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So whos the idiot now?

So awhile back, you may remember I was complaining about my girlfriend not wanting me to buy the Ghostbusters PKE Meter for $75. Well I did it anyway, besides her best wishes. After I bought it, my parents and my girlfriend, all sat around the table and called me an idiot, and cracked jokes.

Well, it seems that Tara and I are going to be moving in November (fingers crossed) and we need furniture, since the apartment we moved into, was pre furnished. When I bought the PKE Meter I tried to explain to everyone that they are highly collectable and rare, and worth a good amount.

It dawned on my girlfriend and I not too long ago, shit, we need a couch for our new apartment. The couch we are looking at is $300, and with all the bills, coming up with a spare $300 is a little tough. So what do I do? I put the PKE Meter up for sale on ebay on Sunday, and list it for a 7 day auction. Well there is still four days left on it, and the PKE Meter is now up to $110!

All I'm saying is, that idiotic $75 investment is going to pay for a new couch! Guess who's going to be sitting on the floor? Not me!

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Alright guys, here are some colognes that will get you that girl!

So on a rare occasion, I will throw on some cologne, you know, when I'm feelin fancy. What you may not know about me, is that I clean up very well, and when I do, I go all out. Another thing you may not now about me is I have a rather large collection of colognes, that I spend a pretty penny on. So fellas, I'm going to help you out today. Because today, I'm going to give you a cheat sheet on some of my favorite and most complimented colognes.

I can vouch for all of these, personally, and through my buddies. See whenever one of my buddies are going out on a date, or we are going out for the night, the make a quick stop by my house, and ask me to hook them up, and 9 out of 10 times, someone is going to ask what they are wearing. As for me, I usually wear these when I'm meeting record executives, artists, or anyone of importance in my line of work. Trust me guys, these colognes are bullet proof. Now some of these will be a little more expensive than other, but if you on a tight budget, I also have you covered. So let's get to it!

First up on the list is my all time favorite, and the one cologne I get the most compliments on. Carolina Herrera 212

This one will cost you around $35- $40 for a 1 oz bottle. It seems like a bit of a high price, but trust me, you will be amazed on the amount of compliments you get with this cologne.

Next Up on my list is a new cologne that my girlfriend bought me as a gift that I never heard of, and I also get a lot of compliments on, Yves Saint Laurent La Nuit De L'Homme

This one is a on the pricey side as well, costing you any where from $45-to $60.

Next up on the list is, Herrera by Carolina Herrera

This cologne is made from the same makers as the 212, and I always make sure to have a bottle of this in my house at all times. When you start to buy cologne, you develop a sense of smell, for what cologne is good for what kind of occasion. For me, Herrera by Carolina Herrera is good for just about any occasion. It gives of a unique smell that is bound to get some heads turning. This one will run you a little high at $45-$60 for a 3.4 oz bottle.

And the last cologne that on my cheat sheet of expensive colognes is, Unforgivable Cologne, by Sean John.

Yes this is the same Sean John as P Diddy, but country music fans do not be fooled! This cologne is great! I would be lying if I didn't say this cologne gets you the most attention out of all the ones I mention. If you want to turn heads, or make your woman, or date want to pounce you can't go wrong here, but there is a price. A 4.2 oz bottle of Unforgivable will run you a steep $50-$100. Now you can buy this at some Wal Marts for $35 - $40, but you are getting a very small bottle. I would recommend the Walmart size if you want to test it, before going off the deep end and buying the 4.2 oz bottle.

Ok, so here are some colognes that I won't go too deep into description, but definitely worth the mention.

True Religion

Cost $40-$50

Sean John I am King

Cost $60-$70

Now, if you are on a tight budget, but you still want to impress your woman, here are a few colognes that will get you that attention without breaking the bank.

First up on the list, Lacotse Red

Lacoste makes a handful of colognes, some better than others. Believe me, they have a lot of bad smelling colognes, but this one is solid. The price isn't that bad either, running you anywhere from $20-$40.

Now guys, this is my secret weapon. I have recently discovered this cologne/body spray, and it has slowly been turning into my everyday cologne. Now, I'm usually against body sprays, like axe and old spice, I feel like they give off a cheap smell, and are a def. not good when trying to get women s attention. Do you hear me guys! DON'T USE AXE BODY SPRAY AS COLOGNE! Now I get it, some of you may be on a tight budget, and AXE is very affordable and cheap. There is a reason its cheap, it's not good, but fear not, I have found a body spray, that is cheap in price, but smells, better than a lot of high end colognes out there. I present to you, Polo #1 by Ralph Lauren (Body Spray)

Guys, this spray is a life saver. I always have a bottle in the car, and believe me, I ALWAYS get a compliment when I wear it. ALWAYS! Here is the thing, when you go to buy it there are two varieties. A Body spray and the actual cologne. The cologne is what is expensive, but the body spray, smells the same and is half the price. This spray bottle is going to cost you $20, and you can pick it up at Ulta (Yes the beauty supply shop, the sell a lot of mens cologne there for a good price).

Finally, if you are in a major pinch, short on cash and on your way to a date and need some cologne, then I would suggest buying Playboys cologne, either the original or if Walmart has it, The New York series.

Both of these colognes have a similar smell to the unforgivable, not exactly the same, but close enough that it will get you attention. Even better they run anywhere from $15-$20. I personally like the Malibu the best, but they only sell that online, and not in stores (unless you buy it in a variety pack of four small bottles).

Now guys, here are few helpful tips when wearing cologne. I have met several people, who don't know how to wear cologne, yes there is a way to wear cologne. See there is nothing worse, than when a guy walks into a bar, event, what have you, and he reeks of too much cologne! Yes, you might have nice cologne on, but when you wear too much, you will reek horrible! Here is my general rule for wearing cologne. Shoot a small shot of cologne away from you. If you can smell the cologne immediately, and it stays in the air after a small spray, then the max you need is two sprays. Also when you spray, you want to spray your left shoulder, from about a forearm length away, and then spray your chest/right shoulder from the same distance. Reason being, when you finally pick up that chick, or she giving you a hug goodbye, her face/nose is going to be headed right for your shoulders, and she is going to leave remember that you smelled great.

If the cologne is somewhat weaker, three sprays should be enough, if real weak four, but I never go with four spray, UNLESS, I know I'm going to be somewhere where there is going to be a lot of people with a lot of different colognes on. The I will go with the fourth spray. Again, spray at least a forearms length away from your body. Another great tip, after your done spraying the cologne, take your palm, and wipe the excess cologne on the nozzle on your palm. Rub your palms together, and run them on your arms and through your hair. That little bit of cologne, will hardly be noticeable, but noticeable.

Finally, with the spray cologne. Spray cologne is weak. It's not meant to be an all day cologne, and its not meant to be a strong cologne, thus why its so cheap in price. Your best bet with a spray cologne is to spray all over, right before you leave your house of car. and as close to your body as possible. Again, don't do this with AXE! Axe body spray smells cheap and is too strong! When you do this with Polo, you will smell as if you have an expensive cologne on, and it will last you a good 4-5 hours.

So there ya go, you are ready to go out and get yourself that girl of your dreams. But first you have to buy the cologne! There a a number of places you can buy all the colognes I have listed. Macy's will have all of them, but they will charge you the most. You can find some of these at Sears, but they will only have small bottles, and not the best prices. Ulta, the beauty supply store, located next to Five Below and Lowes, in Wilkes Barre, will have some of these colognes, and at a decent price. Of course there is Wal Mart, but its the same deal as Sears. the Bon Ton, will have almost all of the colognes, if not all of them, and will be cheaper than Macys, but still pricey. Your best bet, and it is where I buy all of my cologne from is the Cologne/Perfume Kiosk right after the food court.

At first glance, you may think that all of his colognes are fakes, because he is not a retail store, but I can assure you all of his stuff is legit, and new. He also sells it cheaper than ANY of the stores around. He almost always has a sample of every cologne he has for sale, and even better, he will tell you how much to spray and where to spray it! If I'm shopping for a new cologne, I go to him. I ask him how many sprays and where should I spray it, and he will demonstrate how much and where to spray. He is from another country so his English is not the best, but he knows his cologne! Trust me, this guy is a pro!

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Viper Bite is coming 2012!

As you may or may not know, I have a band Viper Bite. We are like a Poison/Motley Crue type band, and Eric Petersen refuses to acknowledge us as a real band, because we have no songs written, only title tracks, and we only have a singer (myself) and a bassist.

Well jokes on him! We have the first ever Viper Bite T shirt in the mail! When it gets here, I will post pictures of the logo and the shirt! Viper Bite is coming to get ya!

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Adding to the collection!

As many of you know, I collect soda cans. Not new soda cans, that would just be plain weird. Instead, I collect older soda cans, collectible cans, things of that nature. But what you may have not know about me, is that I also collect glasses. Not reading glasses, but drinking glasses. Again, mostly soda glasses, but I do have my fair share or beer glasses as well. For some reason, I love to be trapped in the past. Any thing that take me to my childhood, or before I love. Even stranger, I LOVE old soda memorabilia, but not like most collectors, who only purchase the Coke and Pepsi stuff you see on Pawn Stars. I like collecting from late 70's and up.

Finding old soda and beer drinking glasses can be tricky. I usually sleep in too late on the weekend to hit up yard sales, but there are always great alternatives to finding glassware. I tend to stay away from antique stores, because they tend to hike up their prices because they either, A. See an old logo on it, and assume it is worth more, or B. Know what the true value of the antique is and mark it up to its actual worth. So antique stores are out. So where do I go when I go on the hunt for my collection? I have a few places I go to. Salvation Army's I have had a great amount of success in finding old soda and beer glasses, same with weekend flea markets. But one of my favorite places to go when searching for old soda glasses is Merchants Village in Pittston.

