lives, on average. Why? They took more risks and were less likely to pay close attention to health issues.
Look on the bright side. Optimists are far more likely to drink, smoke and eat badly.

Learn to take it easy and don't work so hard. This is rotten advice -- the stress that comes from an ambitious career can be beneficial to health.

Worrying is bad for you. There are lots of instances where worrying was healthy, especially for men.]

A good marriage adds years to your life. Not for women. Guys lived longer if they stayed hitched, but women who got divorced and never re-married lived just as long, if not longer.

So let me ask you: On a scale of one to 10, how happy are you with your life, in general? What would get you to improve that score? What's keeping it so low?
Does your mood pretty much stay the same throughout each day, every day? Or... Are you all over the map? What causes your moods to go up and down? Are you comfortable with this? Or... Do you wish you did a better job of staying even?
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With March Madness set to tip off on the 15th, it's important to know how to keep track of those day games while at work.
With so many games going on, especially in the first couple of rounds, it's easy to become distracted on the job. You also may run the risk of getting in trouble with your boss.
In a recent survey, 32 percent of managers said they discourage employees from following the games at work and participating in March Madness office pools.

So if you're going to do it, consider these helpful tips:
1. Before checking scores online and taking part in office pools, be sure to review your company's policies to know what's acceptable.
2. Discuss the tournament on breaks and not while you're supposed to be working.
3. Consider taking a day off to enjoy the games at home. But put in for the day far enough in advance because others may want to do the same thing.
4. If you plan to decorate your work area to support your favorite team, be sure to check with company policy.
5. Show proper sportsmanship in the office and don't get into any arguments with fans of other teams.

I personally don't do a bracket anymore but I gotta ask: How closely do you follow the tournament at the office? What boundaries do you set for yourself -- if any?

How ineffective do you think you'll be at work once March Madness gets rolling?

Do your customers and coworkers know that you're about to drop out for a while?

See ya in the morning!!!
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Are you the "Black Sheep" in your family?

In most families, at least one person doesn't quite share the values or lifestyle decisions of the other family members. In my family I fear that I am that person!

You know the type, the person who always stands out at family functions, usually looks different than everyone else in style appearance and mannerisms, and always chooses a different road than the rest of the clan would opt for... the person who as a result of these oddities, is labeled the "black sheep."

Who's the black sheep in your family? What makes them so different? Are you the black sheep of your family?

Join us Monday morning on Froggy 101's Wake Up Call and tell us about the "black sheep" in your family... especially if it's you!!! See you then!!!
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Go Away Earworm!!!

-Fortunately for me, health experts say the majority of people who enjoy and listen to music often have a song stuck in their heads. Unfortunately for me I work in a music driven business, so it happens every day (ok, maybe once a week)!!!

Maybe it's a song I like a lot like Jerrod Neiman's new one "What Do You Want?"... sometimes it's even a song I can't stand. It could even be a commercial I just heard. Whatever it is, it's stuck in your head and it keeps playing over and over again.

So how about right now? Is there a song stuck in your head? What is it?

Join us tomorrow morning on Froggy101's Wake Up Call and we will talk about the Earworm (song) that's stuck in your head!!!
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Are you crazy?!!!

The world has been witnessing a surplus of craziness recently thanks in part to Charlie Sheen and Moammar Gadhafi. But there are lots of other crazy people in the world.

I used to work with several loons (one in particular) that was absolutely nuts! Although in hindsight I think he may have been "playing the nuts card" to get attention, and he was hilarious! But never have I seen such a concentration of wack-jobs as I do working here at Froggy 101!!!

But I want to know: Who is the craziest person you know? Is it a friend of yours? Perhaps a relative or a coworker? What makes them so crazy? What's the craziest thing you've seen them do?

Join us tomorrow morning on Froggy 101's Wake Up Call and tell us about the craziest person you've ever known!
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You too can smell like a celebrity!!!

These days it seems like practically any celebrity can put out a fragrance. Every time you turn around, a new celeb has a perfume or cologne bottle with their name on it. Here's a list of random celebrities and their scents.

• Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom. These two have a unisex fragrance called Unbreakable.
• Derek Jeter. His cologne is called Driven.
• Jennifer Aniston. Expect a Jen perfume out this month.
• Usher. Of course he has a fragrance.
• Donald Trump. Even the Donald came out with a scent. Ah, the sweet smell of success.
• Tim McGraw and Faith Hill. She has two and he has three. This couple must smell amazing.
• Halle Berry. She has three perfumes. The most recent is called Reveal.
• Fergie. It's called Outspoken and is Avon's best selling perfume of all time.
• Avril Lavigne. It's called Black Star and she sings a jingle about it in the commercial.
• Antonio Banderas. No surprise here -- Diavolo is a best seller.

Just Asking ... What do you think about celebrity scents? Are you more likely to buy a perfume just because it has a celebrity's name attached to it? Have you tried any of the scents on this list?

Join us tomorrow morning on Froggy101's Wake Up Call and we will talk about celebrity scents!!!
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Do You Have Happy Memories of Your First Car?

I miss my first car... a '69 Firebird (just like the one above) Do you remember your first car? And when I ask the question, does a picture of it instantly appear in your head . . . and start you on a wistful, romantic flashback? Possibly with "Jump" from Van Halen playing as the soundtrack?

--According to a new survey almost EVERYONE has happy memories of their first car.

--Half of the people surveyed say they had a, quote, "love affair" with their first car and they'll never forget it. Another 40% say they remember their first car fondly.

--25% of people say they gave their first car a NAME.

--10% of people say that even though their car would be a total heap by modern standards, they'd DEFINITELY buy it back if they had the chance.

--62% of people say that their first car was six years old or more when they bought it used or got it passed down from a parent or sibling. The average person kept their first car for three years.

-My first car still stands as my all time favorite... how about you? Join us Monday morning on The Wake Up Call and we will talk your 1st car memories!!!
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What movie scripted your life?

A new survey asked Americans if there was one movie quote that could sum up their life philosophy, what would it be. And the winning quote was from . . . "Forrest Gump". And no, it's not listing different kinds of shrimp recipes.

--26% of Americans said they can best sum up their lives with the quote, "Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're going to get."

--A quote from "The Wizard of Oz" came in second, with 21%. That quote, of course, is, "There's no place like home."

--8% of people went for the quote "Carpe diem," which means "Seize the day," from "Dead Poets Society".

--Two quotes got 6% of the vote . . . "Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn" from "Gone With the Wind", and "Today, I consider myself the luckiest man on the face of the Earth" from "The Pride of the Yankees".

--Two quotes got 4% of the vote . . . "May the Force be with you" from "Star Wars", and "What we have here is a failure to communicate" from "Cool Hand Luke".

As for me, I loved the quote from a promotional poster for the movie "Rudy": "Sometimes a winner is a dreamer who never, ever gives up!"

What would be the movie quote that describes your life philosophy be? Leave it here!!!
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Do you still have the "Goldenboy" in your dresser?

(click here to see what I mean)Everyone has a Goldenboy... don't they?!!! Well at least a recent survey says most of us guys do!

-Here are some more findings. . .

--The average person says they wear about 70% of the underwear they own, or seven out of every 10 pairs.

--More than one in five people hang on to one lonely sock, hoping the other one turns up.

--Men are most likely to hoard old clothes because of NOSTALGIA . . . like they'll hang onto their high school football T-shirt until they're middle-aged.

--Women are most likely to hoard old clothes because they're afraid they won't have something to wear on laundry day.

-Do you save t-shirts because of your memories, or save socks for when the lost mate shows up? Join us tomorrow on the Wake Up Call after 7am and we'll find out!!!
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Just how average are you?!

It's nice that we really make every moment count. A British website just published their findings from a survey where they attempted to figure out how the average man spends his life.

--According to their findings, the average man . . .

--Spends 11 years in front of the TV.

--Spends 10,585 hours, or 1.2 years, at bars.

--Spends one full month searching for matching socks.

--Only learns how to cook four meals.

--Earns an average of $45,495-a-year over the course of his life.

--And says "sorry" 1.9 million times.

All this got me thinking... are you average? Join us tomorrow morning after 8am and tell us how you're beating the averages!!!!
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Can you remember that first drink?

Actor David Arquette recently revealed in an interview that he drank his first beer when he was four years old... four years old!!!

I remember very well my first drink of alcohol and what I thought about it!

Which begs the questions: How old were you when you had your first alcoholic beverage? Where were you and what did you drink? Did you like it? Did you get in any trouble for it?

Join us tomorrow morning, after 8am, on Froggy101's Wake Up Call and we will be talking about those first booze experiences!
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Keep you mouth shut!!!

As I grow ever older I am discovering that I have a lot that bothers me... you too? I am not a fan of winter weather; I am getting more impatient by the day; common courtesy is truly a dying art I become frustrated looking for in others... but I have always hated: loud eaters!

You know the type, that person who could be sitting a city block away and you could still hear them using their 4th & 5th distill incisors to mulch a strawberry into a pulpy mash!

My mother is a loud eater; I’ve dated several loud eaters; don’t tell her but Selena is, in fact, a loud eater!!!

Is it rude to be a loud eater, or is it an unfortunate side affect of genetic planning gone slightly wrong that makes eating something as soft as a banana able to emit a sound that makes me wanna run screaming into heavy traffic?
Join us Monday morning on Froggy101’s Wake Up Call, and we’ll discuss: Loud Eaters!
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What Would Be Your Last Meal?

We have been talking alot about 2012 (the end of days) and how scary it would be to imagine that the world would end next year. In the typical Eric fashion, I began to plan my last meal. Hey food is important, and this meal is paramount to lifes last day!

I mean think about it: a prisoner's last meal request is the only thing a condemned death-row inmate has to look forward to before it's lights out forever. A day before the scheduled execution, the prisoner is allowed a last meal of their choice. Though there are some restrictions, like alcohol for instance, they're allowed whatever they want within reason.

-Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh, for instance, requested two pints of mint-chocolate chip ice cream. Serial killer John Wayne Gacy's last meal included deep-fried shrimp, a bucket of KFC chicken, French fries and a pound of strawberries.

-If tomorrow was your last day on Earth and you were allowed one last meal, what would you ask for?
Join us tomorrow morning on the Wake Up Call and let us know what you would order for your last meal!!!
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What's Your Weapon Of Choice?

All of us have something to protect: ourselves, our families, our personal property. As a member of the "people who've had thier homes robbed" fraterity, I now own a protection device!

Many of us will go to whatever lengths necessary to protect our things, even if it means using a weapon.

So I began wondering: Do you have a weapon "just in case"? Do you keep something in your pocket, your car, your bedroom? What type of weapon do you have?

Join us tomorrow morning on the Wake Up Call and tell us if you agree and what prompted you to obtain your weapon!
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Nice hair matters (who knew)!!!

Ladies, if you think the first thing men look at is your boobs, think again. A survey done by Pantene on finds that 60 percent of men would rather date a woman with nice hair than large breasts. 44 percent of men say they notice a woman's hair before her clothes, legs, or makeup. Most guys even said they will try and pick up the girl at the bar with the nice hair over the girl showing off her cleavage. Are these men just giving answers that women want to hear?

I'm Just Asking ... What do you think men notice first? What do you notice first about men? Guys -- Be honest ... What do you really notice first about a woman? What kind of hairstyle or color do you like best?

