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Posts from January 2013

What to do... What to do?
I have the opportunity this week only, to purchase a boy hood dream.  A replica wrestling championship belt.  I have always wanted own a belt since I can remember, and now that this dream is in my face I'm torn.  See here is the problem.  I can easily pay the belt off before the end of February, no problem.  The problem is the guilt.  My fiance Tara, may not admit it, but this is not the wisest purchase, and before everyone jumps down her throat, I also know this is not the best purchase in the world.  

We are all feeling the sting of a bad economy, and I'm in that boat as well.  I could use that $269, on groceries, gas, and bills, I know this, but this is a chance to capture a dream.  A silly one?  Yes.  A necessity? No.  I have tried to rationalize the purchase in my head a million times, and nothing is working.  If I buy the belt I wont be late on any bills, and I will still have money in the bank (not a lot, but enough).  My tax return is coming in, and I will be using that to pay off a credit card, and will have $300 left over, so there is some extra cash... see there I go again, trying to rationalize.  

What to do, what to do? 
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There is no way I'm in the wrong here...right?

So I ordered some supplements off of the internet, and when they were shipped to me, I realized they were the wrong pills, so I contacted the store.  I informed them they sent the wrong package.  They were quick to reply, that if I could send a picture of what was sent, so they could correct the mistake.  I did, and they followed up with this response...


Hi,   I have processed an other shipment for you. Can you please return the Lichi?"  Now wait a minute.  They want me to re-package their mistake and send it back to them?  So, I have to pay for their mistake?  I simply replied, if you send a pre paid postage with the pills I ordered, then sure, I will send them back.  

I'm in the right here, right? 

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As promised pictures of my bar/living room!
So I have been talking a quite a bit about my bar and living room in my new apartment.  Well the good news it is finaly finished!  The only change I would like to make it a new record play because mine is just about shot, but other than that the room is finished.  So here are the pictures, enjoy! 

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Is it parade time already?

So as we all know, St. Pattys day is a pretty big deal around here.  As soon as parade day is over, people immediately start talking about next years parade.  So it should come as no surprise.... we have already started talking about our float!   Even more crazy...I'm in charge!   

Yes, you read correctly I have been put in charge of the float.  Luckily we already have an idea, and I pride myself on being a pretty crafty guy!   I'm stoked to put this float together, one because it will be a killer float, and two, you , as in everyone, get to participate in our float and win!  

As we get closer to parade day I will be leaking pictures of the said float so stay tuned! 

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