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Edible Underwear? I'm tryin in!

Yes, you read correctly... Tomorrow, for a very special Valentine's Day treat, I will be eating a pair of Edible Underwear, just in time for the holiday season!  Does it make a difference, men or women?  I'm sure they both taste the same, just one looks like a women's underwear and the other looks like men's.

But knowing my co-host, I will be eating the men's garments... I just hope they are tasty, because last night I went down to the Adult Playtime Boutique in Wilkes Barre, and tried some different types of  "potions", and I have to tell you they were not too tasty.

So here is the story, because I know your dying to hear it.  The idea came up, that I should find a pair of edible under garments, so last night, a buddy and I set off for a pair of tasty underpants.  Luckily for us, the first stop we came to had them.  Instead of just picking them up and leaving, I decided to ask some questions.  Well these questions led me down a whirlwind of awkwardness.

The lady behind the counter was really cool.  She was quite insightful to the world of adult oriented merchandise.  She was pulling things, things I can't talk about, off the shelves, giving me an idea of how things work.  Then she let me sample this coco butter, and no, not the kind you put on your toast, but the kind you put on... well we are all adults here I don't need to tell you.

ANYWAY, this coco butter, tasted odd, and made my entire tongue go numb!  She told me that is what it is suppose to do, and then I felt like an amateur idiot.  Coolest part of the whole process, she's a Froggy listener!

So there you have it.  Tomorrow I will be eating edible men's underwear!  Listen live on online @!  Should be a raunchy snack!


02/08/2011 9:31AM
Edible Underwear? I'm tryin in!
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