Tomorrow morning on the Wake Up Call we want your answer to this one! Talk to you then!
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Do we Americans take too many vacation days?

So today is Presidents Day; a day off for many but a working holiday for others. Are you working today like we did?

How do you feel about not having today off? Do you get extra pay for working on a holiday? Working on President's Day!!!

--But according to a new survey from Rasmussen Reports . . . about one out of four of you are totally cool with heading in to work today, while other people are sleeping late or sitting at home eating three bags of Cheetos.

--In the survey, 28% of American adults said that there are too many federal holidays . . . or, in other words, they feel like we get too many holidays off.

--13% say there aren't enough federal holidays . . . and 53% think the number of holidays is about right. (--And, I guess, 6% are undecided.)

--Among government employees, who get EVERY holiday off, only 8% think there are too many holidays.

--Every federal holiday costs approximately $450 MILLION between salary and lost productivity . . . but the people surveyed didn't get that number quoted to them going in.

--There are 10 federal holidays every year: New Year's Day, Martin Luther King Day, President's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

Join us tomorrow morning after 6am and we'll find out if you think we're off too much!
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Are you like me?... Have your Sundays been left with a huge void to fill now that there's no football? No pre-game parties ... no beer and wings ... no male bonding. What's a guy to do?

As it turns out, there are actually lots of things to do. Here are a few great ways I thought of to spend your Sundays now that football is over.

-Sleep In
-Watch NBA and NHL games
-Hang out with your non-football-loving friends (that you've ignored for 6 months)
-Fight crime
-Maybe spend some time with your family (or not)
-Start thinking about next year's Fantasy Football team
-Spend some time outdoors
-Watch 60 Minutes

But be honest with me, what are you doing in the one day you can do anything? I'm looking for suggustions here!
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First you're hot... then you're cold!!!

Men and women argue about many things, and one of the most common causes of disagreement is the temperature of the room. Men are often too warm, and women are often too cold, thus causing many a fight over the thermostat.

A team of scientists found that a woman's hands are almost three degrees colder than a man's. The reason is that the female body produces a slightly higher core temperature around the vital organs.

So next time your lady touches that dial, be more understanding, will ya? Her hands are freezing!

Just asking ... Do you and your man argue about room temp? Who is usually cold and who is usually hot in your household? Are you allowed to mess with the heat/ac?

Join us on the Wake Up Call after 7am tomorrow morning and tell us about your temp troubles!!!
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The un-expected downside of success...

I put on my jeans (in the darkness of 3am) as usual this morning and came to work. As I passed by the massive mirror in the center of the office that all of us on the Wake Up Call share, I caught a glimpse of myself that stopped me cold.

When losing weight is the goal, you always consider the "up-side" such as: feeling better, gaining cofidence, having more energy, fitting into your "skinny jeans"... but there seems there is a downside to it all too.

As I stood in the mirror I saw a man that had no-azz!!! Seriously, I have lost my bottom! I had on a pair of jeans that hadn't seen the outside of the closet for the better part of 2 years and they were now in the ranks of clothes that were not looking good on me , but this time because of how much weight I had lost instead of gained!!! Jeez!

There in the mirror, under the bleak neon light of the office, I stared at the downside of weight loss... when you're too thin, your clothes don't fit right either! In other words I had gone from one extreem to another, in a matter of weeks!

The worse news is... I will be losing some twenty more pounds more before I will consider myself at my goal weight... damn!!!

This morning we will ask you to vote and at on the video of my bagging jeans and tell us what you think at 1-800-570-1013!
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Men Don't Hate Valentine's Day . . . They Fear It!!!

It would make sense if men hated Valentine's Day. It's a day where there are about eight billion ways to screw up, and you can only really nail it if you read minds . . . or if years of disappointment have lowered your wife or girlfriend's expectations.

--But according to a new survey, men don't hate Valentine's Day. No . . . they FEAR it.

--33% of single men say they intentionally avoid getting into relationships between Thanksgiving and Valentine's Day because of the pressure it causes.

--And another 35% say that, this time of year, they don't bother even trying to date.

--41% would never schedule a first date for Valentine's Day. 62% of single women say they'd be fine having a first date on February 14th.

--BUT . . . once Valentine's Day is over, men start trying to date again. 42% of single men said that finding a girlfriend was their number one priority for the year . . . compared to 24% who said their career is the top priority.

-Join us Monday morning and we'll talk to my secret valentine... on the Wake Up Call on Froggy 101!!!
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Do you scream at your computer? Man I do!!!

I thought everyone screamed at their computers. I do it all the time. But apparently that makes ME the strange one.

--A new survey by a computer security company called Avira found that only 39% of people, or two in five, say they've ever cursed or yelled at their computer.

--11% say they've cursed the company that made their computer or software, and hoped that some catastrophe would strike them . . . like, "My God is Windows Vista terrible. I hope Microsoft gets hit with a plague of locusts."

--9% of people have hit their computer . . . either with their fist or with an object, including baseball bats.

--3% have actually lived the dream and smashed their computer against the ground or thrown it out the window.

-Does your computer drive you as crazy as mine drives me? We wanna here your story! Join us tomorrow morning after and we'll discuss that necessary evil on your desk!!!
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Valentine's Day is coming up and men, especially married men, know that they have to do something nice for their wives.

-But get this: February 13th, the day before Valentine's Day, has unofficially become "Mistress Day."

-Married guys who cheat on their wives like to pamper their mistresses the day before Valentine's Day, because they don't want them to feel like an afterthought if they do it the day after Valentine's Day.

-So does this mean for women? Well, if you have plans with your boyfriend on February 13th, you need to be a little suspicious.

-Are you currently juggling two women? Does either of the women know they're not the one-and-only? Why do you have two women around? Excitement? An ego thing? Or ... Do you just find it impossible to settle down with one?

-Join us and we will discuss Mistress Day after 6am!!!
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What age do you feel?

Have you ever heard the expression "Age is just a number"? It's really just something you say more and more as you get older. The truth is, age is just a number and it doesn't necessarily represent how old you are.

-To know for sure if you're getting old, just look for the following eight signs.

8. You routinely throw out your back.
7. You start doing your own taxes.
6. You prefer to stay in on a Saturday night.
5. You start watching the nightly news.
4. You go to sleep before midnight every night.
3. You keep plants in your house.
2. There is more food than alcohol in your fridge.
1. You have gray hair ... of course.

-I honestly have only one of these problems (an accumulation of greys appearing on my face, and early bed for work), so... I'll agree that my "age is just a number".
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Why did I but these?!!

Earlier this week I ran out of clean clothes and reached a little deeper into the wordrobe for the "second string" of clothing options and grabbed a pair of Levi's 501 jeans.

-The trouble with these jeans is not that they look bad or are somehow out of style, they look like every other pair of Levis straight leg jeans, but the pain of them is that they come with a button fly! Instead of just zipping up, you must start at the bottom and button your way up, one-by-one, all the while shifting and bending and adjusting to accomadate the process of just securing the front of your pants!

-I have never been a sucker for fads or trendy stuff in my life, not to mention my fashoin style, and making the simple stuff (like closing my fly) a much harder job seems stupid to me. Have you ever had a pair of button fly pants? They suck! Which begs the question: "Why did these come back into style, and why did I buy them"!!

-Join us Monday morning after 8am and we'll try to get to the the bottom of the issue!
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Some of the Crazier Superbowl Bets You Can Make!!!!

Every year, sports books go all out for the Super Bowl. They don't just let you bet on the game . . . you can bet on all kinds of things that have nothing to do with football. Here are some of the best ones you can bet on this year:

--How long will it take CHRISTINA AGUILERA to sing the National Anthem? Over one minute, 54 seconds gets two-to-three odds . . . the odds that it'll go less than a minute, 54 seconds are six-to-five.

--What will the first touchdown celebration be? There are odds on everything from spiking the ball at two-to-one, all the way up to MOONING THE FANS at 20-to-1. A good bet might be a player flexing his biceps, at six-to-one.

--What will FERGIE wear in the halftime show? The BLACK EYED PEAS are performing at the half. Fergie wearing pants or a dress gets even odds . . . shorts are three-to-one . . . a bodysuit is seven-to-one . . . and a THONG is at 10-to-one.

--How many times will FOX mention BRETT FAVRE during the game? Favre was the last quarterback to lead the Packers to the Super Bowl. The odds he gets over 2.5 mentions are one-to-two . . . the odds of fewer mentions are three-to-two.

--How many NFL players will be arrested during Super Bowl weekend? If you think any current players will be arrested, you can bet that at three-to-two odds. No arrests has one-to-two odds.

--Which Super Bowl commercial will rate highest on the "USA Today" Ad Meter? Budweiser and Bud Light both have 11-to-four odds . . . Doritos has 11-to-two . . . GoDaddy is 10-to-1 . . . Pepsi is six-to-one . . . and any other ad is five-to-two.

--All of these odds come from,, and
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Let's Talk Aboout Your Pet Peeves!!!

In a typical day, there's no shortage of things that can really annoy you. No matter how big or small, these pet peeves drive you crazy.

-There are the drivers who change lanes without signaling, people who wear socks with sandals, loud chewers and people who don't shut up.
The list goes on and on.

-But what is your biggest pet peeve? It may take you a while to sort through all of them so take some time... then join us tomorrow morning on the Wake Up Call on Froggy101!!!
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Is it rude to "un-tag" yourself from Facebook photo's?

One of the things that always bugged me about Facebook is that people can tag you in photos without your permission.

--I'll be checking Facebook at work, and then I'll suddenly get an email that my friend tagged me in like, 15 pictures.

--And in the pictures I'm tagged in, I either look horrible, or like a drunken fool. Maybe I look good in two or three of the photos I'm tagged in. So I untag myself.

--But whenever I do it, my friends get offended. They say they took a lot of time to do all the tagging, and it's rude that I untagged myself.

--Is it rude to untag yourself from Facebook pictures? Why do people take it so personally? Isn't it worse for people to tag you in pictures without even asking you first?

Join us after 6am and we will talk about it tomorrow morning!!!
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What are you doing?... We're in public!!!

Let's face it ... all guys have strange or disgusting habits. We've all picked our noses or sneezed all over something or scratched our butts.

That's perfectly fine, but what's not OK is doing these things in public.

According to, here's a rundown of some other things you should never do in public.

Break-up with a girl
Fight on the phone
Adjust your junk
Eat food off the floor
Groom yourself

-What is the most inappropriate thing you admit to doing in public? Do you care that other people think it's inappropriate?
What is the most disgusting thing you routinely see people doing in public?

-Join us Monday morning and tell us all what you think.
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Hickey's: something to be proud of, or gross?!

Remember when you were a teenager and your earliest make-out sessions were often marked with a hickey?

-A little neck bruise was either an embarrassing blemish or a badge of honor, depending on who wore it. But when someone in school had a hickey, everyone knew about it. And most kids were suspicious of anyone wearing a turtleneck.

-Did you think hickeys were cool, or just a tasteless leftover from a make-out session? Do you have any interesting or funny hickey memories? Were you proud of your hickey or embarrassed? What did you try to do to get rid of it or cover it up?!

-We will be looking for your input tomorrow morning after 6am!!!
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Do You Work With "Sick Day Liars"?!!