The reason I love Merchants Village so much is because they aren't like usual flea markets in the area. They are open 7 days a week, and have great hours. Even better, if the seller isn't there, the store is still open! All thanks to this awesome bar code set up they have there, where you take the items you want to the register like any other store and check out there. Now back to soda glass collecting. Over the past few years,I have found myself spending a ton of money on glasses, especially when you start finding a lot in one place and you just want to buy them all. So a good strategy I have came up with is, before going into the store, have a set amount of what you are going to spend, on top of that, I have made a rule not to spend over 3 dollars on a glass. This helps my wallet out a ton.

So this morning I head over to Merchants Village with a budget of $22. So I walk in the old Pittston Wal Mart, and the first thing I see is this beauty!

In case your wondering what this magnificent thing is, allow me to explain. You pour your beer in the well, and then pour into your glass when you are out. What makes this so amazing is, it claims to be able to keep your beer cold AND there is a light in the well that illuminates your beer! It runs off of 4 D batteries, and is priced at $35! Seeing how my budget was at $22 , I had to put it down and keep moving forward.

So here is my second stop.

I spent a lot of time in this stand. Really looking at everything. Who ever stand this was, they obviously had a bar at their house or owned a bar at one time, because he had a lot of cool beer and soda signs. The first thing that caught my eye was this:

I saw this and my jaw dropped! Bud Dry! Are ya kidding me? A failed Bud beer of the 90's advertisement sat right in front of me, illuminating magnificently! However, it was priced at $45, over my budget and I continued to look in the stand. Then I found this!

A classic Pepsi clock! I'm in need of a new clock, and this would actually do well in my kitchen. Priced at $22, this is right on target, it is coming home with me! But then I discover tragic news. It is not battery operated, no, instead it needs to be plugged into the wall, and in my kitchen, I I plug anything in the socket where the clock would go, I blow the fuse. So I put it back on the shelf and cry a little inside.

While inside this same booth, I came across this nice little glass collection.

A collection of Chrysler glasses. I'm still kicking myself for not buying at least ONE of these glasses. They were nice, in good shape, I drive a Chrysler, but at $3 each, I passed. I'm still not sure why I turned it down, and to be honest, next time I go back, if they are there, I'm going to buy it. Side note, I have that sweet upside down 7up glass already in my collection, its actually one of my favorite glasses I own!

So I leave booth one disappointed that I found no treasures, but then I stumble across this booth!

As a glass collector, this is what I'm looking for! Someone who obviously, either collected glasses, or had a family member who worked for both Pepsi or Coke, maybe even a bar, and saved the glasses. All the glasses were reasonably priced, anywhere from $1 to $6. Again, I won't pay over $3 for a glass, unless its something really cool. And if your wondering, yes, I did buy a few glasses from this booth, but I'm saving my purchases till the end.

If you are looking to start collecting something, a big tip I can give you, is that when you go to places like this, really search the shelves, inside and out. Look behind and under thing because you never know, if someone picked something up and put it some where else. For example:

When I'm on the hunt for soda cans, a great place to look is in old beer can collections. Apparently I'm not the only person who collects cans, and a lot of people collect beer cans. I have found some "gems" mixed in beer can collections, that someone missed. Unfortunately today, there was no good cans, but I did get to see some awesome old beer cans.

This was my last stop for the day:

This guy had a lot of stuff jammed into a little area, and I almost missed an awesome glass set, but because I got down and checked a bottom shelf, and moved some things out of the way, I was able to find an awesome glass set.

Now onto my purchases for the day with prices!

Its hard to see but its a Moose Head Light Beer glass. Priced at $2.50 I almost walked away, but then I realized it lights up when you pick it up! How could I say no?

Next is a classic coke glass. Usually I don't buy coke glasses, mainly because they have kept their logo the same, and to be honest I really don't care for it, but the other side I like for some reason so I bought it for $1.

Next up was this sweet Camel Mug:

I wasn't going to pick this one up till I saw the other side:

When A glass has an exact date on it like this, I find the glass now has more meaning, almost like its own back story. It was $2 so I figured why not.

I love the Pepsi font on this glass! It is the same font and logo from my childhood. I wasn't crazy about Santa on it, but for 41 I figured it would be ok in the collection.

Some of you may remember the old 90's Pepsi commercial with Ray Charles singing about diet Pepsi, well thats the deal with this glass! It has the main chorus printed right on it, even better it was a buck! Even Better it had this in it!

This next set of glasses were too good to pass up. I'm a sucker for local history, and these glasses blew my mind!

There are six of them, all front pages of various Scranton newspapers, with headlines from major events in our past. The whole set was $7, which was fair because I got all of them. I was pretty happy with this grab.

Now this glass I broke my rule of not going over $4. In fact this glass was the reason I didn't get the Chrysler glass. I'm still debating this one:

I have NEVER seen a TAB glass, ever! It is a diet soda, and the way the glass is made, its to resemble a waist losing weight. Again, $4 is a bit high, but I think it was worth it.

I'm a HUGE sucker for Spuds Mckenzie! I feel in love with the Bud Light dog when I was about 5 and never looked back. Coming across his merchandise is some what difficult, but when I do, I jump at the chance.

It was $2 and it is now my second Spuds glass, but my first beer mug! I was very happy about this purchase. With that being said that is what I got today from Merchants Village for $22. But that's not all! This weekend, my girlfriend and I went there to walk around and waste some time. While we were there I bought three awesome glasses as well!

I always like a 7up glass, because they always seem to be old looking, and this one was in mint condition and only $1!

Here is a brand of soda that is always hard to find a glass for, Mountain Dew. I really like this one, because it is before Mountain Dew decided to be all "edgy". Not only that but there is basketballs all over it, and the best part...the soda stops at the brim of the net! I paid $2 for this one.

And finally, my favorite soda glass in the entire collection yet.

It doesn't get any better than this! There are a few things to look at with this glass. First, the old school logo wrapping around the glass. It screams late 80's early 90's. Next, its diet Pepsi, so why not put it in a slimming glass? Also notice the one calorie at the top! And if your wondering, yes, it does fit an entire glass of Pepsi in it! I paid $2 for this one as well.

And before we left, this incredible figure caught my eye!

I couldn't believe it! This figure goes any where from $100 -$200 on ebay. It was in mint condition, and still in the box for $12! My girlfriend bought it for me as a gift, and I ripped the box open, and it sits on my desk proudly displayed!
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Am I seeing ghost?

So for the past two weeks I was waking up every morning at 3:33 am or close to that time. The first two times I thought, "That's weird, but then when it kept happening, I started to get a little freaked out. Then to make matters worse, one morning, I woke up to a strange sound, when I opened my eyes, I saw a quick flash of light in the dark, and it was gone. The light was right behind the clock, and when I looked down at the clock, the time read, 3:33.

Trying to figure out this weird occurrence, I brushed it off as nothing. Tired of waking up every morning at 3:33, I figured some good ole melatonin (sleeping aid) would keep me nice and asleep for the rest of the night. So I take the pills, boom, out could. Then out of no where, I open my eyes, the room still pitch black, and I think, "No way." Roll over look at the clock 3:33!

I now think, ok this is getting a bit strange, is something bad going to happen to me? Then last Thursday night, I go to sleep, and to my surprise, I didn't wake up at all till 9:30 am! "Excellent," I thought, this weird thing has passed, about time.

So I'm working Friday night here at the Froggy studio, and I'm getting ready to head out, when I glance at the security monitor. All four screens look normal, but then I notice something strange. The screen itself is broken into four different sections. The top left screen is a part of the parking lot, the top right is the hallway to the workers entrance, the bottom left is the main lobby, and the bottom right is another angle of the parking lot.

I always park in the same spot, and it is in clear view of camera four. Now, this is where it got weird. I look up the monitor and notice something moving on camera 4 and even worse around my car! I moved closer to the camera to investigate what the movement was all about. Upon closer review, it was a small round light moving in no preset pattern.

Now anyone that looks into paranormal activity, will know the technical term, "orb". According to, the definition of an orb is, "Synonymous with sphere, when used in association with the paranormal, an orb is an anomalous globe-shaped spot, either white or colored, that shows up in photographs taken at allegedly haunted locations." Here is an example of a so called "orb":

So, here I am, staring at this thing, that I can only explain as an orb, floating around my car. The way it moved, you could tell it wasn't a bug, or smudge. Knowing no one would believe me when I told them the story, I quickly pulled out my phone, and started to film video of it. I shot for 31 seconds, then ran outside to see if there was anything going on, bug wise.

When I got outside, nothing. No smudge, no rain, no bugs, not even reflections. I shrugged it off, and left for the night. As I drove home it dawned on me. I didn't wake up at 3:33 am this morning! Then I got this weird thought, what if something was waking me up, and today it followed me out the door? I know, it sound ridiculous, but it was pretty strange.

Since then, nothing weird has happened, and I actually forgot about it till yesterday. So now you get to be the judge. I have posted the video of the "orb"! Again it is the bottom right corner of the screen. What do you think?!

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Fun with the copier...

So Robbie and I decided to have some fun with the copier. Now here at Entercom, we are a "green" company, meaning, we try to use as little paper as possible. We think we may get in trouble for this one, what do you think?

"You have so many looks"

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Reverse Scavenger Hunt!

These are the items you need to bring in asap in order to win the HUGE Jason Aldean Prize pack! The pack includes: An Autographed Ipod COMPLETE with Jason Aldean's Discography! Meet and greet passes AND a pair of Front row passes! This is how it works you bring these six items to us FIRST and you win! What happens if you bring them in, but your second? Well, your not going home empty handed. Because the next six people that walk in with items, all get tickets to the show tomorrow!

So what are the items you need to bring? Well here they are!

2 soda cans
1 item that involves Yogi Bear
2 Action Figures
Something with turtles
An Eagles or Dolphins Football
Anything John Deer

You bring them to the station and you win! But hurry because everyone's going to be playing!
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Turns out we are terrible parents!

Robbie and I that is. See when Robbie and I got two turtles, John C Riley and Will Ferrel (the turtles names) we figured, how hard could this be? We have a tank, a filter, all we need is some rocks, boom done! Well two weeks pass, and we think everything is going well. Then last Friday hits, we come into the office and we noticed the filter was no longer ejecting water from it and the tank smells TERRIBLE!

