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Posts from August 2012

I interview TNA Superstar Aj Styles!
TNA is coming to the Mohegan Sun Arena September 16th and Aj Styles joined me on the phone today.  Check it out! 

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Ready for some Fantasy
So in light on Mike Vick getting injured EVERY game, I have decided to go with my new team.  The VickRibwhich!  My logo...

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I don't care who you vote for, ALWAYS support our troops!
So tonight an Obama supporter tried to convince me to vote for Obama next election. I don't want to start a debate on politics, but I will admit I plan on voting for Romney next election. However when I told this 22 year old gentleman that my brother and sister in law are in Afghanistan fighting for his right to preach who we should vote for he had the never to laugh in my face. I asked him, what's so funny? After a nice 10 min debate he packed up and went home. Moral of the story, I don't care who you vote for, NEVER laugh at those fighting for your country. God bless the USA! Tonight I put a punk in his place and I'm DAMN proud!
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The Zac Brown Interview Unedited!
As Promised the un editied interview with the Zac Brown Band!  Why un edited?  Because you get to hear it as if it were live!  It lets you feel like you are on the tour bus with me last Friday night!  So here it is, my 7 minute interview with Zac Brown! 

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