Hey, nobody's perfect. We all tell lies, especially when it comes to taking sick days.

And, as it turns out, January is the most popular month to call in sick.

According to a new survey, women are actually the biggest liars. They are more likely than men to fake a sick day -- and are also more willing to give an embarrassing excuse.

The survey also shows that if you're faking an illness to stay home from work, your male boss is more likely to believe your phony excuse than your female boss.

So it got me thinking:

-Have you faked a sick day yet this year? What excuse did you offer? What was the real reason you stayed home?

-Do you believe your co-workers when they say they're sick? Are there any that you KNOW are milking the system? Do you mind? How much more work does their absence cause you?

-Join us tomorrow morning after 8am!!!
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Reality Check: A Lot Of Little Kids Are Better At Tech Skills Than You and I Are

It came to my attention that most little kids are better at tech skills than I am... and I mean little kids (like 10 and under)! Lots of them can do things that the average adult cannot manage...

For example:
-63 percent can turn a computer on and off

-69 percent can use a mouse

-25 percent of little kids can use an Internet browser

It made me wonder how many other things people cannot do because they simply didn't try to master them early in life...

Are there any basic life skills that you admit you don't have? Do other people have to open jars or soda cans for you? Light matches? Parallel park?
Are your kids little tech geniuses? What stuff do they know how to do that you can't? Operate the remote control? Operate your iPhone?

-Join us tomorrow morning and we'll talk about it!

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As men, we've all spent countless hours mocking our women for the ridiculous things they do that we would never do.

However, there are some womanly activities that we might actually enjoy trying -- even if it means being ridiculed by our buddies.

-According to The Smoking Jacket, here are some things guys should try ...

-Pedicures -- Is there really anything wrong with paying a woman to rub your feet?

-Cooking -- Making yourself a meal, the way you like it, is very rewarding. Plus chicks dig guys that can cook.

-Take a Bath -- It's relaxing, so go ahead, grab a cold beer and take a soak.

-Be a Stay-at-Home Parent - It's not easy, but neither is a day at the office. But at home, there's no dress code and you could play and eat all day.

-What's the girliest thing you've ever done? Were you able to relax and enjoy it? Or ... Did it freak you out in a big way? Join us monday morning and we'll hask it out together!
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Romancing The Product...

-So, in our post-show meeting this morning, Crockett and I both realized that we "date a product before we marry it".

-Let me explain: You know that euphoric feeling that you get when you decide you want a new car, or phone, or HDTV, etc… well there is a mating dance that happens before we purchase any thing of the sort that we have called “Romancing a Product”.

-We usually start by Goggle-ing said item online, then ask our friends (or product specialists) about it, maybe we’ll look at pictures of it, or start to picture it as a part of our lives, soon we make the trip to visit it in the store that it hangs out at, and eventually we will concede to a serious commitment to the item of our adoring eye and ask to take it home… forever (or until it wears out).

-Do you do this too or are we just weird? Join us tomorrow morning after 7am and discuss it!
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Where in your past would you go?

Have you ever thought about what it would be like if you could actually travel back in time? People talk about it all the time, but what if it could really happen? If you had a special DeLorean, phone booth or hot tub, what year would you travel back to? Is there a particular date or event that you would re-visit?

Tomorrow morning we will discuss it in detail. There is only one rule: it must be an event from you own past (not like going to Lincoln's inauguration)... see you then!
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Should Left Turns Be Illegal?

Keep this story in mind if you want to make a NASCAR fan's head explode. According to researchers at North Carolina State University, maybe all LEFT TURNS should be illegal.

--Basically, when you make a left turn, you're taking a HUGE risk. The only thing that separates you from having someone t-bone you is the faith that they're following the speed limit or that they don't run a red light.

--The team at NCSU says that something called "superstreets" are much safer. (--You might also know them as "Michigan lefts.")

--Basically, when you approach an intersection, your ONLY choice is to make a right turn. Then, if you wanted to go left or straight, you do a quick U-turn in a specially-designed turning lane.

--The statistics don't lie . . . in tests, the superstreets reduced people's travel time by 20% and caused 46% fewer accidents. Most importantly, they caused 63% fewer accidents that resulted in injuries or deaths.

--Of course, all of our roads aren't going to get ripped up and turned into superstreets anytime soon. For now, it's all just theory.

Do they have a point? Could you get yourself home today if you weren't allowed to make a left turn? (I could!)

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I've been singing the wrong words for years!!!

As a music maniac... I have for years been singing along with every song that I heard on the radio (just ask my long suffering friends) and have always thought that I did an ok job, until I started getting corrected again, and again, for singing the wrong words. In fact I have been ridiculed for my mistaken lines of musical prose... so I thought I'd save you the embarrassment and give you a few of my biggest flubs! Enjoy:
I'm a pool hall ace. Actual lyric:My poor heart aches. (The Police "Every Step You Take")

Just brush my teeth before you leave me, baby.
Actual lyric:Just touch my cheek before you leave me, baby.(Juice Newton "Angel of the Morning")

'Scuse me while I kiss this guy.
Actual lyric:'Scuse me while I kiss the sky.(Jimi Hendrix)

There's a bathroom on the right. Actual lyric:There's a bad moon on the rise.

You picked a fine time to leave me, Lucille,
four hundred children and a crop in the field
Actual lyric:You picked a fine time to leave me, Lucille,
four hungry children and a crop in the field.
(Kenny Rogers "Lucille")

Wrapped up like a douche. Actual lyric:Revved up like a deuce.(Manfred Mann)

Join us tomorrow morning and tell us about your totally wrong song lyric mistakes!!!
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The Dilemma, starring Vince Vaughn and Kevin James, opens in theaters today. In case you didn't know, it's about a guy who discovers that his best friend's wife is having an affair. Should he tell his buddy about the affair? Shouldn't he? The dilemma...

According to, here's a rundown of some stuff you should never keep from a friend:

If His Girl is Hooking Up with Someone Else
If Rumors are Floating Around That Could Hurt His Reputation
If He's Drunk and Acting Like a Jerk
If He's Whipped
If He's in the Friend Zone
If His Current Girlfriend is a Keeper

Have you ever had to spill the beans on something uncomfortable to your buddy? How did he take it? In hindsight, are you glad you came clean and told him?
Join us; we'll talk about it Monday morning!!!
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Bad News: Your Zodiac Sign May've Just Changed!

If you believe in astrology, and you've lived your life based on your Zodiac sign . . . you may have been living a LIE.

--Astronomers in Minnesota took the zodiac and adapted it based on the way the Earth's axis was shifted during the Babylonian period, when it was created. That threw off all of the dates when the sun is in each zodiac constellation's "house."

--So . . . if you want to believe today's scientists, here's the way that Zodiac signs are ACTUALLY supposed to break down . . .

--Capricorn: January 20th to February 16th.

--Aquarius: February 16th to March 11th.

--Pisces: March 11th to April 18th.

--Aries: April 18th to May 13th.

--Taurus: May 13th to June 21st.

--Gemini: June 21st to July 20th.

--Cancer: July 20th to August 10th.

--Leo: August 10th to September 16th.

--Virgo: September 16th to October 30th.

--Libra: October 30th to November 23rd.

--Scorpio: November 23rd to December 17th.

--Sagittarius: December 17th to January 20th.

(Minneapolis Star Tribune)
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Us guys have an almost effortless ability to irritate the ones we love by constantly doing the smallest things on a regular basis.

Here are some things guys do to annoy their women ...

Leaving empty containers around the house.
Splashing the mirror with toothpaste gunk while brushing their teeth.
Leaving hair in the sink after shaving.
Using 10 drinking glasses a day instead of one.
Tinkling on the toilet seat.
Leaving dirty laundry on the floor all over the house.
Not doing any housework.
Burping often -- and without remorse.
Begging for attention when sick.
Channel surfing rapidly

Do you do anything ON PURPOSE to annoy your wife or girlfriend? We will talk about it tomorrow morning!
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Friendships can be tricky. On one hand you are supposed be there for your friends no matter what. On the OTHER hand, you are also required to tell them the truth -- even if the truth will hurt ... and even if that truth can ruin the friendship.
Such is the problem in my wedding experiences... I have never been asked to be a "Best Man" for any of my friends. Is that bad, or am I fortunate?

Don't misunderstand me, I've been asked to be a "groomsman" in several weddings, and have been asked to be the singer in several more, all for the men I feel are my closest friends... but not once asked to stand in the most honorable, speech-giving, second in command post of being The Best Man; never!

Am I supposed to feel insulted, have I been slighted, am I not as close as I thought to these guys, or have I dodged the big bullet and been given a pass to simply observe and enjoy the marital events that I've been involved in?

Just Asking ... Would YOU be insulted or relieved?...
Join us tomorrow and let's get it settled!!!
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When is the worst time for the cell phone to ring?!!

We will talk about those terrible cell phone moments (like this comercial illustrates) tomorrow morning!!!

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Does Karaoke Prevents Heart Attacks?

If the thought of getting up on stage and performing karaoke makes you feel like you're going to have a heart attack . . . maybe it's time to face your demons and just do it. Because apparently, there's no place for heart attacks in karaoke.

(--Although there IS a place for songs by "Heart". "Barracuda"? "Alone"? "All I Wanna Do Is Make Love To You"? COME ON!)

--According to a new study, doctors found that occasionally performing karaoke can improve your heart health and your stress levels. They found it eases tension and makes people feel happy and comfortable socially.

--NOW . . . keep in mind, this was a Japanese study, so you KNOW they wanted it to turn out pro-karaoke.

--But still . . . they studied almost 20,000 people and the results were statistically significant . . . so it's probably worth listening to.

In an attempt to prevent a heart attack... we will do "My Girl" from the Tempations for the Really-Wrong-Sing-Along tomorrow morning!!!
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Would You Rather Be Away From Your Family For a Week, Or Away From Your Phone Fo

I'm almost embarrassed to admit this . . . but I really DON'T know how I'd answer this question.

--A new national small business survey asked people which would give them MORE withdrawal: Being away from their family for a week . . . or being away from their phone for a DAY.

--The winner was . . . being away from your family. But not by a lot. 63% said they'd have more trouble being away from their family for a week . . . 37% couldn't even go a day without their phones.

How about you... what would you choose? We'll talk about it tomorrow morning!!!
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How Long Is It Acceptable for Us to Leave Their Christmas Decorations Up After t

My family (my mother in particular) has always loved Christmas. But right after New Year's, I always want to take down our Christmas tree, the lights, everything.

--It's not that I don't want to keep the decorations up, but since the holiday is over, it seems pointless.

--But every year my mother stops me... and I see people who leave their decorations up for weeks . . . or sometimes months . . . after Christmas is over.

--Why do people leave their decorations up for so long? I know some Eastern Orthodox Christian churches celebrate Christmas on January 7th . . . because they use a different calendar . . . but I'm not sure that's it.

--Is it because people don't want the holiday season to end . . . they like the way the decorations look . . . or is it because they're just lazy?

--How long after Christmas is over is it acceptable for people to leave their decorations up?

What do you think? We will discuss it Wens morning!
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The New Years Resolutions... you should make!

There are the usual New Year's resolutions -- like eat healthier, spend more time with the kids -- and then there are the resolutions that every person should make, not just for themselves, but for the betterment of all mankind.

