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Eric Petersen


Eight Kinds Of Halloween Candy You Shouldn't Give Out...

You're probably all stocked up on Halloween candy by now, but if you still have some shopping to do, "Esquire" has a list of candy you SHOULDN'T give out to kids. According to them, it's because they're not as 'good' as other Halloween candies.

--The entire list is debatable, but here are the top eight . . .

#1.) CANDY CORN. Because it has the, quote, "consistency of a car tire."

#2.) BIT-O-HONEY. Because it's too old-school. In fact, "Esquire" says if you give out Bazooka bubble gum, Necco wafers, or Bit-O-Honey's on Halloween, the kids who come to your door will be aged by "several decades." Whatever that means.

#3.) TWIZZLERS. Because they're not as good as licorice.

#4.) STARBURST. Because, according to "Esquire", they have a "weird aftertaste" if you eat more than three. (???)

#5.) NOW AND LATERS. Because they have to sit in the sun for a few hours before they're soft enough to eat.

#6.) SMARTIES. Because it's just sugar pressed into a tablet, and according to "Esquire", it shouldn't qualify as candy.

#7.) THREE MUSKETEERS. This is probably the most popular Halloween candy "Esquire" says you SHOULDN'T give out. Their reasoning is . . . there's just way too much nougat.

#8.) ANYTHING THAT'S NOT CANDY. "Esquire" says if you're planning to give out carrot sticks, pennies, or apples without caramel . . . just leave your porch light off.


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10/29/2010 5:48AM
Eight Kinds Of Halloween Candy You Shouldn't Give Out...
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