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Posts from October 2012

Toby Keith joins me for a little Q&A!
Toby joined me Friday morning where we discussed his new album, Hope on the Rocks, his kids, his football coaching career, favorite songs, and a special thank you to our troops.  Check out the interview below!

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How on Earth do some of you do it?
So I have been filling in for the Wake Up Call while they are on their cruise this week, and while it is only the start of Tuesday, waking up at 4am, could be the worst thing in the world.  Yesterday, as soon as I was finished the show, I went home and slept till 3pm.  I went and grabbed some lunch, came home, and fell back asleep at 5pm.  I woke up at 8pm, and then back to sleep at 1 am, only to wake up at 3:55 am, and here I sit now typing this.  I feel like I blinked four times, and only four events happened.  I may contact Stephen King about a new novel.  

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