According to, here are some resolutions that every person should make that would make life better for all of us:

Resolve to Stop Complaining So Much -- Start with your own little world and make it better. Spend less time complaining and more time fixing.

Resolve to Stop Being So Fat -- Kids are fat. Adults are fat. Even some pets are fat. It's causing us as a country to lose our competitive edge. It's time to return to the days when we were lean and mean.

Resolve to Start Taking the Blame -- By simply saying "my bad" when you screw up, you've improved the mood of everyone around you.

Resolve to Stop Setting Unrealistic Goals -- It's fine to have goals. Just start making them realistic and possible to reach. If you've never been successful in your personal life, stop setting goals like "going to fall in love and get married." Instead, start small like "going to smile at the next person I find interesting." Again, less pressure all around.

I will be making one fo these this year... guess which one!
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My Favorite Christmas Story... behind the story.

The Montgomery Ward company, the Chicago-based retail operator, had purchased and distributed children's coloring books as Christmas gifts for their customers for several years. In 1939, Montgomery Ward used one of their own employees to create a book for them, thus saving money. Robert L. May, a 34-year old copywriter, wrote the story of Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer in 1939, and 2.4 million copies were handed out that year. Despite the wartime, when paper was at a premium, over 6 million copies were distributed by 1946.
May's inspiration for the story was "The Ugly Duckling" as well as his own childhood experiences as an often picked-on, small, fragile boy to create the story of the misfit reindeer. Other names were pondered, including Rollo and Reginald . But May decided on Rudolph as his reindeer's name. Writing in verse as a series of rhyming couplets, May read his rhymes to his four-year old daughter, Barbara, to see if it would appeal to kids. She loved the story.
Sadly, Robert's wife died around the time he was creating Rudolph, and he was stuck with a huge debt in medical bills. However, he convinced Montgomery Ward's corporate president, Sewell Avery, to turn the copyright over to him in January 1947, thus ensuring May's financial security.
May's story "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" was printed commercially in 1947 and, a year later, a nine-minute cartoon of the story was shown in theaters. When May's brother-in-law, songwriter Johnny Marks, wrote the lyrics and melody for the song "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer", the Rudolph phenomenon was born. Many musical artists were hesitant to record a song, afraid to contend with the legend of Santa Claus. But in 1949, at the urging of his wife, Gene Autry sang what turned out to be a hit. The song sold two million copies that year, going on to become one of the best-selling songs of all time, second only to Bing Crosby's "White Christmas". The 1964 television special about Rudolph, narrated by Burl Ives, remains a holiday favorite to this day and Rudolph himself has become a much-loved Christmas icon.
Merry Christmas to you... and Happy New Year!!!
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I'll have a shot of whipped cream... with a chaser!!!

New!!! 30-Proof Alcoholic Whipped Cream
Health experts have something new to worry about ... alcoholic whipped cream.

So-called "whipohol" products like Whipped Lightening and CREAM are pretty much just whipped cream infused with booze. A lot of booze, actually.

At 15 percent alcohol, they contain three times more alcohol per volume than beer and deliver the same kick as many liqueurs.

Health experts are freaking because the sugar and cream blunt the taste of alcohol, which, of course, increases the risk of alcohol abuse.

"The effects of alcohol are cumulative," said Harvard University's Robert Doyle. "Together with drinking, a few servings of whipohol could theoretically push you over the legal limit."
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Here's your end of the year quiz!

What's More Dangerous, Your Spouse or a Serial Killer? Showers or Baths? Dogs or Snakes? Take This Quiz and Find Out

Human beings are great at exaggerating some risks and completely ignoring others. One example: More people are afraid of flying than driving, but it would take a WEEKLY plane crash to equal the amount of deaths from car accidents every year.

--The website put together this quiz, based on insurance data, where you try to guess which of two things is more dangerous . . . and it's almost never the one that we're more afraid of. Check it out . . .

#1.) Your spouse or a serial killer? The answer is spouses, by a TON. About 2,700 people a year are killed by their spouses, versus fewer than 1,000 killed by serial killers.

#2.) Your parent or your young child? It's EASILY your parent. There's about a one in one million chance your child will kill you. But when a young child is killed, there's more than a 50-50 chance he was killed by his parent.

#3.) A dog bite or a snake bite? More people die in the U.S. every year from dog bites than snake bites . . . about 20 die from dog bites, 10 from snake bites.

--But there are a LOT more TOTAL dog bites than snake bites . . . about four million versus 45,000. Which means that even though more people die from dog bites, a snake bite is 50 times more likely to be fatal.

#4.) Being a man or being a woman? At every age, in every country, it's more dangerous to be a male. It wasn't that way 100 years ago because of childbirth deaths . . . but now that medical science is so much better, that's not a huge factor.

#5.) Showers or baths? It's baths, by a lot. Even though people slip in the shower, between drowning and electrocution, far more people die and get injured in bathtubs.

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"Whatever" is the Most Annoying Word or Phrase of 2010

It's been like 15 years since every sitcom punchline involved some character saying "Whatever" . . . but the scars are still cutting us deep, every day.

--A team at Marist University in Poughkeepsie, New York just released the results of a poll of the most annoying word or phrase of the year . . . and "whatever" took the top spot.

--39% of Americans picked "whatever."

--"Like" came in second place, with 28%.

--"You know what I mean" came in third, with 15%.

--"To tell you the truth" came in fourth, with 10%.

--And "actually" came in fifth, with 5%.

--The other 3% aren't sure. (--Oh WHATEVER. Make up your minds.)

--In 2009, "whatever" was also picked as the most annoying word of the year. The rest of the top five from last year was: "you know" . . . "it is what it is" . . . "anyway" . . . and "at the end of the day."

(Marist Poll)
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"Serenity Now!!!"

An Inmate Manages to Get Better Food By Claiming He Believes In 'Festivus' . . . the Made-Up Holiday from "Seinfeld"

There's a famous episode of "Seinfeld" where George says his family didn't celebrate Christmas or Hanukkah . . . they celebrated a made-up holiday called FESTIVUS.

--Anyway, 38-year-old Malcolm Alarmo King is a convicted drug dealer who's locked up in the Theo Lacy jail in Santa Ana, California right now. And he was clearly familiar with that episode. The prison staff was not.

--Malcolm hated the salami meals that the jail kept serving, so he told prison officials that he can't eat salami . . . because it's against his Festivus beliefs.

--They believed him, and served him the much-less-awful KOSHER MEALS for almost TWO MONTHS . . . until someone finally caught on that Festivus is a "Seinfeld" holiday and not part of any actual religion.

(Los Angeles Times)
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Who knew you'd "want" to drive a minivan?!!!

The New Nissan Quest Minivan Has a Strip Club Finder Built Into Its GPS

You've got to give Nissan credit for this: Just because you drive a minivan to drop the kids off at school, that doesn't mean you can't swing by the strip club for a lap dance afterward.

--In the 2011 Nissan Quest minivan, if you get the GPS navigation system, it's got a built-in category for "Adult Entertainment destinations." Meaning that if you want to find a strip club . . . or, I guess, a legal brothel . . . they've got you covered.

--According to the car experts at AutoBlog, this is the first time they've seen strip clubs built into a car's factory navigation system.

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What's Your Holiday Parking Lot Type?!!!

When you hit the mall this weekend, beware of the four types of parkers ...

1. Search and Destroyers -- They roam the aisles, cruising endlessly for the perfect spot.

2. Lay and Wait parkers -- They position themselves at the end of an aisle and wait for a space to open up in what they start to believe is their territory.

3. Stalkers -- The most predatory parker, they slowly follow shoppers leaving the store back to their parking spot.

4. See It and Take It -- These parkers don't care how far they have to walk.

According to Response Insurance, who compiled the info, the See It and Take It method is the best, because it's less stressful and helps drivers save the most time.

AAA agrees: On their list of tips for surviving holiday driving, they advise people to "play the outfield. Outlying areas have more spaces, lighter traffic and a lower risk of collision."
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What Are the Ten Most Depressing Jobs In America?

"Health" magazine just put out a list of the 10 most depressing jobs in America . . . based on a study of how many people at each of those jobs suffered with MAJOR DEPRESSION in the past year.

--So if you've got one of these and you're NOT depressed . . . congratulations, you're ahead of the curve. Here are the 10 jobs, in order . . .

#1.) Nursing home and child care workers.

#2.) Food service staff.

#3.) Social workers.

#4.) Health care workers.

#5.) Artists, entertainers, and writers.

#6.) Teachers.

#7.) Administrative support staff.

#8.) Maintenance and grounds workers.

#9.) Financial advisors and accountants.

#10.) Salespeople.

One worth mentioning:
#11) Froggy 101 Morning Show Host (just kidding)

--Of course, in this day and age, NOT having a job is even more depressing than having a depressing job. Nursing home and child care, which was number one on this list, had an 11% major depression rate. Unemployed people came in at 12%.

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A festive "Really Wrong Sing-Along" comes tomorrow after 8!!!

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Wow... did he make us other guys look bad!!!

A Man Flies From Australia To Chicago, Disguises Himself As a Reindeer . . . and Proposes to His Girlfriend

What happened to the good old days, when proposing to your girlfriend was as simple as taking her to a baseball game and paying a few bucks to have them flash "Will You Marry Me?" on the JumboTron? Apparently that's not romantic enough anymore.

--On Tuesday, 22-year-old Shane Fallon of Perth, Australia proposed to his girlfriend in a way that's so elaborate and expensive, that he just makes the rest of us look bad.

--Shane's girlfriend is 22-year-old Rae Taylor, and she's from Perth too. But she's been going to Wheaton College just outside Chicago. They've been together for four-and-a-half years, and four of them have been long distance.

--And on Monday, Shane flew from Australia to Chicago. When he got there, he rented a reindeer costume. Then he got Rae's roommate to bring her to a Christmas display in downtown Chicago, to pose for a photo with the reindeer.

--After the photo, he got down on one knee, took off the reindeer head, and proposed. He says she was shocked, but she said yes . . . and everyone walking by stopped and clapped and cheered.

(Chicago Sun-Times)
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Check Out the Ten Least-Safe Cars of All Time!!!

A website called Auto Shippers just put out this list of the 10 least-safe cars of all time . . . and the list is filled with older cars that were recalled, legendary cars that have reputations as being insanely dangerous, and two models from 2009. (I have ridden in, never owned, several of these cars throughout the years... not the ones before the 70's!)

#1.) Ford Pinto. It blew up during accidents. The gas tank was accidentally positioned so that it would EXPLODE even in a minor bumper-to-bumper accident.

#2.) Briggs & Stratton Flyer. This car came out in 1915 and didn't have doors, a windshield, or any kind of protection from impact.

#3.) Peel Trident. This car was tiny and offered pretty much no protection to the two people jammed inside.

#4.) 1960-63 Chevy Corvair. The engine released toxic fumes, and the steering wheel would IMPAIL people during crashes.

#5.) 1974-76 Bricklin SV-1. The body was made out of bonded acrylic and fiberglass, which couldn't handle the engine's heat . . . and BURNED its drivers.

#6.) 1985 Yugo GV. The cars would generally just start rattling and fall apart.

