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Eric Petersen


Do you talk like it's 1999?!

Things we do and say today are becoming outdated very, very quickly.
Here are a few phrases we take for granted that will probably not be around very much longer:

"Just buy the new CD" -- Because more and more CDs and CD players are being eliminated each day, buying a CD is being replaced with "buy it on iTunes" or "download it."

"What's your mailing address?" -- Is anyone writing notes, licking stamps and putting envelopes in the mail anymore? Ever?

"Swipe your card" -- We're still a few years away from this, but this phrase is going to be replaced with "swipe your Phone." From your ID to credit cards, the mere swiping of your programmed phone will be all you need to buy anything.

"Call 911" -- It's going to be replaced with "text 911," which will honestly sound extremely strange.
"Page me" or "Fax it" -- A few industries still love their pagers and faxes, but the end is near.

I gotta ask: Do you have any family members who are especially out-of-date? What old gadgets or ways of doing things are they clinging to? Why? Is there any chance of you breaking them of these habits and bringing them into the 21st century?

Are there any old gadgets that you still enjoy using? Is it because the old gadgets are still efficient for you? Or, do you have a weird, romantic attachment to the past?

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04/07/2011 11:04AM
Do you talk like it's 1999?!
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04/08/2011 4:45PM
The typewriter...and how sad was it when a 12 and 8 yr old girl looked at my typewriter and asked "What's that..?" I took a giant gulp...and waited for the "Just kidding.." But they were serious.
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