So I pull out the filter, only to notice it is FILLED with algae and gunk! I look at Robbie and say, "Well this is garbage." So we throw out the filter, and say we will deal with this Monday. So today, Monday, rolls around and Robbie comes into the office, with this giant rock thing. I looked at him with some confusion and ask, "What is that thing?" He tells me it is a new filter, and not only that, but we have been doing EVERYTHING wrong!

See you are only suppose to have around 4 inches of water in the tank. We had, oh around, 9! So our poor turtles who we thought enjoyed swimming all day, were actually in too much water. So today, Robbie and I had to revamp the turtle tank. This included a complete wash down of the tank, the rocks, and removal of water. After that, we had to install the rock filter, and only add in 4 inches of water. Now the turtles have a nice land area (which they still do not play on) and a water area. I must say though, the water is MUCH clearer and the turtles seem a lot happier.

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Luzerne Vice!

Here is a movie trailer that I made back in 2005 when I was in college. As a final, I was instructed to, produce, edit, and film something of interest. Now for the first time, all of you can see Luzerne Vice! This is back when I weighed around 165 lbs, but I assure you that is me! While filming the trailer, Campus security had myself, along with my side kick, George Longazell, removed from campus for the day. Overall, I would say the short film was a successes. And in case your wondering, I recieved an A for the project and an A for the class.

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12 Items or less needs to be informed!

So I was in Wal Mart last night, buying a new litter box, spray the gets rid of cat urine smell, and some sort of charcoal sheets that stops stop the smell of cat urine. Can you tell I'm sick of smelling cat urine? So I have three items, and I'm ready to leave, since I have been there for a half hour...yes it took me that long to buy three things, I wanted to make sure I bought the best of the best.

So here I am, with my three things, and it's JAMMED at every register. So I decide I'll go to the 12 items or less lane and get out of here in no time. Oh course the 12 items or less line is at the other side of the store, but I figure its worth it. By the time I make it there, I realize the line is backed up, and it's all because of the old women, who brought the cart full of groceries.

Now I have never worked at the grocery store, but do the cashiers ever enforce the rule. Are they aloud to say, "Yo, old women, get out of this line, and go wait like everyone else!" Then, after everything has finally been scanned, she has to count out all the pennies, and hold us up even later.

I would have liked to body slam that old women.
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So my new smart phone is not being put to good use...some would say.

I finally got a new smart phone, The Droid 2, and I haven't been really using it the way it should be used. Most people buy a smart phone for work purposes. Emails, setting up meetings, conference calls, saving dates, and other important details. Believe me, when I bought this phone, I had all of the thing listed in mind. I was going to be in super work mode. But then it happened....

I discovered I could put a Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Sega, and a Playstation all on my phone! So after some research, and fiddling around with the phone, BAM! I got them all to work! However, trying to play on the small keypad is no easy task. So after some searching around the internet, I discovered this!

What this little contraption does is, it turns your phone from this....

Into this!

I ordered this little beauty Wednesday night, and it is still not here, but when it arrives, you better believe that I will never use my phone for anything work related....EVER. Money well spent? I'd say so!
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Well today went terrible...ROBBIE!

So I go into work today, with high hopes of starting the day off right. I figured, I would go into the station, cut a couple of commercials, get some things ready for my show tonight, then Robbie and I would go get lunch. So I go into production room 4, to find that NOTHING works! Meanwhile Fender is in the other production room, so now I find myself falling behind schedule. Irritated as all hell, I eventually get a production room, and realize, I have none of my bullet points!

So I go into my office, logo onto my computer, only to have this old son of a bitch, to tell me to shut it down and update my programs! So that takes a half hour. Then to top it off, I look to my right, and there is Robbie, with a giant sub jammed in his mouth! So nothing went right this afternoon, but I do have some good news!

I have started working on the new shirts for the summer tour, and believe me, you are def. going to want to get your hands on these upcoming shirts! Trust me, these are going to be the best looking shirts Froggy has ever had! Know why, because I took into account, that people want to wear there Froggy shirts more than once, so they better be good looking! Don worry, we will be releasing pictures of them soon!

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Word Scramble!

Congrats to Kate she unscrambled all the words and won! She is going to see Sugarland this weekend! Don't fear though, I will have the LAST pair of tickets tomorrow night at Brews Brothers. If you are over the age of 21, show up before 11, sign up for the dance competition. Be the last person dancing, you win the tickets!
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90% chance of a new family member for myself and T!

Today my girlfriend and I are expecting a new member to our family. No not a child, but close. We are expecting to receive a baby kitten today, from a froggy listener! He is an orange kitten, I have not seen him, but told he is very playful and I'm sure he is going to be all sorts of cute. We have picked a name out as well. We have picked the name Speaker. I figured it was appropriate for him, since, it is a part of our professions.

Expect to see pictures of the little guy when I get him! Until then, here is a picture of the new play thing I bought him the today!

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ANOTHER addition to my desk!

So as many of you know, Robbie and I office is quite the place. In fact, people stop in all the time just to look at the walls, posters, pictures, play basketball, ect. Yes, play basketball, we have a total of three hoops in the office, but the two main hoops are where it's at.

Well a while ago, while I was at the mall, there was a bunch of card vendors out and about. To my fascination, one of the card dealers had a box of WWF Classic cards. The SAME cards I had when I was a kid growing up. I was stunned, and you could buy the entire box for $10! Naturally I purchased the box, and took them home.

Upon opening the box, I discovered that my box, had the ENTIRE 145 cards collection. Well, I assumed, since I had a bunch of doubles. So yesterday, instead of working, I decided to go through a massive amount of cards, and see if I did in fact have all 145 cards. And hot damn, I did!

So here I sat at work today, looking at this stack of 145 cards on my desk, and got to thinking, "What could I possibly do with all these cards?" I know T (My girlfriend, whom I live with) would not want them in the house, proudly displayed on the wall, so I had to come up with a great solution. That's when it hit me. The guy on the other side of my divider for my desk, Johnny, he has one of those glass tops for your desk, and he is NEVER at his desk. So I "borrowed" or in some peoples minds "took" it, with the help of Robbie and started my awesome plan.

With some careful planning and creative skills, Robbie and myself, laid out all 145 wrestling cards on my desk, then took the glass and laid it on top of the cards. Now my desk is AWESOME! Pretty sure when the rest of the building finds out about this, they will be aw-struck and jealous. And what kind of person would I be, if I didn't share this with the rest of you?

Pretty Sweet or if your a wrestling fan....

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A WHOLE BUNCH OF NEW STUFF FOR YA! Yes we are yelling!

So today Robbie and myself, sat for a good hour discussing how we can make the show 1000 times better, funner, and cooler! Ok that sounded a bit lame, but its true! See in our office we have a giant white board, and for the longest time we have wondered what to do with it. Well yesterday, it hit, we would use it for ideas. Like two men on a mission from god....

We started our quest to use the board the right way! We started to shoot ideas out of our mouths like the river of slime...

It was amazing how many ideas we came up with. One after another, funny ones, sad ones, exciting ones, even ones that would make your summer complete! I know as you read this, you are dying to know what they are....

Well lucky for you, I took a picture of the board for all of you to get a sneak preview as to all the exciting things coming to the show. So without further delay, the big reveal of the Awesome Idea Board!

Of course I have to blur it out! I'm a jerk I know!

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Maybe a show you can watch?

So I have been pitching the idea around, that we (Robbie and myself) set up camera in our office and the station. From here, we connect these cameras to a website. This way you can see what goes on on and off the air. It will almost be like you are part of the show! Not only that, but we want to set up a camera on the Basket Ball Hoop in the office and call it the JAM CAM!

Now you can see what goes on when the mic's are off, PLUS, sweet Jams by yours truly! Now, we just need to get the ok, some finances for web cameras, computers that are fast enough to run this great idea, and it is a go. Be on the lookout for this awesome idea in the future. Also make sure to let us know what you think, positive feedback is better, so we can get this thing moving a little quicker.

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So it turns out, Cookie Monsters Name is Sid...I only know one Sid and it's

When you say the name Sid, I think of one man. He is no puppet, and could DESTROY cookie monster, or as he is now known as Sid. See when I was a child, and as many of you know, I was a HUGE wrestling fan. WWF was on every Saturday, as I watched in anticipation, to what next superstar would step out from behind the curtain. Not only that, but who would be foolish enough to challenge the greatest of all time, and my hero, Hulk Hogan!

Then one Saturday morning, as I sat on the floor 10 inches away from the TV, this monster comes walking out from the back. His music was intense, in your face, he is massive, and never before have I seen someone with curly hair seem so terrifying. His name was Sid Justice, and I knew he was dangerous. He came out as a good guy, but I knew better. As a true Hulkamaniac, I could see evil in certain wrestlers eyes, and I knew Sid was bad news.

Sure enough, he turned to the dark side. He took a MAJOR heel turn, and went after the one person who I love more in the world...Hulk Hogan. Every week, I was subjected to watching Sid destroying wrestlers, via the power bomb, followed by his victims being taken out on a stretcher.

I became worried, and filled myself with doubt. Could Hogan beat this guy? I had seen Hogan take on all types of challengers, some of the best, but I never saw anyone like this! He was taller than Hogan, just as ripped as Hogan, and more terrifying than any opponent I had seen (next to the Undertaker of course. He use to make me cry.) I secretly thought to myself, "Maybe he won't have to wrestle Sid. Yea, maybe Sid will get scared and back away." But one day it happened. The PPV poster that rattled my world:

They would meet at Wrestlemania 8... I was nervous, scared, but I never stopped believing, and sure enough, Hulk Hogan came out on top, winning the match, and renaming the greatest of all time in my mind. But now, back on to my original topic. So now Cookie Monster is going by the name Sid? Sorry Cookie Monster, but you are hardly a monster compared to the Ruler of the World, Sid Justice. I mean you have seen Sid, now look at this...

