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Detention Artwork...

As I continue the clean out of my old room, in my parents’ house, I am unearthing some of the coolest reminders of my high school years… one of them a drawing I did in an “in-school detention” that I got for throwing an orange at Patty Ratchford’s face (note to students: teachers don’t appreciate the coolness of food throwing as much as you do).

I had never been in that much trouble prior to that day, and I never had been suspended. I had often imagined getting a day off from school for a small rule bending incident,  but an in-school detention was a pure form of torture that had you: having to go to school, but isolated from the entire population for a whole day, YUK!

I was banished to a small room adjacent to the principal’s office in the front of the building, and not far from the office that I had to report to the day I got caught tossing the orange. I was ordered to sit in the one desk (only one could fit in this broom closet sized room) where it was easily pushing 95 degrees. I was given a series of school assignments to complete and was told someone would be in to get me for lunch and a break… eventually. IT SUCKED.  But from all badness come a good result to some degree, and this yielded my best artwork ever.

Let’s face it, when all you have is time to think you can be pretty creative, I fact down right miraculous as the picture here will illustrate. Maybe I’m bragging up this artistic wonder work a little too much but look at the dedication, the attention to detail, the near lifelike movement in the shading and… I’m losing you here aren’t I?

The lessons I learned during that penance were more than what the teacher that sent me to a well-earned punishment thought he was going to instill, like:
1. I don’t like confinement at all (for a whole day or even less),
2.  I work a lot faster than most (so the assignments I was given to do were done about ninety minutes into a 6 hour day),
3.  I get bored very easily (that’s kind of what put me there in the first place),
4. Apparently I’m an artist,
 and 5.  I do some of my best work in “lock down”… see illustration.

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03/29/2013 12:08PM
Detention Artwork...
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04/03/2013 10:38AM
Detention Artwork
That basketball hoop is great! I wish I could draw
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