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Justin Taylor
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Ed Hardy, Affliction, Tapout!

Come on now, to all the younger guys out there reading this, I'm sure the majority of you have worn at least one of these brands, or something that is relatively close in style.  If you say no, then yes, you truly are a hick, and I'm sure damn proud of it!   For the rest of you out there, bashing on me because of my style of clothing I have news for you.

If you think that Ed Hardy, Tapout and Affliction, DO NOT all fall under the same category, it does!  No matter what you think, the people who do not wear these brands of clothing have us all under the same label, and to keep it clean, I will callus, "those guys."

Now some of you maybe quick to judge people by their clothing, I will tell you now, if you ever get to know me on a one on one basis, I'm nothing like those guys, I have always been a flashy dresser.  I was born in 1986, and my mother jumped on that hot color bandwagon, and always had me in those hot electric colors, and they stuck with me.

And the real reason why I started to wear Ed Hardy...  I saw a wrestling interview with Brutus Beefcake, Greg Valentine, Roddy Piper, and Lex Luger, and two of them were wearing Ed Hardy.  I thought to myself, "I dont know what kind of shirts that is, but if pro wrestlers are wearing it, well hot damn so will I!"  Thus I created this monster!

Oh yea, check out the videos on as well.  You even get to see Eric rock and Ed Hardy shirt...and I must admit, he looked damn good!


01/11/2011 7:19AM
Ed Hardy, Affliction, Tapout!
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01/11/2011 10:14AM
mike dimarco
I wear affliction all the time. People say they don't like it, that's because they can't afford it. Don't hate the playa, hate the game. When "Realtree" camo and flame orange takes over then we can talk style. Until then just keep on rockin and rollin,and struttin and strollin!!
01/26/2011 4:15PM
a fan
i dont know crockett, i saw you the other day at the mall(from a distance) with a nice tall Italian boy wearing a yankees shirt and he looked much better in that then you did in your ed hardy. and another time i saw you with a blond boy in a beastie boysshirt and damn, id jump his bones.
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