Yea...that's what I thought. Sid "The Ruler of the World" Justice is definitely more intimidating than Sid "The Cookie" Monster. If these two met in an alley way, Sid Justice would power bomb Cookie Monster to his death! Oh, and here is my source, in case your wondering how I found out what Cookie Monster's real name is.

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Another reason I'm glad to have my own car.

If I had to witness this, I probably would have threw up all over the damn train. I guess my car payment isn't so terrible after all. The worst part about this video though....he isn't wearing any socks, just imagine what that shoe must taste like!

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Wasting Time? I know I do! UPDATE!

So are you suppose to be doing one thing, but blatantly doing something else? Perhaps house work, yard work, or even wrose...actual work? Well that is my case this week. See, when I moved to afternoons and night, I had to pack up all my things, and move to a new office. My new office, is down the hall, and to the left of my old one. I now share an office with, Robbie, Bosco, and Johnny Lucas. You probably don't know two of the three I mentioned, but that is besides the point.

The office we share, is quite large, and is nicely separated by a divider. The only problem was, when I was move into the office, I was put deep into the back corner. I was put so far in the corner, that if you walk past the office door, you can't even see me, and to be honest, if you didn't know this was my office, you would never know I was here. In fact, sometimes people decided to hold "private" meetings in here, and never realize I'm here!

So after a few weeks of being all jammed up in this corner, I decided to take action! It all started last weekend, when I went to the mall, during a card show. I have no interest in sports cards, but while I was there I stumbled upon a box of WWF wrestling cards. Written on the box was, "$10 a box." I figured. what the hell, why not splurge? So I bought the box, and ended up getting the entire set, plus about 10 doubles of each! So that got me thinking, "What am I going to do with these cards?" That's when the brilliant idea popped in my head!

I figured I would take them to my office, and hang them around my lone, Iron Maiden poster, that hung in my office. After completion, I realized how awesome it looked. People throughout the office caught wind of my side project, and came in to admire my work. All this admiration made me realize on thing... I need to go to my parents house and grab a lot of my crap from my old bedroom, and bring it to the office.

So for the past three days, instead of working, I have been focusing all or most of my attention to decorating my office. So for you entertainment, here are some pictures of my new office:

[gallery link="file"]


In case no one knows or missed the memo, every Friday, I send the boss (I mean the big guy, you know the one, everyone in the office is scared to death to talk to) an email with a picture attached of something ridiculous. Well, last night, after I got off air, I made him a football card. Except, this is no ordinary football card, see I searched the internet in hopes of finding a picture of the boss, and low and behold I found one! So what did I do? Well I photo shopped his face onto the card!

More wasting time? You Bet cha! I will probably be fired tomorrow...

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Hollywood...Brings back memories! So does being Tan!

Believe it or not, back in the day, I use to be in GREAT shape. I was cut, lean and mean. I had a solid six pack, I was defined with muscles, and was a complete work alcoholic, not to mention, tan. Today is a very different story. I no longer have that once beautiful thing called a six pack, large defined arms, and worst part about it, I'm ghostly white!

Well today I turned a new page! As if a sign from god, or whatever you believe in, the name on the marquee said it all: "Hollywood Tans." Yes, today I went tanning for the first time ever! Before we go into this escapade on how Hollywood Tans is a sign, let me tell you about the experience I had today.

For the record, I have never gone to a tanning salon, EVER. I have step foot into the lobby, three times, and that was it. I never knew what it looked like past the front desk, in fact, the only hint I ever had, was from the hit movie, The Wrestler, with Mickey Rouke. Well today that all changed, when I went a paid my friends at Hollywood Tans on Kidder Street Wilkes Barre, a visit. I was greeted by the friendly manager, Joe, and after some basic guidelines on how things worked, he lead me to the place I always wonder about for years, past the counter!

At Hollywood Tans, they have all stand up booths, and I have to tell you I was very impressed. Each both has its own little dressing room, with seat, so when you are undressing or re dressing you not crashing around the room like a klutz. So Joe walks me to my booth, and shows me how everything works. How to turn on the lights, the fan, turn up the built in radio, ect. He then informs me that I will be in the chamber for 4 minutes. His reason for four minutes, he didn't want me to look like a lobster, and not be able to move today. So for that, I'm very gracious.

So I go into the booth, the door shuts and it's go time! Maybe I'm just a wuss, but do the stand up beds seem a bit intimidating? I mean, once those doors shut, you can no longer see the entrance/exit to the booth, and you are in a very tight space. I started to think to myself, "Man, I would do horrible in the hole at prision!" I found myself wanting to talk to someone, anyone, even myself, but I realized, that there was a chance that people could hear me talking to myself in the booth, and think someone crazy was in there!

They do have built in speakers, with music playing, but I forgot to turn mine up loud enough to listen, so I just stood there, listening to the fan and lights hum. Before I knew it, the booth went black and I was done. I walked out, got dressed, and went out to the lobby. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a tan handsome man...yet! I'm still white as a ghost, but Joe informed me, I will be much darker in a week. I will continue to go for the rest of the week, and maybe lay out over the weekend, just so I can get some color fast! I think we are going to up the time tomorrow, maybe 7 minutes.

The crazy thing though, when I went to work today, and was discussing my story with the staff, they all looked at me funny, when I told them, I was wearing underwear during the process. I couldn't figure out why they were all looking at me funny. Turns out, I'm suppose to go nude, and just cover up with a sock! I don't know about this, either they are playing a joke on me, or this is proper tanning etiquette, maybe I will give it a shot tomorrow!

So how is this a sign? Well back in high school, my nickname was Hollywood. Mostly because of my desire to be famous one day, and funny enough, it was given to me by one of my buddies grand moms. So seeing the name Hollywood Tans, was a wake up call, get back in shape, just one more time. Now I'm pretending my life is a Rocky movie, and this is the montage!

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My headphones have FINALLY came in! I ordered them last we, Tuesday to be exact, and they cam in today! Now some of you may be saying, "What's the big deal Crockett? That's a week, that's normal delivery time." Usually I would agree, but seeing how Robbie ordered his a day before me, and got his LAST week, and mine just came in today, really made me mad!

But it's cool ,these headphones are boss! Neon green wires, black in color, with purple padding. Real wild colors, totally 80's and totally me! The cord is wicked because is is coiled, almost like a telephone wire. Pretty excited to use them today on air and hear how they sound!

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A great surprise!

Today I went to the Mobil with Jessie Roberts for a usually weekly snack break. Yes, we get snack time here at Froggy 101, and yes, we use the buddy system so no one gets lost, or wanders off along the way. Any who, upon arriving to the gas station, I take a look in the soda selection, something I rarely do, mostly because I just grab an energy drink for my night show, and they are kept in a different cooler.

However, call it fate, destiny, or just dumb luck, I took the chance, and looked into the soda cooler and found a great discovery! For whatever reason, Mt. Dew brought back to classic flavors! Super Nova, the Strawberry fused Mt. Dew, and the one I'm REALLY excited about.... Pitch Black! Yes, you read it right, Pitch Black! I have not had Pitch Black since my senior year of high school back in 2004!

So of you are very mad by now, thinking, did I seriously just waste my time with this blog, and those few of you that know what I'm talking about are speeding to Mobil right now to get some. Tonight is going to be a night of Mt. Dew and Mortal Kombat 9!

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Just one shot, give me just one shot!

If you had the opportunity to punch ONE celebrity right in the face, who would it be and why? I have two actually that I would love to just SMASH right in the teeth, and when I say teeth, I mean teeth! I HATE, I mean HATE, Brendan Fraser. I hate all of the movies he is in, I hate his face, and I think he is a crappy actor! I mean just look how lame he is...

Come on, how could any one like this guy? I have seen the Mummy, and know what? I did not care for it, and I especially did not care for him! But ya know what? There is someone else I would rather punch in the face more! Oh yes, an actor who I can't stand! When I thought of the question, what celebrity would you like to punch in the face, I didn't even hesitate to answer. I would LOVE to punch Hugh Grant right in his giant, British teeth!

A smug looking individual. With his gross curly hair, and his insanely large smile. The guy got arrested for picking up a prostitute for crying out loud! If I was making millions of dollars, and woman (for some unknown reason) were finding me stunning, the last thing I would be trying to do is picking up a prostitute!

Just one punch, that's all I need on these two guys. Well maybe a few, just to get it all out. Who would you LOVE to punch that's famous?

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I just want to play my ps3...

So for close to two weeks now, all I have been wanting to do, is play my PS3. Instead, I have had the tasks of redoing the living room, djing, cleaning the entire the house, and taking a good friend out while he was here on a vacation. Then last night, I thought I would have all the time in the world to play PS3, nope, it was movie night with me and T.

How about tonight? Well that doesn't work either. This is all because I have to wake up at 3:50 to run the Wake Up Call, since Eric and Selena will both be out sick. Boy oh boy, I just recently bought 5 new games, two of them involves a motion capture camera, which means, you are in the game! I have got to play this thing TWICE! I'm talking around a $250 investment, that I have got to play twice!

Maybe I will just say screw it and play all night and get no sleep! But realistically, I will go home, eat and then go to bed.

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Sing for Brad!

Tonight, I have NO idea how the idea popped into my head, or how the song did either, but that doesn't matter! If you want to win tonight, you have to sing these lyrics:

Do you believe in rock ’n roll,
Can music save your mortal soul,
And can you teach me how to dance real slow?

Well, I know that you’re in love with him
`cause I saw you dancin’ in the gym.
You both kicked off your shoes.
Man, I dig those rhythm and blues.

There are TWO catches to this contest! One, you have to out sing me! That's right I will be singing the song first, then you call, if you think you can out sing me! We will then have listeners text who they thought won the contest! Stipulation two. You have no music to sing to! All you and only you! Think you have what it takes? Be caller 12 at 7:20! 1-800-570-1013

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Soooo I though 500 would be a challenge...NOPE!

