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Posts from August 2014

The Most confusing thing ever

So here at Entercom, they ask us to blog.  It help keeps everyone in the loop for our lives.  A little intrusive sure, but it comes with the job.  Here is my problem.  Sharing my stories doesn't bother me, telling you about my personal life and drama, no big deal.  The biggest problem is I cant!  Sort of...

See we have this web service, Vortal 3.0 (don't let the number fool you, it's not fancy) and it may be the most difficult thing to figure out!   Honestly, I should go back to college and get my degree in computer engineering, because that is the only way this website will make sense. Maybe I'm being a bit too harsh on the system.  Maybe it's not difficult to master, but instead, maybe it just doesn't work at all!   For example, you want to post a picture?  Good luck!   It will either be bigger the the monitor, smaller than a quarter, and off to the far end of the screen, and cut off, or just not there at all!   

How about sharing a youtube video?  Forget it!  Unless you are ok with copying the link and then pasting it yourself, then yea, sure it works!  What I really can't understand it that we HAD a service that worked flawlessly five years ago!   It made blogging easy, dare I even  No, I wont say fun, because blogging feels like a homework assignment, forced up me, but it would definitely be easier!   

As I'm typing this I just discovered that, my spelling has not been perfect, no I'm not some brain child, but simply, this program doesn't even support the little red squiggly line that lets you know you have spelling errors.  (Note:  I'm writing this after I finished this monstrosity, and figured out, you need to enable SCAYT, or as anyone else knows it the red squiggly line.  Why is this not enabled from the start?!) 

By now I have made this program look like a piece of Swiss cheese, and I could probably make it look like dust, but by this point, you have either stopped reading, or got the point that this program is trash.  Maybe in 5 years we will switch to something that actually works.... but I'm not holding my breath.  



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