#7.) 2009 Smart Fortwo. It gets amazing mileage, but drivers were getting ejected during crashes where they were barely going 40 miles-per-hour.

#8.) 1984-88 Ford Mustang. These always ranked toward the top of the list for total DEATHS . . . people want to drive them fast, but they're not safe enough to handle crashes with those speeds and conditions.

#9.) 1984-88 Chevy Corvette. More people died in this model than any other car in HISTORY . . . people bought them, drove them recklessly, and crashed them.

#10.) 2009 Kia Rio. Even with modern safety standards, the car manufacturing was crappy enough that Kia Rios put a surprisingly high number of people in the hospital when they were rear-ended.

(Auto Shippers)
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Pretty doesn't always equal normal... (nuts maybe)!

[gallery]Miss New York Crashed The Macy's Thanksgiving Parade and Fought Her Way Onto the Miss USA Float

If you like STONE COLD CRAZY WOMEN, look no further than America's beauty pageant circuit. Those broads are NUTS. Which is why this story didn't even make us blink.

--In this year's Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, there was a float featuring the current Miss USA, Rima Fakih. Rima was Miss Michigan, and won the Miss USA 2010 pageant back in May.

--Well . . . just as the parade was getting under way on Thanksgiving, one of the girls who Rima BEAT showed up. She's Davina Reeves, and she was Miss New York. She didn't make the Miss USA pageant top 15.

--But that didn't stop her from wanting to get in on all the parade glory. So Davina fought her way past security . . . climbed onto the float . . . and waved, smiled, and signed autographs for FIVE BLOCKS before parade organizers could get her down.

--Rima kept her cool. She talked calmly to Davina . . . while the security guards and Miss USA handlers were FREAKING OUT. Eventually, they talked Davina down without a major incident.

--Davina was not arrested for her stunt. DONALD TRUMP, who now runs the entire Miss USA world, didn't have any comment.

(New York Post)
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5 Random Thanksgiving Facts...

#1.) 90% of the people who travel for Thanksgiving go by car. Travel increases by 50% Thanksgiving week, and most people are on the road today, the day before Thanksgiving.

#2.) The average person who travels for Thanksgiving puts in 214 miles.

#3.) 99% of the turkeys that the U.S. imports come from Canada. Although the vast majority of our turkey is home-grown. We import about $7 million worth from Canada and produce $3.6 billion worth here.

#4.) Tofurky has twice as much fat as regular turkey. A serving of Tofurky oven roasted slices has three grams of fat. Real turkey has 1.56 grams. The fake stuff also has nearly twice as much protein.

#5.) Macy's used to release the character balloons at the end of their Thanksgiving Day parade and offer a reward for their return. They stopped in 1933 after idiots tore one balloon apart fighting over it, and a guy in a small plane nearly crashed into Broadway trying to snatch one out of the air.
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"Black Friday" is getting earlier and earlier...

Here's a GREAT excuse to eat Thanksgiving dinner with your family, then get the hell out before everyone starts pointing out each other's faults. Just say: "I'd love to stay, but I've GOT to get to Wal-Mart NOW to buy a $19 Blu-ray player."

--Black Friday is starting earlier than ever this year . . . fewer and fewer retailers are waiting until 5:00 A.M. on the Friday after Thanksgiving to open their doors.

--Wal-Mart has announced it will be starting its Black Friday sale at MIDNIGHT on Thanksgiving night. And they're not alone. Old Navy and The Gap are starting at midnight too.

--Toys "R" Us is beating them by two hours . . . they'll open at 10:00 P.M. on Thanksgiving and start offering their deals.

--Sears and Kmart are trying to get the jump on everyone . . . they'll be opening and offering their best sale offers at 6:00 A.M. on Thanksgiving morning.

--For now, Target is still set to open at 4:00 A.M. on Black Friday, Best Buy is set to open at 5:00 A.M., and Costco isn't planning to join in until 9:00 A.M.

--But there's a major price war going this holiday season, as these stores are desperately competing to grab your gift budget . . . however small it is in this economy.

--So other stores could still respond and push up their Black Friday opening times, too.

(Dayton Daily News)
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Here's What Your Dance Moves Say About Your Personality

This is some good information for the next time you're out dancing, and suddenly a circle forms around you and you realize: This is MY time to show who I am through the timeless art of dance.

--A new study out of the University of Jyvaskyia in Finland has figured out what different dance styles say about your personality. Here's what they found:

--If you move around a LOT, with exaggerated, energetic movements of your arms and head, it shows that you're an EXTROVERT.

--If you tend to kind of "shuffle" . . . jerking your hands and feet with sharp movements . . . it means you're NEUROTIC.

--If you move around the dance floor a little more smoothly, swinging your hands and moving side-to-side, it shows you're AGREEABLE.

--If you bob up-and-down more rhythmically in a less exaggerated way, it shows you're OPEN-MINDED.

--If you move all over the dance floor and move your hands all over the place, it shows you're the RESPONSIBLE, CONSCIENTIOUS type.
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The Really Wrong Sing Along for this week is...

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Dating the enemy!!! Could you be involved with a political opposite?

So you mix, you click, you ... voted for WHO???

Good news! A new survey says that 87 percent of respondents said they would date outside of their political party lines.

27 percent said they'd date a Tea Party member, and 51 percent would maybe consider it. So congratulations, whatever your political leanings, only 22 percent of the single population considers you a dating untouchable!


Just Asking ... Ever date someone whose views were VERY different from yours? Did it work? What is a political dealbreaker for you?
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Ever have a crush on a "hot" teacher?

A stunning teacher has outraged parents at a prestigious Catholic school in Italy — after pupils found saucy footage of her on the web.

Former beauty queen Ileana Tacconelli, 28, who has three degrees, caused a storm after it emerged she was once a kinky glamour model.

One furious mother pulled her daughter from the school but other parents — mainly dads — have stood by Ileana.

The controversy erupted after a mum complained to Father Aldo Geranzani, head of the prestigious San Carlo Catholic High School in Milan, claiming Ileana was "too attractive" and "a distraction".

Fuel was added to the fire after video of her acting in a comic sketch dressed in hot pants and a bra emerged, as well as photographs of her posing in an American police uniform.

In her early 20s, Ileana was crowned Miss Abruzzo — a region of central Italy — and was entered for the country's national beauty pageant.

She went on to study at university, gaining her teaching qualifications.

But despite having brains as well as beauty, it has not enamoured her to some parents at the school — although some dads have set up a fan club in her honour.

Ileana said: "I don't really want to say too much and add any more to this story.

"All I will say is that if I had wanted to be a model or a showgirl I would have done it when I was younger and prettier."

School spokesman Osvaldo Songini said: "Ileana passed all the very strict requirements to be a teacher here and we are very satisfied.

"She was supervised during her probation and there were no problems.

"For us here, from don Geranzani down, she is an optimum teacher and she has all the qualifications needed. We knew all about her past as she never kept it hidden."

The mother in question said: "I am not a bigot but I feel betrayed — I expected more from the San Carlo especially with the reputation it has."
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Eight Kinds Of Halloween Candy You Shouldn't Give Out...

You're probably all stocked up on Halloween candy by now, but if you still have some shopping to do, "Esquire" has a list of candy you SHOULDN'T give out to kids. According to them, it's because they're not as 'good' as other Halloween candies.

--The entire list is debatable, but here are the top eight . . .

#1.) CANDY CORN. Because it has the, quote, "consistency of a car tire."

#2.) BIT-O-HONEY. Because it's too old-school. In fact, "Esquire" says if you give out Bazooka bubble gum, Necco wafers, or Bit-O-Honey's on Halloween, the kids who come to your door will be aged by "several decades." Whatever that means.

#3.) TWIZZLERS. Because they're not as good as licorice.

#4.) STARBURST. Because, according to "Esquire", they have a "weird aftertaste" if you eat more than three. (???)

#5.) NOW AND LATERS. Because they have to sit in the sun for a few hours before they're soft enough to eat.

#6.) SMARTIES. Because it's just sugar pressed into a tablet, and according to "Esquire", it shouldn't qualify as candy.

#7.) THREE MUSKETEERS. This is probably the most popular Halloween candy "Esquire" says you SHOULDN'T give out. Their reasoning is . . . there's just way too much nougat.

#8.) ANYTHING THAT'S NOT CANDY. "Esquire" says if you're planning to give out carrot sticks, pennies, or apples without caramel . . . just leave your porch light off.

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The "Really Wrong Sing Along" for the Haloween weekend!!!

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Top 10 Secrets Behind Getting the Best "Trick Or Treat" Candy!

--This is the "Reader's Digest" list of 10 secrets of getting the best trick-or-treating haul, and it's based on interviews and surveys with actual American kids.

#1.) The "cuter" the costume, the more candy you'll get.

#2.) Pillowcases hold twice as much candy as plastic grocery bags, and three times as much as the classic orange pumpkin. And if you decorate your pillowcase, people won't think you're just trying to be greedy.

#3.) If there are little kids at a door ahead of you, move on. They'll take forever to choose their candy and just slow you down.

#4.) Strike early. The good candy always goes first. There's no reason to be the last people out trick-or-treating.

#5.) BUT . . . if you do see some houses that still have their lights on late, swing by. The person may want to unload everything and give you a handful instead of a single piece.

#6.) Lots of decorations in the yard are a sign of high-budget candy. The family there clearly cares about Halloween.

#7.) See if you can get your dad or a friend's dad to chaperone you. Moms focus too much on manners. Dads respect the quest to get as much candy as possible. They're also willing to stay out later than moms.

#8.) Plan your route, figure out your shortcuts, and . . . even though adults may tell you not to . . . run, don't walk.

#9.) The best candy is usually at the bottom of the bowl. When the person filled up their bowl, their instinct was to open the best candy first, so it's at the bottom.

#10.) Before you go out, tell your parents you just want to grab a few things from your OWN house's candy supply. As long as you don't overdo it, you can get a few pieces of the best stuff before the bowl gets picked over.
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Paul the Predicting Octopus Dies... (Ok this just stinks).

Paul the Octopus, the tentacled tipster who fascinated football fans by predicting results at the World Cup, died Tuesday.

Paul had reached the octopus old age of 2 1/2 years and died in his tank on Tuesday morning at the Sea Life aquarium in the western German city of Oberhausen, spokeswoman Ariane Vieregge said.

Paul correctly tipped the outcome of all seven of Germany's games. He made his predictions by opening the lid of one of two clear plastic boxes, each containing a mussel and bearing a team flag.

The octopus seemed to be in good shape when he was checked late Monday, but he did not make it through the night. He died of natural causes, Vieregge said.

"We had all naturally grown very fond of him and he will be sorely missed," Sea Life manager Stefan Porwoll said in a statement.

The aquarium has not yet decided how best to commemorate their most famous resident, he said.

"We may decide to give Paul his own small burial plot within our grounds, and erect a modest permanent shrine," Porwoll said.

After rising to global prominence during the World Cup in South Africa in June and July, Paul retired from the predictions business after the final between Spain and the Netherlands - correctly picking Spain - and returned to his primary role of intriguing children who attend the aquarium.

The invertebrate was stepping "back from the official oracle business," Tanja Munzig, a spokeswoman for the Sea Life, told AP Television News at the time.

"He won't give any more oracle predictions - either in football, nor in politics, lifestyle or economy," she said. "Paul will get back to his former job, namely making children laugh."