So I figured when I set the bar at 500 text messages last night, that would be too much to ask for. Well was I wrong! in less than ten minutes I had over 1,000 texts! So that had me thinking, what if I up the number a bit? How about, lets say, 5,000? Yea, that's right, 5,000!

If you are the 5,000 person to text the word crockett to the number 32961 you win yourself a pair of Brad Paisley tickets! What do you think, can we make it to 5,000? I'm a bit skeptical, but I think we can hit that number. So starting at 7:10, start texting crockett to the number 32961 and be the 5,000 person to send in the text and win!

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You want Brad Paisley Tickets? Get out your cell!

That's right, I have another pair of Brad Paisley tickets! And tonight, all you have to do is text! Yep, it's that simple! Of course there are rules, and we cant give EVERYONE tickets, so here is how it works tonight!

Starting at 7:00 pm, text the word, crockett to the number 32961

The 500th person who texts the word crockett to the number 32961 wins!

Even better... You can text an unlimited amount of times! Yes you read right, you can text crockett as many time as you want to the number 32961

So starting at 7pm, get your phones out and text the word, crockett to the number 32961

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Join and win!

Join the Crockett Fan page!

Click the like button at the top of the page. Thats it!

Here is how the contest works...

There is a kill time on this contest. The exact hour the contest ends is a mystery. However; I will give you this clue, it is between 6 and 8:30. When the contest hits the kill time, the contest is over. If by the kill time, we have 101 members, the 101st person to like wins, OR the person who liked last right before the kill time wins!

So go like the page before its too late! Oh and for any cheaters out there, I do know who is liking and will be disqualified from the contest!

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Anything like me?

Today is a very important day to read my blog, perhaps even memorize it Hint...Hint! These are facts about my life!

• Love pro wrestling and hulk Hogan
• Drink anywhere from two to four energy drinks a day
• I have three college degrees and a minor (Communications, Broadcasting, Journalism, and Theater Arts)
• I love 80’s metal
• My favorite musical is West Side Story
• I wish I could have long hair
• I grew up in West Virginia
• My favorite movie is Ghostbusters 2
• I have had less than 10 girlfriends
• My dream car is a Delorean
• I was born in New Jersey, and Yes, I do love the Jersey Shore
• The only other dream job I have is to be a pro wrestler
• I use to have a six pack
• I try to keep a positive outlook on everything
• I drive a PT Cruiser and I picked the car out!

Just Remember to be listening around 8:20 with this list memorized!

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Make it a Pizza Night!

Hungry? Trying to figure out what to eat? How about a pizza? Well, not just any pizza, let me suggest a GREAT pizza! Are you looking for a REAL Italian pizza? One where the dough is made fresh EVERY DAY? Where homemade sauce had been in the family for generations? Well if your mouth is watering now, then head on down to DeMuro's Pizza in Pittston right on Williams St.

I can personally speak for the DeMuro family, why? Well when I first moved here in 2004, they took me in under their wing, taught me how their family has been making pizza, pasta, hoagies, salads, and more, and really made me feel like I'm part of the DeMuro family. Just last night, I bought a medium pizza, extra cheese, extra sauce, and it was delicious! This isn't some pre made, pizza shell, with store bought cheese, they stretch the dough out, pour the handmade sauce, and then use the cheese that is cut and grinded daily!

Sounds great right? Well it is, and when you go to DeMuros, do me a favor and tell them Crockett said hi, I mean it's the least I can do for an adopted family right? Here is there menu and phone number, because I know your hungry now!

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Brews Brothers tonight!

Come down from 9:30 till close and hang out, drink, and request some songs, because yours truly will be hosting country night at Brews Brothers in Pittston! The Miller Lite Girls will be there along with awesome drink specials! Also listen live because around 7:25 I will be giving out a guest pass for five, so you and four friends can get some free food from 9:30 till 11:30!

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Not working on my Birthday....WHAT!

Do you still take off for your birthday? Are you a grown ass man or woman, who still takes off because it's, "your day"? All I have to say to that is, COME ON! I can see taking off for your 21st if it lands on a weekday or a Sunday, or if you are 12 and your parents let you take off for school, but after that no way.

This all started when my best friend Carm told me, "Yo, I have off Monday so I can stay out late on Sunday." I asked him, "What is it slow at the Home Depot or something?" He replies, "No, I told them I wanted off for my birthday, and told them if I didn't get off for my birthday, I wouldn't show up!" I didn't say anything to his face, because obviously his birthday is THAT important to him, but it got me thinkin, why would you take off for your birthday?

Am I alone on this one? Do you still take off for your birthday? For me, its just another day, no big deal, but to my buddy and I assume maybe others, it is considered a holiday of some sorts.

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Yea I hung out with Steve Holy....

So after the AMAZING Guitars and Stars show, I had probably one of the coolest nights, since being with Froggy 101. See when the show was over, the lights went up, and the crowd went home, all of us Froggy members went backstage where we were meeted by Heidi Newfield and Steve Holy.

As if this wasn't cool enough, Steve then asks us, "Where are we all going tonight?" Well, I thought I was going to go home and go to bed, but nope! Steve Had just changed all that around. Instead of going home for a lame and boring night, I went out and drank with Steve and Heidi and discussed life, growing up, success and other heart to heart topics. Steve even went on to tell me that he predicts, that one day I will be something great, and that quote "I have no questions, you'll make it."

Well, needless to say, Steve made my year, and can you believe I didn't take one picture of the night, or get anything signed? I guess it was mostly due in part, because he made me feel like a close friend than anything else. Definitely a cool night!

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Today is the Day!

I'm sitting here, and the time is 3:20. Today is the big day, the day I move to afternoon's, AND start my own show! Starting at 4 I join the new guy, Robbie Owens, and hang out with him till 7. From 7 till 10 I take over the night show! I have a feeling this is going to be a great time, and I will definitely learn a lot. I was really pumped this morning when I woke up, but as the morning progressed, it went from pure adrenaline to pure chaos.

I woke up, and for the first time in what seems like forever, the sun was shinning through my window on a Monday, and I was well rested! I climbed out of bed, and decided to watch the CMT's next big country star. As I'm watching it, T, asked if I could make pancakes. I figured, sure shouldn't be too much trouble. This is where everything starts to go downhill fast. First, my pancake grill cord is not long enough to reach the socket. So I go over to the TV, and pull out an extension cable that I figured was safe to unplug and use that.

Next step is the ingredients. Since I have no clue what goes into making pancakes, I have T read off the list of things to put in the bowl. Somewhere along the lines there was a disconnect and I put in way too much milk. Trying to save the pancakes, I decide to just add more ingredients to the mix. Then I discover my next problem, we aren't using milk, but coconut soy milk! This stuff isn't ,mixing the ingredients the correct way, so now I have a think batter. I figured, who knows, maybe it will taste delicious, and I will have created a new type of pancake....nope, tasted like crap. The burnt, on the outside, stayed raw on the inside, and now I'm looking at the clock, realizing I'm late for work!

So now I'm frustrated, take it out on poor little T, who just wanted breakfast, and fly out the house. This is how my morning started out, but when I got here, things started to get a little bit better, and I'm pretty sure that once this show gets on the road, I will be smooth sailing in no time! Well I have about a half hour till show time, so I'm going to get some last minute things finished, I will see you at 4!

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Join me at 4pm and then at 7pm Monday!

That's right, starting Monday, I will be starting my own show at 7pm, but before 7, I join the new guy at 4pm! The newest member of Froggy 101 starts on Monday at 2pm, where I will then join him at 4pm! So all of you Froggy listeners who never had the chance to listen to myself on the Wake Up Call because you were still sleeping, well here is your chance, because you can catch me twice!

Monday is going to be an exciting day! I can't wait to join the afternoon Froggy Family, and you can meet the Newest member at Guitars and Stars 3, because him and I will be broadcasting live from the Cultural Center on Tuesday!

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The New Guy!

I will be in contact with the new guy from today till Monday when he is here on Monday! Listen to Froggy 101 throughout the day, and hear the new guy tell a little bit about himself, his life, and his background! Trust me, you won't want to miss this!

He starts Monday at 2pm, and then at 4 I join him till 7, and then I take the wheel from there as I go live from 7 till 10 pm! Should be a lot of fun and I can't wait to join the afternoon family of Froggy101!

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I'm moving!

That's right, I'm afternoon and nights! We HAVE hired a new afternoon host and I will be joining his/her show at 4 pm and then taking on my own show from 7pm till 10 pm! Big things are coming to Froggy and I'm so pumped to be part of it! Iplan on contacting the new host today and asking some questions about their life! So be on the lookout to hear from him and all the new things coming to Froggy 101!

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Case of the Mondays!

So today I just feel terrible. Not in the sense that I did something bad, and I'm slightly depressed about it, no, I just feel like crap. I can't seem to wake up. My eyes are heavy, my stomach is feeling queasy, and my legs feel weak. It all started around 7 last night. I figured it was due to a lack of sleep, because I had a chaotic last week. Friday I worked a full 24 hours, Saturday, I drank wayyy too much, and Sunday I had to do my taxes, plus you add in the hours this job requires, and you have a cocktail for zero energy.

I have to say I'm looking forward to going home and taking a nap, but first, I have to drive down to Wilkes Barre, buy a gift certificate to Katana, then back to Wyoming to pay my car payment, then to my parents house to drop things off, by the way it is looking I will not be getting home till 2:30-3! Just thinking about all of that makes me want to vomit. Great, should make for a good Monday, however; if I can get home and get a nice nap in, tomorrow will be much better. 3 o'clock where are you!?!

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Going to spend some money!

So today was payday...know what that means? Time to blow it all in one day! This seems to be the trend, I get paid, pay all my bills, then I look at my left over money, and say to myself, 'Awesome, I can go buy new crap!" I go out, spend all of my money, then the next week, I look into my wallet and simply say, "Crap."

Every single time, never fails, I waste all of my money on stuff I don't need. Then I act like it is someone else s fault that I have no money. Here I am, mid week, no money, starving to death, no gas, wondering if I have enough gas to get to my parents house for some free food, living off of chips, then pay day comes and what do I do? Nope don't buy food, barley fill my gas tank, and go buy junk!

