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Bryan Baylee
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Day one done...Day two...Ugh

So day one of cheer camp is over, and I must say I'm SORE today! I was exhausted after everything they put me through. When I say they, I mean the Pittston Area Cheerleaders, and they put me through torture. You can checkout the videos of camp at Yesterday, the girls and coach put me through hell, making me stretch, do splits, flip, handspring, round offs, and they even made me try a back hand spring (which I failed miserably).

As if this wasn't bad enough, they even trusted me enough, to toss a cheerleader in the air and catch her, put ME up in the pyramid, and hold one of the girls up by her feet! I never though I would do toe touches and these other things that looked like I was jumping a hurdle without moving. Yea, and whatever that thing is called, made my entire leg go numb!

I'm not sure if today is going to be better or worse. I hope today is less intense than yesterday was, because this morning, when I woke up, I sat up, and fell right back down! I hobbled into the kitchen, downed four pain killers, and found myself running late for work today, all because of this great team! I must admit though, they are VERY talented, and besides them busting my chops, I had a lot of fun.


03/22/2011 8:13AM
Day one done...Day two...Ugh
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03/22/2011 8:49AM
Crocket was a good sport, and seriously how about his jumps(they were awsome)!!!! Now on to day two, hope he likes his red tutu its all we had left that was the required color lol.
03/22/2011 11:27AM
I can't wait to see him in his custom Viva La Diva tutu! Thanks for letting me be a part of it! Go PAHS!
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