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Posts from April 2014

Go Figure
So yesterday, my records FINALLY!  I couldn't wait to give them a listen.  Wouldn't you guess, as soon as I dropped that needle onto the record, the needle broke!  Now, I can't play my records, and I will have to spend $50+ to get a new one!   Just a run of bad luck so far! 
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Really getting irritated
So last time I checked in the old blog, I was complaining about now getting my records in the mail.  Well guess what?  I STILL haven't received ANY of them!   Well that's a lie, I got ONE in the mail!   The Gentry's Keep on dancing.  The one I wasn't even excited about!  Go figure.  I have sent inquiries to all the sellers, and they all assure me they are on their way.   Testing my patiences ebay!  
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Feel like I'm getting jerked around!
So I placed two orders for two very rare records on ebay, close to a month ago and still have not recieved them!  The first record is the Quiet Riot record you have heard me complain about.  Now this record is coming from Greece, so I could see it taking some time, but a MONTH? Come on!  I reched out to him and he assured me it is comming, I hope so!   

The next record is the first Zombies Record.  They had the hits, "Shes not there" and "The time of the seasons".  This one I'm very concerned about, mostly becuase its and import and looks to be in bad shape,  Even worse, after I bought it, the guy sent me a message saying that, he was waiting on record boxes so that he could ship out my record, and sorry about the delay!  

How about you give me free shipping then?  I mean, how are you a record store, and run out of boxes?    Unreal! 

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Road Construction?
Ok, I don't know who is trying to ruin my morning commute to work, but it has got to stop!  I have a morning ritual, almost like groundhogs day with Bill Murray, I wake up, same time, and do pretty much the same thing Monday - Friday.  Except, they have the road closed right before the station!  

Problem is, they don't have a sign saying the construction is still going on.  So every morning, I assume they are finished with the road work, so I drive all the way up the road, only to find that the road is STILL under construction, and then I have to turn around and take the long way to work.  I have been late to work twice now, and its ruing my mojo here at work.  

A simple sign is all I'm looking for, is that so much to ask? 
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