You think I would learn my lesson....nope.

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To Big Mac or not?

Sometimes I just want a Big Mac. The problem is, whenever I eat one, I immediately hate myself, feel guilty and fat! Now I know I sound like a woman talking like this, but damn it, I have been losing weight, and feeling good, and I know this Big Mac will just end badly.

But they are just sooooo good. I feel like the Big Mac is better for me than say, The Whopper, or that giant thing Wendys sells, but it still isn't great for me. The other problem with the Big Mac is, it never seems to fill me up! I think I could eat three of them before I'm satisfied. In fact, maybe this won't be a problem, because tomorrow is payday, so I might not have enough to go to McDonalds (yes my money is that tight), let me check this financial situation out... Damn I have enough.

I even have enough for the large size, and with commercials like these I'm not finding it any easier.

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Farwell to the 8th street Bridge!

Today is a sad the eighth street bridge officially closes. While I'm excited for the new bridge, there is a part of me that feels a connection to the old bridge. This bridge has stood the test of time, flood after flood, storm after storm, winter after winter! The bridge in fact, use to be a steel grate bridge, before it was concrete.

I realize that the bridge scored a zero on safety, and is probably the narrowest bridge ever, but I still love it. The new bridge will cut down the amount of traffic on river street, and make commute much quicker, but sometimes all that traffic is a good thing, for me at least. You don't know how many cds I got to fall in love with while sitting in traffic on River street.

Usually I have a new cd and it is mostly used for background music, but when I'm stuck in the traffic, I turn up the music, and really take in the cd, listen to the lyrics, and start to appreciate the actual cd. The Eighth Street bridge is a monument more than a bridge. It is under appreciated, this bridge is like the secret entrance to West Pittston, Exeter, and Wyoming.

I guess the exciting thing about the new bridge is, when I'm long gone, and kids of a much later generation are complaining about how terrible the new 8th Street bridge is, when they look back a pictures and news clippings on the bridges grand opening, at least I was part of all the excitement of its new beginning, and the demolition of the old.

Thank you 8th Street Bridge!
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Congrats to the Cast of All Shook Up!

This weekend, I had the opportunity to head down to Eldred NY, to watch the performance of All Shook Up, preformed by The Eldred High School theater students. This was exciting for a couple of reasons. One, T's younger sister, Karlie, was in the show, singing and dancing, and I must say, she did an awesome job! She bellowed out high notes, and flashy dance moves, that had me wrapped up the entire show.

The other reason I attended the show, was due to the fact that Tara choreographed the entire show! All of the dance number (and there were a lot of them) were all planned out by her. She spent a lot of time in our kitchen, dancing in front of a mirror, writing things down, then driving 2 hours to NY to show these kids. And I'm proud to say that all the hard work paid off!

These kids made this show look spectacular! Usually when you attend a high school show, the students tend to forget lines, and forget about a musical with good dance numbers, but these students made it look easy! I found myself laughing, clapping along with the music, and impressed with the stage design!

I been thinking it over, and I think I found myself a keeper. Not only are me and T very happy together, and that T, is an amazing actor/singer, but now I find out her sister is also a talented actor! Tara's family produces talented girls, and with my talented family background, this can only mean one thing....I will have amazingly talented kids someday...hopefully.

Anyways, I just wanted to say congrats to all of the cast members of All Shook Up! You guys did an awesome job, and I can't wait to see the next show!

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Thanks again to the Pittston Area Cheerleaders!

I can't tell everyone how much fun I had hanging out and learning all the (well two) cheers, with the Pittston Area Cheerleader and their coach Kim Morgan! After spending just one week with the girls for only an hour a day, it is easy to see why these girls are champions. As a former high school and college wrestler, it is easy to see how much determination and desire is in these girls hearts and mind.

To be honest, I was a bit worried when starting this camp, because I was once in high school, and I know how caddy and mean some cheerleaders can be, but I will assure you, these girls could not have been more polite and kind. Not only that, but they weren't afraid to bust my chops. I had a blast going to camp (minus the horrible back pain) and after hanging out with them for a week, I was irritated that no one gave these girls the attention they deserved.

I just want to say thank you again to the Pittston Area Cheerleaders and good luck to the Seniors who will be graduating this year. I'm sure they will all go on to do great things and the team will grab that first place trophy next year!

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So today is the final day of cheer camp, which can only mean one thing, I have to learn how to put on makeup...From what the team has been telling me, they are going to not only put on make up, but put on bright red lipstick, paint things on my face, cover me in glitter, bows in the hair, and complete the look with a cheerleader uniform!

The one day off I had, saved my back slightly, but I'm still sore as hell. I'm pretty sure I should not tumble today, just cheer and yell. I mean, this is probably for the better, because I have to dj at Brews Brother tomorrow night, which means I have to carry a lot of equipment up and down stairs. With a shot back, I will be rendered worthless as a dj. And you can forget about me asking a friend, because my buddies will demand money for helping me out.

Make sure you listen tomorrow morning as well, because four of the cheerleaders will be in the studio live, to evaluate my performance as a cheerleader! I'm looking forward to the weekend, I can't wait to be able to move freely, without pain!

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UGHHHH! My Back!

Is shot! Seriously, my back is ruined, I can't move, breathe, or think. It literally took me 4 minutes just to gt out of bed, I had to strategically roll to one side, from the fetal position, I had to push up on all fours, from there,, I had to sit out and then push up. I then hobbled to the kitchen, and collapsed in a chair, moaning out loud, wondering how on Earth I'm going to get dressed.

Right now I'm wearing a very large t shirt, mesh shorts, and flip flops. This is a very strategic outfit, because it required the least amount of work to get dressed. I must say, I'm soooooo happy Pittston Area is closed today, because that means I get a day off of practice! These Pittston Area cheerleaders are going to kill me or at least put me in a wheel chair!

Yesterday, I had to learn two cheers, and a dance routine, which you can check out at, and when you do, you will not only see myself ruined all of these things, but preform them in a giant tutu, made beautifully by, Viva La Diva where you can also check them out on Facebook.

Lets go Red and Blue!

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Day one done...Day two...Ugh

So day one of cheer camp is over, and I must say I'm SORE today! I was exhausted after everything they put me through. When I say they, I mean the Pittston Area Cheerleaders, and they put me through torture. You can checkout the videos of camp at Yesterday, the girls and coach put me through hell, making me stretch, do splits, flip, handspring, round offs, and they even made me try a back hand spring (which I failed miserably).

As if this wasn't bad enough, they even trusted me enough, to toss a cheerleader in the air and catch her, put ME up in the pyramid, and hold one of the girls up by her feet! I never though I would do toe touches and these other things that looked like I was jumping a hurdle without moving. Yea, and whatever that thing is called, made my entire leg go numb!

I'm not sure if today is going to be better or worse. I hope today is less intense than yesterday was, because this morning, when I woke up, I sat up, and fell right back down! I hobbled into the kitchen, downed four pain killers, and found myself running late for work today, all because of this great team! I must admit though, they are VERY talented, and besides them busting my chops, I had a lot of fun.

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I'm pretty sure it's going to be a long day...

At the time, I figured it would be a great idea to go through a week long cheerleading camp with the Pittston Area High School cheerleading team. Why? Well The Pittston Area Varsity Cheerleading Team traveled to Disney World from 2-11-11 to 2-13-11. They competed in the National High School Cheerleading Championship in the Large Varsity non tumbling Division. They placed second, only missing first by .28! This is the first time the team ever competed in this competition. The team is very grateful to the community who helped them fundraise $16,000 in just 6 weeks which made them able to attend.

When I read the story about the cheerleading team, I was disappointed about the lack of coverage the girls received. So I decided to take matter into my own hands! And what a better way to help out the cause? By joining forces with the team and going through a intense cheerleading camp! Of course, like the moron I am, I figured I was still in great shape, and could play two, one hour long basketball games and come out just fine.

Well I did not come out just fine. In fact, I can't even move today! My lower back is shot, and I'm walking like an old man. I'm in some serious pain, and to make matters worse, camp starts today! Something tells me that these girls are tough too. I mean, they go down to Florida and dominate, so I feel they will have little sympathy for poor ole Crockett. In fact, the head coach, Kimberly Morgan, sent me the schedule for this week, and here is what is in store for me today, "Monday we will do stretching, stunting, and jumping." Great.

And for everyone out there, don't worry, I will be video taping all these practices. Today is going to be a long day...wish me luck, and for the love of god...Pittston Area Cheerleaders...PLEASE SHOW MERCY!


Lets show our support for these hard working girls! The team hopes attend next year again they will be holding a breakfast at Applebee's on May 15th. The cheerleaders will be serving tables!!! To purchase tickets($7 for adults $5 for kids) or to make a donation to the squad to help pay for next year's trip, please contact Kim Morgan at the Pittston Area Middle School.
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The big debut!

So tonight is my first night DJing on my own...I have to say I'm a little bit nervous about the situation. I mean, sure I work at Froggy, and all I do is hear country music all day, but I still get worried that I will not play the right songs. My big concern is playing all the big hits right off the bat then spending the next 3 hours playing crap.

If there was a market of an 80's metal dj, I would be the best person to go to. I could play probably a day straight of metal, and not get nervous. But country music, I'm just getting into it, and only know a select number of songs. Don't get me wrong, my arsenal of is great. Eric and myself have a HUGE collection of country songs, so chance are if you want to hear it, you will. But thats just the thing, if no one request anything, then I will be scrambling for music.

So I hope to see all of you out tonight, and when you do come out, make sure you request all of your favorites! Not only that, but we are giving away Huge Prizes! These prizes include, Dierks Bentley tickets with meet n greet passes AND Sugar Land tickets! Of course I will also have bumper stickers and a few license plates! It all happens at 9:30 and goes till 2 am at Brew Brothers in Pittston/Plains. Can't wait to see ya there!

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Tax Time!