After his World Cup soothsaying skills were revealed, the English-born Paul was appointed as an ambassador to England's bid to host the 2018 World Cup. He had English roots, having been hatched at Weymouth Sea Life Center on England's south coast in 2008.

Imitators sprang up all over the world, including Mani the Parakeet in Singapore, Lorenzo the Parrot in Hannover, Germany, the latest was a saltwater crocodile named Dirty Harry.

Paul, who had an agent, got hundreds of requests to go to Spain. The Madrid Zoo asked Sea Life if it would be willing to make a deal to bring him in as a tribute to the Spanish football team's victory, either temporarily or for good. But the German aquarium turned down that offer, too.

Paul's name will live on the Greek island of Zakynthos, where a permanent sea turtle rescue center funded in part by donations generated by the famous octopus is being established.
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The "Really Wrong Sing Along" for the week... Pretty Woman!

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The McRib is here!!!

It's the most wonderful time of the year! The McRib is here and Crockett and I were officially the first two to sample, and subsequently devour, the greatest sandwich known to all mankind... the McRib!!! Here are the pictures to prove it.
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Crockett and I get sweet revenge!

Watch as we torture Selena relentlessly!!! Enjoy!
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My best friend... "Butler"!

I thought it was time you got a peek at my room mate and wingman: Butler! Just be warned ladies... he's been know to steal a heart (or two) and will leave you for a bowl of tunafish or an icecube (yes, the cat loves an icecube).
My buddy: "Butler".
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The Really Wrong Sing Along Song of the Week!!!

Ray Charles
Hit The Road, Jack lyrics

Hit the road Jack and don't you come back no more, no more, no more, no more.
Hit the road Jack and don't you come back no more. (What you say?)
Hit the road Jack and don't you come back no more, no more, no more, no more.
Hit the road Jack and don't you come back no more.

Oh! Woman, oh woman, don't treat me so mean,
You're the meanest old woman that I've ever seen.
I guess if you said so
I'd have to pack my things and go. (That's right)

Hit the road Jack and don't you come back no more, no more, no more, no more.
Hit the road Jack and don't you come back no more.

Now baby, listen baby, don't-a treat me this-a way
Cause I'll be back on my feet some day.

Don't care if you do 'cause it's understood
You ain't got no money you just ain't no good.

Well, I guess if you say so
I have to pack my things and go. (That's right)

Hit the road Jack and don't you come back no more, no more, no more, no more.
Hit the road Jack and don't you come back no more.

Don't you come back no more.
(What you say)
Don't you come back no more
(Come on baby)
Don't you come back no more
(Repeat a couple times and fade)
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Sunshine and 85 please...

With the help of my co-worker (Desiree) across the hall, I am counting down the days until we set sail on this year’s Froggy101 Cruise. I have to wonder if this, like waiting for Christmas to come when I was 5, is not the hardest time of my life to get through.

I haven’t been on a true vacation in three years. Oh sure I've been off from work for a week long stretch, but going somewhere or doing tourist type stuff (where you dress weird and look up at scenery a lot) I have not done. I am really pumped about getting away for a while but it comes with a heavy price: getting through the week before you leave!

I mean think about it: You have your mind set on the vacation you'll soon be on, you can't concentrate on any details of the day's events at all, you have a lot of things to do to get ready to take the trip, not to mention all the stuff you may need to make sure is covered at home so you can go on the trip at all.

So, this week, I'll work like an animal, totally distracted, frantic and bothered, hurried and hassled, yet happily still dreaming of tropical breezes and sleeping late, all the while counting down the days till we depart... all together now, say it with me: "6"!
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Here's This Week's Really Wrong Sing Along!!!

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Awww Man... Do I Really Have To?

I am now on a daily basis looking at the Red-Neck Pool in my back yard with a torn conscience. Do I take out the plug, attach the hose, and begin the two day process of taking it down for the winter... or can I squeeze one more week of waitng for "the perfect day" to do start the removal procedure?
It's not that I'm lazy, I just hate the idea of giving up the improbable hope that there maybe a swimming weather day still left in the year. I know it's a practical impossibility, but I want this hope; no, I need this foolish hope, because when the pool is in the garage, my summer is officiallly over! Darnit!
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I guess I'm in denile of how fat I actually am! Read below:

The Waist Size On Your Pants Is Probably Tricking You Into Thinking You're Skinnier Than You Are

Turns out there's a pretty big difference between having a 36-inch waist and wearing size 36 pants.
"Esquire" magazine compared pants labeled with 36-inch waists from different stores and manufacturers, and found that NONE of them were actually 36 inches around. All of them were bigger. Here's how they broke down.

--H&M, 37 inches.

--Calvin Klein, 38.5 inches.

--Gap, 39 inches.

--Haggar, 39 inches.

--Dockers, 39.5 inches.

--Old Navy, 41 inches. (!!!)

The reason for this is pretty obvious . . . clothing manufacturers want you to feel good about the waist size you're squeezing into, and make you more likely to actually buy their pants.
PS: I love shopping at Old Navy!!! I guess I now know one of the main reasons!
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Is it sad that I have done this?

A Man's Excuse For Doing 100 Miles-An-Hour In A 50 MPH Zone? He Was Trying To Dry Off His Car

Last week, the police in Naperville, Illinois, pulled over 24-year-old Lucas Wright in his 2006 Honda Accord. Lucas was doing ONE HUNDRED miles-an-hour in a 50 mph zone. And he gave them a perfectly logical explanation . . . at least in his eyes.

--The police say that Lucas told them, quote, "He'd just gotten his car washed and he was trying to dry it off." And he wasn't lying . . . when they checked out his car, it was, in fact, wet. And it was still drying when they impounded it and towed it away.

--Lucas was arrested and charged with a misdemeanor for going 40 miles-per-hour or more over the posted limit.

FYI: I, as a car washing maniac, have done a really inappropriate speed to dry off a car and have been pulled over for it... don't judge!
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Here's Crockett!!!

Ok, so we were the ones behind the whole Frogman thing last week... but here's the man behind the Frog-mask!!! He's our new producer: Crockett!!!>a href="">
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Summer Nights is this weeks Really Wrong Sing Along!!!

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The "Frogman" attack caught on the security cameras!!!

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Achy Breaky Heart is the Really Wrong Sing Along!!!

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This weeks "Really Wrong Sing Along" is...

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I wanna take a nap... while looking like a terrorist!!!

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The Wake Up Call Pigs!!!

Check them out at the 2010 Harford Fair!!!
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Here Is Your Really Wrong Sing Along Song!!!

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My Two Boys...

I have adopted, well my girlfriend and I have adopted, two cats from the Humane Society of Lackawanna County. They are an amazing addition to the house. If you someday find yourself sitting lonely in your life, I highly recommend getting a pet for your house.
Yes: they claw the furniture and knocked over the palm tree, yes: they're up all night and sleep until the very second that you decide to go to bed, yes: they climb the curtains, and eat the cord on my cell phone charger, they try to eat the food off my plate at dinner and redecorate the kitchen counter when I'm at work, they threw up on my bed and drink out of the toilet and leave hair on all my dark clothes and pooped on three of my most favorite shirts!!!
Yep, they do all of that, but when I come home from work, and they meet me at the door (eternally happy to see me), I realize that they are two of my best friends and that in spite of the daily litter box cleaning, and shedding issues... I love those cats!
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Get ready for the show with "The Really Wrong- Sing Along".

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The Dos & Don'ts Of Quitting Your Job... according to

We all have moments when we'd like to unleash an angry tirade, grab a beer and take a ride on the evacuation slide at work, but as JetBlue flight attendant Steven Slater's resignation (and subsequent arrest) have taught us, that's no way to quit your job. Here's how to quit like a man.

There are few career moves that are more stressful (or cathartic, for that matter) than to hand in a letter of resignation. We forge close ties, for better or worse, with the people we work with, and it can be quite an adjustment to leave them behind as we blaze a new trail in our career path.

There is no shortage of reasons to quit a job. Fortunately, though, there is a universal list of tenets to adhere to when you do resign and move on to bigger and better endeavors. Keep these precious hints in mind if ever you feel like running out on the job.

Make sure you have a legitimate reason to quit your post
Strife with management or a coworker may not be suitable grounds to look for greener pastures. A job is like a relationship in many ways. And in our society, we know for a fact that the divorce rate is at an insane level. People just do not have the patience or the backbone to work together to find a happy resolution anymore. Everyone wants to point the finger and find a scapegoat to blame problems on. Keep this in mind when you feel like your only option is to quit. How can you be positive that your next job will perfectly free of trouble? You can't. So really think before you take that scary leap of faith.

The lesson from JetBlue: Don't resign on impulse
Hey, short of a spontaneous booty call now and then, heed this advice in general: Deliberation before action never let anyone down. The way you quit is just as crucial as why you quit. And, as JetBlue's Steven Slater's example has underlined, the best way to do so is by an appointment with management in person. Do not communicate your intention to quit any other way. When possible, do it with class and not with the lazy, shortcut method of a screaming match. In addition, do back up your meeting with a professional letter of resignation to make it official and for the company to have it on the books.

Don't storm out on the job

The proper course of action is to provide two weeks' notice. This is a universal business standard that you must adhere to, no matter how informal the corporate culture and no matter how obvious your departure is to all. What can it hurt? If you do want to leave before the two weeks, you can and should raise the point with management when you meet with them.

Help your company make your departure go smoothly

If this means you have to train a replacement or hasten the completion of an important project or task, then do not lag in your work and think that it no longer bears any significance. You just never know what will happen down the road as you progress in your career. It is an old precept that time and again, we encounter familiar faces as we climb that proverbial corporate ladder. So do your best to make it easy for the next person to do your job.

Do not incapacitate the company or department in any way
No matter how contentious your departure, the sabotage or deletion of documents and vital data is a stupid move to make. Be the bigger person and leave gracefully and professionally. In addition, avoid anything that may constitute criminal activity.

Do take anything of personal importance
Whether the objects hold sentimental significance or can be used as ammunition against you, you never want to leave a personal reminder of your presence with anyone in the company once you have left the scene.

In the same vein, do not leave your work area a mess for the next guy to deal with. This is not only vastly unfair and disrespectful but it leaves a sour taste in the mouth of management and anyone else whose esteem you deem essential. The point, again, is to depart on a high note. You want everyone to miss you and almost regret that you quit, not curse you behind your back because your former workspace is now a biohazard. Just use common sense at the end of the day.

Most firms make counteroffers when someone with talent decides to quit. Our advice? Do not even consider a counteroffer unless it is much more generous than your new position. The sad fact remains that most people regret that they ever took a counteroffer and wind up back at square one a year later -- with a resignation letter in hand.
zip it up
Last but not least, it is crucial to keep your mouth shut about your former employer once you quit. The world is small and people just love to gossip. So don't spread word of important or negative information about your old place of employment. Loose lips do sink ships in the business world, so, as always, be professional. Let other people talk while you relax, observe and just do your job.
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And now, today's shamless kitten video... enjoy!

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We'll be lookin' for you to sing with us Friday morning!!!

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It's 5 O'clock Somewhere... (practice and sing with us Fri. morning)

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The Top Ten Things Men Shouldn't Do After 30... has a list of the top ten things men shouldn't do after the age of 30. A few of them are iffy, but mostly it's dead on . . .

#10.) EATING FAST FOOD. You'll start feeling the effects once your metabolism slows down. And almost anything you make at home is better for you than fast food.

#9.) DRIVING WRECKLESSLY. About a million people die from car accidents every year, and about 50 million more people are injured. And men tend to drive more aggressively than women do.

#8.) PLAYING VIDEO GAMES ALL DAY. Playing games on your cell phone while you're waiting in the doctor's office is one thing. But if you're always tethered to your PlayStation 3 . . . it's time to grow up.

#7.) LIVING IN A DORM ROOM. Not literally, but if you're over 30, you shouldn't have Grateful Dead posters on the wall, pizza boxes on the floor, and empty beer cans scattered all around your apartment.

#6.) GETTING A TATTOO. This one's debatable, but makes a good point: If you get a BAD tattoo when you're FORTY, you can't really explain it away as something you did when you were young and stupid.

#5.) BINGE DRINKING. Again, when you're 22, you can blame it on being young and crazy. But there's a point where, if you're binge drinking all the time, it starts to become an ILLNESS.

--And if you haven't worried about it all yet, hitting 30 is a good time to start.

#4.) LIVING PAYCHECK-TO-PAYCHECK. This one's easier said than done. But once you're in your 30's, you need to figure out a way to save whatever you can each month and prepare for things like kids, layoffs, and health issues.

#3.) WORKING AT A DEAD-END JOB. If you've been at the same job for five years and they haven't given you a promotion yet, they might NEVER give you one. So it might be time to look for a job where you can start climbing the ladder.

#2.) KNOWING NOTHING ABOUT POLITICS. In American demographics, the term "youth vote" means voters between the ages of 18 and 29. So if you're over 30, you're an adult who should know something about how the world works.

#1.) DRESSING LIKE A SLOB. It doesn't take much time, effort, or even money to dress like an adult. You just have to care about how you present yourself. And you have to realize that more is expected of you now than when you were 20.

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My Worst Candid Photo Ever!!! Jeez!!!

I am sure that this doesn't look like me... does it?
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Here's this week's "Really Wrong Sing-A-Long" song!

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Fair to middlin'...

I have long used the phrase: "Fair to middlin'... like when someone asks "Hey Eric, how are you?" I say: "Fair to middlin', but after a lifetime of using this old faithful of responses I was told that I have been using the wrong words.
I was told: "You're saying that wrong it's middling... when people speak without mumbling, they pronounce that expression "Fair to middlin'. "Middlin'"--or "middling" -- means average or medium; in the middle range."
So... from here on in I will try to say the "g" in the expression... better yet forget it I'm feeling a bit middlin' today!
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Dog Vs. Car... You'll Love Who Wins!!!

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The Red-Neck Pool 2010!

So... over the last couple of days I've spent a lot of time floating around in the 2010 edition of the now famous Red-Neck Pool. Say what you will, but it's a small slice of heaven to this humble DJ when the temps soar at the Petersen Ranch. But loving it as much as I do I still have come to one true reality... it may be a little bit too small.
Yes, as much as I want not to admit it, the sad and un-asked for recommendations of a Wal-Mart cashier at time of purchase, were accurate! I got in the pool for the first time and the "danger zone" (that spot between the upper thighs and belt) didn't even submerge! The pool is 33" deep and 12' wide and yet I feel like a virtual giant getting and out of it... in fact I really don't need to use the ladder that spans the side, I could no doubt just step over and save the pathetic balancing act.
So in the offing chance that you drive by and spot my floating on my back in an “inappropriately too large for the size of the pool” tube this summer, smile an remember that I also think that I look a little bit stupid, but remember: I love my pool, I’m nice and refreshed in it, and I really don’t care that I look like a buffoon!!!
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And now the Cleavage Caddy!!!! Would you?

Would you use this?
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Dropping in on the girls in the accounting...

Man Falls Through Office Ceiling - Watch more Funny Videos
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Here is today's (sort of) cute animal video...

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Some of the funniest cat videos ever... try not to laugh!

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A Flying Frog Failure...

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My Mom Always Hated When I Climbed Trees, Too...

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Wanna Feel Bad About Yourself? Click On The Pic Below...

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Happy Mother's Day!!!

An 18 year old takes his 90 year old Great Grandmother to her first prom (his senior prom) fullfilling her life long dream...

Watch CBS News Videos Online
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I think I have a new favorite website...

I invite you to visit and enjoy...

 hopefully as much as I do:


Chek out the corn muffin recipe!!!

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The Silent Treatment...

     One of the reasons that I like the company of women so much is their amazingly contradictory nature. For instance: A woman will spend thirty minutes, minimum, to do her hair and makeup just to lie on the beach, she’ll go to a salon to get her hair cut because she’s “letting it grow”, but my true favorite is when a woman, who is by nature is more talkative than a man, will use the silent treatment to during an argument… wow!

    There are many reasons to use the silent treatment: to force an apology, to stop an escalating argument,  but if I had to guess what the true motive behind it’s use is, I’d say that the silent treatment is a tool used as a last ditch effort to dominate a situation, in the face of eminent failure.

     Growing up as an only child I will admit to having been spoiled, but I wasn’t a brat. I do however know a lot of brats, I also have dated my fair share of them, and one thing that they all have in common is the frequent and consistent use of the silent treatment.

     The evolution of human interaction from cave drawings to our now superior linguistics is staggering, and choosing not to use it on purpose is immature, insecure and should result in the user being treated as just such a person. Any smart woman, anywhere, need not use adolescent tactics in place of proper communication to provoke a successful end result.

     I will admit to having been the recipient of several doses of the silent treatment in the past and I can tell you that I no longer tolerate it. So, if you choose (incorrectly) that you don’t want to talk to me… I will gladly accommodate you, richly.
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Love at first sight...

      I will always remember the first time I saw my very first true love. She was perfect. She was an exact match to a naive teenagers imaginings. Within a few weeks we had met, dated, kissed, and began what turned out to be a decent 3 1/2 year relationship. Back then I  really believed in love at first sight... of course I also believed that "the check is in the mail" meant that it really was, and that infomercials were telling the truth, and Bert & Ernie were only just roommates!

      These days I still believe in a lot of things, but love at first sight is no longer among them. Catching sight of someone who "stirs" you is a great thing; it's inspiring, to say the least, but it's not love. Love is deeper, and harder, and ultimately better than all the stuff that you could ever get from a simple vision of someone. A friend of mine has a magnet on her fridge that reads: "Friendship is knowing everything about someone, and liking them anyway", I think that describes love too. 

     The idea of love at first sight, is the belief in a vision of perfection... I don't buy it, and furthermore if I ever did want that, I don't want it anymore. The woman I will hopefully spend the rest of my life with will be (like I am): too angry and too young, too old and too happy, too dumb, and scared, too shy, and too bold and smelly, and grumpy... and so completely flawed that she'll be exactly perfect! That woman I will love forever will be so much of a mess, as I am, that I will want to see her everyday because I will appreciate how imperfect she is, and ultimately I'll need her in my life because of it.
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Asking For Directions...

It's the most common augment to take place in a moving vehicle, the dreaded “Why don’t we just stop and ask directions” conversation, Jeez! It sends shivers up the spine of any man married, or just dating, which still has a spine left to tingle! To you gentlemen I speak of, you know who you are: I’ll do my best to represent our position!

Unlike most men, I will ask for directions. But, unlike most women, it will be dead last on my list of destination finding options.

Men are natural hunters, we love the accomplishment process and sometimes we show it in the strangest of ways, like this one.

Getting ourselves and our passengers safely to a destination is a proud accomplishment, not to be shared with a gas station attendant, or random pedestrian that shows us the way, but to be savored as a solo reward.

To me, asking for directions is like mud flaps or floor mats, an option that’s always available... but ultimately unnecessary!
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Blowing An Engine...

I was helping my girlfriend get her Neon down to the car dealership where it was to be traded in, in Bloomsburg. The reason for it being traded in the first place, was that the oil light had been blazing on (in red) informing her of the need for added lubrication, un-heeded, for the better part of the week. She’d already picked out a replacement, informed the dealer of the rapping engine, negotiated a fair trade-in price and planned for a delivery of her car….all that was now necessary was to get her badly abused Neon to Bloomsburg for the trade-in.

Since the car had been stranded at my house for a week it was easy for me to get it ready for the hour long trek down to Columbia County. Prior to the trip I loaded the engine with Slick 50 (a product used to coat the inside of an older engine and seal up the gaps that cause power & compression loss), and 4 quarts of oil and prepped for liftoff! The first half of the trip went surprisingly well. We stopped briefly at a gas station, and as I’d expected I would have to, re-added to the engine 2 quarts of oil (since it had leaked a lot out in the drive). Then we slowly made our way out of Plymouth and onto what would be the final miles of her Neon’s running life. As I roared along I was thankful for the darkness of the night that hid my face, I drove slowly in disbelief of how the car continued, in spite of all the indications that it was unable to be driven at all. I watched as she followed me smiling because of how stupid I looked driving a car in such distress….then it happened...the engine blew!!

As we entered Route 11 the Neon started to make an incredible noise, it was deafening, it started to lose power, smoke, and shutter….and I’m not sure if you’ve ever been in a car that blows its engine, but I can tell you that you will never forget it. The structure of an automobile can withstand an awful lot but it seems to be challenged when an engine blows. As we began to climb up a very slight upgrade the car whined, and rattled, and “gave up the ghost”. The engine blew at 2/3’s of the way through the trip making me a liar, and at the same time an even worse gambler than I would’ve claimed to be. The car shook, and seemed to lift off the ground as the wheel lunged sideways, then slowly wound down to a humble death. I was told after the fact that the billow of smoke that came from the car was blinding, and would’ve been even so in broad daylight.

We sat in the blinding snow/rain storm for ¾’s of an hour until the tow truck took the now deceased Neon to its final resting place. Then we went and had a well needed beer.
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Some 1st date advise from a guy who's seen it all...

     As a guy who once tended bar, part time, for the better part of a decade, I've seen a lot of people that were on first dates. You can almost always spot a couple on a first date: they sit differently, they talk differently, they smile turn and touch differently, it's actually kind of interesting how we act so differently in the face of a new suitor. Sometimes, of you pay close attention you can see a few good ideas of just what you really should do on a first date... but usually , you don't even have to try to see great examples of what not to do, ever!

    So I have compiled a short list of the things that you should do on a first date (the "no-brainer-list"): be clean, slightly over-dressed, polite, on time and above all else, listen to what the person you are out with is saying...

    Now for the Don't-Ever-Do-This-On-A-First-Date List: *Don't show up too early or too late *Don't wear a tux but don't show up dressed like a janitor (or like you're fresh from the field) *Don't stink (deodorant, cologne, Axe body spray, etc. all work) *Always take a first date to a place that's a balance between Taco Bell and the window seats at the Oak Room *Don't act like an arrogant ass but don't be a needy wuss *And if you forget everything else, remember this... No matter how nervous you think you are, don't for any reason get drunk before, or during your first encounter... if you must waste some brain cells, reserve that pleasure for after you've parted company *Lastly, if the person you've dated doesn't "like you in that way"  by no means insult them in an effort to save you ego, remember if they don't want to see you again they actually may be doing you a big favor!