Still have yet to get my taxes done... Probably should get on that, I mean, I'm pretty sure I can get in big trouble if I don't. I find it funny, how almost all American's HATE to do their taxes, even though there is a good chance they will get money back! Of course every year I do my taxes, I end up owing the government money...Guess I'm not doing it right.

I'm kinda hoping that this year goes a little bit better for me, mainly because I would like to buy myself something nice. Perhaps an Ipod, some DJ equipment, or knowing my luck, I will have just enough to buy some bubble gum. My buddy claims he will be getting close to $900 back, but I'm pretty sure he is wrong. If he isn't then I should be in the same boat, or better, because he lives at home still, and barley pays any bills.

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Call me Crockett the Norseman

Yes it's true! Today I attacked, pillaged, and declared a new computer! The best part of it all...I was told to! After the show today, I was walking back to the office, when I was approached by Ray, our engineer. He explained to me, that one of the offices of a fellow employee was being switched over to a sales desk, and that anything on the desk was fair game. Seeing how I'm one of the first people in the building, myself and Eric had at it.

Boy oh boy did we find some good stuff. The best for me was a new computer! I finally have a computer that can play a DVD, and watch youtube video's (I need that feature...for work purposes of course). I was also able to grab some cds and new speakers. The speakers are also clutch, because my old speakers are shot, making it very hard for a producer to successfully accomplish his work.

Overall I would say today was a good day, and now that I have a DVD player, perhaps I will share some of my own personal movies I have made over the years!

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Raise your kids tough!

Sorry,  but I'm all about the old school mentality that you should have to defend yourself as a kid.  You know, if a bully is picking on you everyday at school, instead of running to the teacher, or crying to mom and dad and meeting with the parents, the kid should punch the bullies lights out, or at least try to!

I was born in 1986 (I know real old school..that's a joke) but we were always raised to defend ourselves.  Not only from my father, but my mom was the same way!  No one was to pick on you, No one!  I feel like a lot of kids my age were raised similar, especially when I lived in West Virginia, those boys were raised country tough!

Somewhere along the line, America some how, some way, lost it's guts, and started raising their kids to be sissies.  I know some people may get angry, and hate me for saying this, but I feel strong on this topic.  It is one thing to be the jerk, no that's not right, but if your the one getting picked on, and you never stand up for yourself, then you will be walked on your whole life!  Even those kids that are taught, you should tell the teacher, or go to the bullies parents to have them stop.   If you ask me, those kids are in for it worse!

Think about it.  Your kid is getting picked on by a bully, and he or she runs and tell the teacher, or the bullies parents, what do you think is going to happen?  The bully is going to become friends with your kid, or just stop picking on them?  Of course not!  They're a bully!  Bullies are not good kids, they thrive on negative attention, being cool, and getting into trouble, that's why they're bullies!  Telling on them will only make matter worse!

To tell on someone shows a sign of weakness in the case of bullying.  There are times to go to a teacher and times not to.  For example, a time to go to a teacher would be, if a child is gay, or questioning who they are, and are taking abuse from another student.  Coming out for a kid, or anyone for that matter, is a very difficult thing to do.  I would imagine that is something you want to keep private till your ready.  A teacher will be able to give you advice, and keep your secret.  Sexual harassment is another great example of when to go explain your situation.

However; look at the recent case of this young student Casey.  Casey is a bigger kid, who has been getting bullied his whole life.  In fact, it had gotten so bad, that I guess the bullies brought their camera into school to video tape them picking on Casey.  Taunting him, punching him in the face in front of two girls, and bouncing around attempting to intimidate this young man.  What happens next is what I feel was the best move for Casey to make.  See for yourself:

Know who isn't going to be picking on Casey anymore? Exactly! Now the school has suspended the bully....AND Casey! What on Earth did Casey do wrong!?! To me, it appears that Casey was walking to class. when this little s**t, with too much confidence and his moronic group of friends approached him. The clocked Casey twice in the jaw,and then in the stomach.

I guess the "correct" thing to do in this situation, would be to take the beating, cry in front of fellow class mates, have the risk of a black eye and chipped teeth, then run and tell the principle? Come on! When I see on TV that there is a rise in bullying, and it's an epidemic, this is the exact reason! Because there are little A**holes, who go around, picking on kids, and instead of getting what they deserve, the kid who is getting picked on, tells a teacher, and makes things worse for themselves.

Bullying is on the rise because kids have been taught not to fight back! Listen, I can agree, that fighting isn't the answer. Hell, when I was in 9th grade, I was 5'5 and weighed about 100 lbs. I was picked on by the same four guys everyday. In fact, the day my grand mom died, these four guys held me down in the locker room, and hit me in the leg with a giant plastic pipe. The bruised my leg and walked away laughing. Know what I did? I sure as hell didn't run to the teacher and tell, instead, I went to the gym, started working out, running everyday.

That little 5'5 100 lbs. version of me, jumped up to around 5'9 160 lbs. of solid muscle, that was no longer afraid of these guys, and these four guys, were now afraid to come after me. Not only did these kids back off, it built confidence, it made me see, I was more longer that little guy that was vulnerable, but a man who stood up for himself.

I thank both of my parents for that gift as well. See, my parents both have that old school mentality as well, because that day those kids held me down and crushed my leg, I went home and cried, showed them my leg, and what they did. There response? Why didn't I fight back? My father growing up was 5"11, considered short for his class, but his entire school was terrified of him. He took no s**t, and never let anyone tell him he wasn't good enough, and he would be damned if his kids lived their lives differently.

If I were to guess correctly, my father knew how good life was to him when he was in High School, he was popular, he was great at football, in fact he had a full ride scholarship to Syracuse as a running back, but more importantly he had character, character he built on his own, it made him a man. He didn't need some teacher or guidance consular to convince him he was a man, he knew he was.

That old school mentality that was taught to my brother and I helped us grow into what we are today. In high school, I found myself 2 state runner up championships in wrestling. I was offered scholarships and invitations to wrestle in Australia! I went to college, excelled in Broadcasting, coming out with Three degrees and a Minor. My brother went into the Air Force and is still there today defending our country.

I think kids raised with this, "go tell a teacher or a parent" philosophy makes kids weak. In fact, I know it does, because I can pin point the individuals who were raised that way today! Toughen up America! Go back to your roots, we are getting soft!

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Way to cold!

It is freezing in our office!  I mean it is COLD! In case you missed it, I tend to wear shorts almost every single day of the year.  My legs never tend to get cold, its always my upper body that freezing.  With all that being said, whatever the temperature is outside, subtract that around 10 degrees, and thats our office!

Right now, as I type, I have this giant green hooded jacket, lined with think red thermal material, with a big fur hood.  I have the jacket zipped up, and the hood is up, and I'm shivering.  If it wasn't for the building being so cold, I probably would have no need to bring my jacket.

In fact, last night, while I was watching the news, I saw that the weather was going to be nice out so I decided I wouldn't bring my jacket.  However; on the way out, I thought about our office, and figured I should bring int just in case. And I have to tell ya, I'm glad I did, because it is freeing back here.  I look like an Eskimo for cryin out loud! Somebody better fix this problem or put on the damn heat!

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Yea I'm from Jersey!

So I'm watching the Jersey Shore last night...yes I do watch the Jersey Shore, and you can get off my back because I'm from Jersey!  Anyway, I'm watching Jersey Shore, and I make an amazing discovery!  Ronnie, my favorite talent on the show is wearing the same shirt that I own!

Now I feel like I should be on the show!  Granted I'm not jammed up on steroid and ridiculously tan, but I sure could party with them!  Plus making money to do nothing but have fun wouldn't be too bad either!  Check out the pictures to see the comparison!


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Time to Pump!

So I now have in my possession, P90X.  You know, that insane workout program that transforms your body, and makes you look like a body builder.  It's a 90 day workout program, and I was very excited to start the program.  Then I find out I need to have a pull up bar...I don't have one, so I go out and find a friend who does.  Ok now I'm ready to do this.  Take the pull up bar and decide to test it out.  In case you haven't seen these new things, they are pull up bars you put on your door frame and get to workin out.

Well, I live in a very old Civil War war home, and none of these door frames are built like regular door frames, all of them but one...The Bathroom door frame.  However; the frame appears that it was once cracked, and put back together.  So I'm a bit worried to hang all my body weight on this old broken door frame...I will do it anyway.

So now I'm ready to start this workout.  Not so fast!  You need dumbbells to do this workout!  This is getting a little expensive, well it would be, if I wasn't mooching things off of people, but now the problem is I know no one with dumbbells I can have.  Now, before I can start this, I have to wait to get paid on Tuesday, go to play it again sports, and buy six pairs of dumbbells.

Man, who would have thought it would take and cost some much just to get back into shape?  Oh, and I'm thinking about documenting my progress by taking pictures every day of the workout.  But mine will go over 90 days, because I'm doing the intensity workout first.  This workout burns all the fat off first, making you more cut after you finish the P90X workout.  I will keep you updated!

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What Tara must think of me sometimes...

So last night, I'm sitting on the couch playing NCAA 11 for my PS3, for those who don't know, this is a college football game, and yes, I'm a the coach of SMU.   So here I am, in the game, as the coach, and I'm down to the last game of the season.  I have some how took this unranked, 2 star caliber team, and have lead them to an undefeated season.  So going into this last game of the season, I'm pitted against a pretty bad team., but the game mean A LOT!  First if I win this, I get the bid for the National Championship.  Second, if I win, I will be crowned Divisional Champions, and to top it all off, I have a player in the running for the Heisman trophy!

If I lose, all of these achievements will be lost, and my coaching approval rating will drop significantly, so winning is a must.  I figure this won't be a problem, this team is unranked, have 5 losses on the season, should be an easy win.  Man was I wrong!  This team came to play, and they tore me up, and I was mad!  And this is where I wonder what Tara thinks of me....