     In short, use a very honest and logical sense of "balance" in the choosing, planning, and execution of a first date. Cleanliness, manners, and common sense go an awful long way toward making a really good first date impression, and yet it is a shock just how many people don't opt for those obvious choices.

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How's your work?

I remember my first working experiences, those first couple of jobs where you literally learn how to work. For me it was an unusually amazing experience because of who I learned from. You know the type, they've literally been at their job for life, they know every facet of the position, they could absolutely do the job in their sleep, and as a result they can, if you listen to them, teach you how to become awesome at it.

I have, ever since, believed that I learned about the working world from the very people that keep it running. My early mentors taught me: 1) that there is a "right" way to do something that should set the bar for each task, no matter how mundane, it entails, 2) that your work is a direct reflection of who you are that people will judge you by, and 3) that there is always a way to do your work a "little bit better" that you should strive to find.

With that said, I ask you: do you approach your work, or life, in that way? Do you ask why you always get passed over for raises, or promotions, or basic respect ? Do you "autograph your work with excellence", or trudge on robotic-ally?

If not, let me pose a challenge to you: Try a different approach for a week... I dare you.

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The Remote...

Ahhh, the remote. The holy grail of a man’s idle time. The power to alter the viewing choices, volume, temperature or visibility. The very tool of masculine relaxed power.
There are remotes for everything: CD players, lights, even air conditioners and of course the television. And through the years the remote, like man himself, has evolved from a bulky, intrusive, awkward beast to a slim, sleek, multifunctional, perfectly hand fitted wonder wand.
I would use a remote to drive to work if I could. I have 3 in my room, one in the kitchen and living area and even in the bathroom! I love the remote control!
Look, us guys have only a few small glimpses of light on the land of control. Women choose our clothing, women choose the colors of paint in the house, the type of car or minivan we drive, the very style of drapes, carpet, linens or bath towels that’s used in our lives. Is it too much to fathom that we men have one last bastion of assertiveness over something in our lair?
I need the remote. I miss the remote when I’m away from it. I sometimes put it in my pocket when I leave a room to relieve the separation anxiety I might have and to avoid ceding the control to someone else.
I have very little control in my world thus I keep the remote.
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Stupid Co-Worker Phrases #1

Why is it that people like to sarcastically say the phrase: "Just another day in paradise..."? What's the deal? Call me grumpy, call me ill tempered, call me whatever… but categorize me as “fed up”!
I am one of five full time on air staffers here at Froggy101 (we used to be seven) and I thank God all the time for the privilege to do this work. This facility employs at least 50 people, the benefits are great, the place is always warm and safe, the check always cashes, and yet some of those employed here (non-airstaff) choose to complain on an hour by hour basis.
I know at least a dozen “downsized” people who would just relish the thought of working here or anywhere for that matter. In fact, I could open the mic and ask how many people would like the chance to have my job, or any job here, and no doubt get hundreds of folks "chomping at the bit" to trade places with me, instantly.
The next time you consider griping about your warm, safe, money making employment post, please look to see that I’m not within ear-shot!!!
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My Life Sucks... Vol.1

As the New Year passed I, like everyone else, vowed to make 2010 better than the previous years... Ha-ha, not very likely.
I take care of my mom every morning before coming to work. I get the paper, get her breakfast, do some laundry, make the bed and after getting securely into her favorite chair, head off to work.
Usually during the span of my time there I visit her bathroom, and as a rule, leave the window ajar. On this day (when the temps were hovering in the teens) I was greeted by the window being half open, and the room being equal in temperature to tha of the front lawn. After what can only be described as a chilly visit I flushed... and nothing moved! Oh sure the water made the familiar rushing sound, but the rest stayed put.
It was at that very moment that I realized that my prior "window jarring" had frozen not only the toilet water, but also the sink-drip from tap to drain! In a panic I used the toilet scrub brush to smash the icy 1/4 inch skim and all went to its intended ending.
My life sucks!
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He Said: Staying Friends With An Ex...

I'm not proud of the fact that I have a lot of ex-girlfriends in my past, and I'm not proud to admit that I may add a few more to that number before my dating days are over, but I'm least proud of the fact that very, very, very few of these women that I've dated are on the "I still want to talk to you list". In fact that list has really only one name on it, the rest of my interactions with ex's are nothing more than awkward, stale, “forced to be cordial” conversations that usually end quickly.
To me relationships require a lot of commitment for them to work. They take communication and trust, balance and sacrifice, not to mention passion, and when a relationship ends, so too usually does the desire to continue doing the work to maintain any of these things, with that person.
In truth, it's not that I didn't try to stay friendly with more of my ex's, it's that I really didn't want to. Once I've turned a corner, I usually stay on that path that I've chosen, and seldom if ever look back. I really think that maintaining a relationship that has ended leads to "arrested development", or to put it a differently: It keeps you living in the past.
I guess what I'm saying is that in the long run, if the wounds heal and time erases the damaged feeling, I suppose it is possible to be friends with an ex, I just don't think it's probable. There are sooooo many variables that had to happen to put you together in the first place, that now when you're apart, it would take that same lightning to strike twice for you to truly remain friends.
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He Said- Dating and Religion

I was sitting in a mixed group of friends several years ago next to a woman that I was chatting up for about an hour. We liked each other, and we were the only two that were outsiders to most of the group. Eventually the topic of conversation turned to confirmations and the events that surrounded each of theirs respectively. As we both tried to awkwardly stay away from participating I said to her:" I don't know what they're talking about, cuz I'm not catholic." she smiled broadly and said "neither am I".
We exchanged numbers and soon found ourselves on several dates. We got along really well, and if I ever had a "type" she was it- to a tee. I'm not sure how it happened but one evening we got on the topic of "party music" and she began to tell me about all the great songs that the DJ had played at her batmitzva. I was enthralled as she glowed while telling me the story... then she asked about mine.
"My barmitzva?” I said, "I didn't have one, we protestants get baptized as young adults and don't really have big parties to celebrate them... but I like classic rock." I watched her smile dim as I explained and I knew there had been a big misunderstanding. As the next several minutes passed she explained how her mother had kept a very strict, very traditional Jewish house and that since I wasn't of the same faith, she would have an uphill fight to convince her mother to accept me. We, as a couple, were doomed. She eventually stopped answering my calls and we lost touch.
As you may imagine it hurt, badly. I had lost the chance at having a great girl in my life over something that I had absolutely control of, but it taught me something about myself: that I hate the things that separate us as people! I could never understand why people ask a question about your religion, or ethnicity, or politics, or about the neighborhood reside, in an effort to form a bias opinion of you.
So, whether you are Baptist (which I am) Jewish (which she is) Muslim, Hindu, scientologist, agnostic, atheist, or otherwise... I don't care... and you shouldn’t either!
It is the walls that we place between ourselves that are the reasons that we stay unhappy, and in our ignorance, believe we're not.
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He Said- Christmas Photo Cards

I’ve never been the type of person that (in a relationship) likes wearing matching outfits or having pet names, or for Pete’s sake, “Couples Photo Christmas Greeting cards” (which usually contain both of the aforementioned items that I hate)! It’s so hokey, and sappy, and sickeningly sugary… whoa!
Then one day I got a Christmas photo-card from one of my lifelong friends. It wasn’t just he and the missus in it, the photo showed his two kids with them around the family Christmas tree, presents, dog and all, the same sad sappy stuff you’d expect, but somehow it looked… well, “right”. It illustrated how much older his kids had gotten since I’d seen them last, it showed how happy as a family they were, and it showed me how I had to reconnect with them, so that I could never let that much time pass by us apart again! The card has hung on my fridge from that day on, and was joined by the other five or six they’ve sent since. The point I’m trying to make is that I’ve softened to the idea, but only under a few conditions.
If you are: a married couple (with, or without kids), are planning on getting married, should be married, have been together so long the entire civilized world thinks you’re already married… (you get the point) then by all means send out a picture of yourselves,, framed by a holiday backdrop… if you don’t fall under that criterion, then don’t bother!
“Why”, you ask… well, a) you’ll look really foolish, b) you’ll be wasting a sizable amount of better spent money, and c) you’ll incur the wrath of all the sane, currently unattached, level thinking addressee’s that will never let you forget the year you sent a picture of yourself in a sweater that has a scene on it that echoes the vinyl winter wonderland that’s draped behind you and yours.
To quote and old Billy Squire song: “Christmas Is the Time to Say I Love You”, please don’t say it with a holiday card that will be a punch line for the rest of the coming year!
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He Said: Dating Websites...

Years ago I had a roommate who had absolutely no abilities with meeting women. To be truthful, he usually would date any girl who would show any interest in him at all, which usually got him into very bad relationships! Frustrated, he eventually asked me to help him fill out an on-line dating profile (the one that matches you through 23 levels of compatibility). Why he needed me I'm not sure, but I agreed to help, and boy what a lesson I learned.
Instantly he received profiles of about six bachelorettes that were described as eager to meet him, and all of them completely different that his taste would dictate. In the weeks that followed he received several more "matches", some a bit closer to his liking but not one exacting match. I encouraged him to at least go through the motions and date two or three of these women, and just see if pulling back the veil would expose a silver lining... no dice!
As the 60 days of his enrollment passed, and after going on 8-10 dates that could only be described politely as :"awkward", we both concluded that he should throw in the towel. The lesson that he learned (and I learned by watching) is that he could easily have found that same outcomes he'd gotten by introducing himself to any "mis-aligned matches", any where, and thus save the subscription fee.
To be blunt: I know what I like, and I have no qualms about my capabilities to find it (I mean her). I, unlike most men, have a job that allows me to meet dozens of women, many of which already know a bit about my personality, and as a result I have no use for dating help of any kind, especially on-line dating sites. After watching my friend struggle, and sacrifice his tastes for a zero gain, I'll tell you that if I had ever even considered the idea of using an on-lie dating site, that thought's been extinguished. They all guarantee results... personally I'll take my chances.
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He Said... The Silent Treatment

     One of the reasons that I like the company of women so much is their amazingly contradictory nature. For instance: A woman will spend thirty minutes, minimum, to do her hair and makeup just to lie on the beach, she’ll go to a salon to get her hair cut because she’s “letting it grow”, but my true favorite is when a woman, who is by nature is more talkative than a man, will use the silent treatment to during an argument… wow!

    There are many reasons to use the silent treatment: to force an apology, to stop an escalating argument,  but if I had to guess what the true motive behind it’s use is, I’d say that the silent treatment is a tool used as a last ditch effort to dominate a situation, in the face of eminent failure.

     Growing up as an only child I will admit to having been spoiled, but I wasn’t a brat. I do however know a lot of brats, I also have dated my fair share of them, and one thing that they all have in common is the frequent and consistent use of the silent treatment.

     The evolution of human interaction from cave drawings to our now superior linguistics is staggering, and choosing not to use it on purpose is immature, insecure and should result in the user being treated as just such a person. Any smart woman, anywhere, need not use adolescent tactics in place of proper communication to provoke a successful end result.

     I will admit to having been the recipient of several doses of the silent treatment in the past and I can tell you that I no longer tolerate it. So, if you choose (incorrectly) that you don’t want to talk to me… I will gladly accommodate you, richly.
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