Because the whole time I'm playing, she is sitting next to me, and I'm not acting...normal.  No, instead I'm acting like I'm an actual coach on the field.  I continually standing up and sitting down, screaming at the TV!  I usually run my offense to the left side of the field, except yesterday, this team had a standout tight end, who was KILLING my Quarterback!  Almost every play, I would stand up and scream at the TV, "Will anyone block that damn tight end!?  We are getting killed!"  Then I start yelling as if the players in the game can hear me! "These guys are jokes!  Can't any of you block or catch?!  Come on, make a move on the ball Stewart!"

It is pure insanity when I play this game.  At  one point, I threw the controller t the couch, it bounced off, flew in the air, over my head, and I frantically caught it, and went right back to action as if nothing happened.  At one point in the game I find myself down 17 points!  The most I have been down all season was 7, and that was to Penn State and Notre Dame, both of which were ranked in the top ten!

After screaming at the TV the whole game, I find myself tied, late in the fourth quarter, all tied up, after an amazing comeback, but the computer has the ball, and they are marching down field no problem.  My team seems to be playing as if they have never played a game their whole life, and can not stop them.  The running back is shedding tackles and can't be stop.  They march the ball all the way down to the 9 yard line with 50 seconds left.  I'm litterally ready to have a nervous breakdown, because I know if they score I won't be able to get down field and score in enough time. I stand there, cursing at the screen, telling the players their bums and that they deserve to lose, that this whole season is a waste of time, and then it happens...they fumble the ball!

We jump on it, and now have 48 seconds to score and end this nightmare!  Now this is serious, 48 seconds, three timeouts, and I have to travel around 6o yards to win this thing.  Oh and by the way, my starting QB, was injured 5 games ago, with a broken collar bone, and is injured for the season.  So the first two play are incomplete passes, making it third down, and very crucial.  See if we don't make this first down, I have to punt the ball back, and give them 40 some seconds to try and score.  Feeling nervous and sick, I throw the ball...caught first down!  I jump up, clap, tell everyone good  job, and lets get this thing!

The Next two downs, again incomplete passes, and I'm now faced with the same situation as before!  Third down, ten yards to go, and I'm freaking out!  I only have one timeout left,with about 10 seconds left.  I snap the ball, look down field, and there is my Heisman finalist, some what open, running in stride.  I throw the ball up, and for that moment while the ball is in the air, I hear no sounds, I'm about three inches from the screen, sweating, and it's caught!  I scream for joy, he is quickly tackled, and I immediately call timeout.

There are five seconds left, and I'm in field goal range.  However; today has not been a good day for my field goal kicker.  He has missed all three attempts today, and now we are in the game winning situation.  I take a deep breath, bring out the field goal kicker, get down on my knees, and snap the ball.  I aim the kick, and let it fly.  The ball sails through the air and in!

I throw the controller across the room, jump up, arms in the air, and let out a giant "YES!!!!"  I continue to walk around my living room and kitchen, arms in the air,  screaming "Yes!"  I may have also been flipping off the TV, swearing at it, as if I had conquered the Playstation!  Then it dawned on me.... Tara witnessed the whole thing.

This morning, after the excitement has calmed down, I wonder...What does she think about me?  She has to think I'm absolutely nuts.  I mean after the game, I  received coach of the year award, and I look at her, and say, "I won the coach of the year award!"  As if she should be excited and proud of all the hard work I have accomplished!

Does anyone do this, or live with someone like this?  Is it crazy or weird?  Oh, and if anyone is wondering, I won the Heisman and will be playing Ohio State in the BCS Championship.  And yes, that game will be played today.  Wish me luck!

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Where's my good karma?

Seems like I have been getting the shaft when it comes to good karma lately.  For example, we all remember when my girlfriends car broke down, so until she could get it fixed, I let her borrow mine.  We all remember the outcome of that situation... a brick through my window.  I figured, stay postitive and good things will come!

So yesterday, after the surprise snow storm, I thought I would be a good person, and help out my neighbors and shovel walk ways to doors.  On top of that, I cleared off my girlfriend's car, and loaded all her stuff in it for her, since she was going home to visit her family.  No only that, but earlier, she needed a ride to work because he car would not make it in the weather, and even before that,  my other neighbor got his car stuck in the snow....And you guessed it, I got him out!

So, I figured I was in the clear, and good karma was coming my way.  So after shoveling everyone, I jumped in the shower, cleaned up, got back into the Froggy truck, ad took everyone home that got a ride to work yesterday.  I picked up T, dropped her off at the house, kissed her goodbye, and finally got to sit down.  That's when I realized it.  My Ipod was gone.

Backtracking my steps, I realized what happened.  While shoveling snow, it must have fell out of my pocket, and into the snow.  No big deal, I will just go outside and find it.  But there was a bigger problem, my landlord has just plowed the driveway!  So now all I can assume is, that my ipod is buried deep within a frozen snow bed.  Any chances are, when the snow melts, my ipod will be pick up by one of my neighbors, who, instead of being an honest person, and asking if anyone lost their ipod, will keep it for their own, and think they hit the jackpot.

So I want to know, where is my good karma?  Seems like it's a little late.

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Viper Bite!

Yes believe it or not I once started a band.  A band that unfortunately died before it ever went anywhere.  See the problem was, my good friend Whitey and myself started the band, but we could never complete the line up.  Whitey played bass, and I was on vocals.   However; every time we found a drummer or a guitarist, they would back out and join another band!  What was the band called?

Viper Bite

We got our motivation from the band Poison.  Yes we had all intentions of dressing up like Poison, makeup and all!  And,Yes, there is even a picture of me in my costume!  If your lucky, I may even share it with you!

There were a lot of problems with Viper Bite from the start.  The main one was college.  Both of us were in school, which made thing very hard, not only that, but I was working a full time job, which made meeting up almost impossible.  But when we did meet up... It was a blast!

While not one song was ever written completely, we had many started!  Some of our tracks included: Viper Bite or later renamed to Viper Bite Tonite! Venom in the Valley (Also going to be the name of our first album), Booze Cruise, Tears of Blood, and then some vulgar titles I will not share!

Viper Bite even started to make a small buzz!  In fact, one night I received a call from an unknown number.  When I answered the phone, it was some guy who said, "Hey, are you the singer for Viper Bite?"  I said yes, and he went on to say, "I heard you have a glam band, and your looking for a guitarist, care if I try out?"  Turns out this guy could really tear it up on a guitar, so I was more than happy to say yes!  Then it happened... his old band got back together and Viper Bite was down to two again.

But the buzz was still there.  I was working in a window factory in college, and there were a lot of old metal heads who worked there.  When they heard about my band, they were excited and also thought I was nuts.  That's when I came up with our own version of the horns people make with their hands.

To do the Viper Bite hand gesture correctly, you take your grooming and middle finger, and make a peace sign.  From there you bend them down so that they look like a Vipers Fangs!  So when I was at work, these older guys would yell, "Yo Viper Bite, and hold up the hand gesture!"  Eventually that was the only way they would wave at me in the factory.  Some how word spread onto the campus at Wilkes, and on my way to class I would hear someone yell, "Viper Bite!"  Followed by the hand gesture, it was crazy!

Like I said, the first album was suppose to be titled, "Venom in the Valley."  In fact I didn't even come up with the name, it was suppose to be a joke making fun of the band!  My friend Zack, is probably the most sarcastic person you will ever meet, and he loves to break your stones.  Well when he heard about Viper Bite, I would always get text messages saying, "Hey, I will play guitar in Viper Bite" or "Can I audition for Viper Bite?"  Now Zack has no musical background whatsoever, and he did it just to irritate me.

However; one day his joke back fired and finally gave us a name to our album!  He texted me, "Hey I wrote a song (which he didn't) it's call Venom in the Valley."  I read it, and was hooked on the title!  I wrote the chorus, passed it by Whitey, and we were in agreement, Venom in the Valley was the name of the album! So thank you Zack!

In fact, just recently I had a logo drawn up!  When I was working at Demuro's pizza in Pittston, there was and still is a guy named Joby.  Well Joby draws like a champ, and I described the logo I wanted, and sure enough, he drew it the EXACT way I always imaged the logo would look!  It was incredible!  It was as if he reached into my head, grab the image and put it to paper!  In fact, I hope he still has it, because I would love to share it with all of you.

He was also going to do the cover art, but sadly this never was finished due to me leaving to start my career at Froggy 101.  But I think I may just have to give him a call and see if he will draw it up.  The cover, as I pictured it for many years, would be: Two mountains on each side of the cover, with a town in the middle of the valley.  However; this town is being flooded with bright pink venom!  House are being demolished and taken away, and in the background a giant Viper, unleashing this bright pink venom from his fangs!

I must admit though Viper Bite is not dead!  No no, in fact another song title was just created, and approved by both myself and Whitey!  The new problem is Whitey furthered his  college education in Kutztown, so meeting up is no longer an option.  BUT, rumors have it, that Viper Bite is planning on meeting up, and working on an acoustic power ballad!  I will keep you posted.  Now, if you read through this entire bio of Viper Bite, I will now present you the only picture ever taken of Viper Bite in costume...and unfortunately it only contains me in costume.  So here you go... Viper Bite!


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The Dream Job!

What did you want to be when you grew up?  An age old question,  that many of us end up never accomplishing.  Sometimes, because they were just not realistic, such as, a super hero, or a dinosaur.  And for those of you who did end up doing what they wanted to do since childhood...good for you now get out of here!

Joking asides, what was that you wanted to be? For me I still have not accomplished my ultimate goal.  I know, it's pretty dang cool to be on radio and that's what I went to school for, but that's not what I dreamed of doing.  I have always dreamed of being a pro wrestler.  I can't remember the first time I got into wrestling, and believe me, I try very hard to pin point the exact time it hit me, but the closest I can get is my sixth birthday.

What I do know, is that Hulk Hogan capture my attention and held on to it my entire life, and still does today!

Growing up I dreamed of walking down the ramp, giving high fives, stepping into the ring, hitting the ropes, getting the 1 2 3, and holding that championship belt.  Everything I did somehow revolved around wrestling.

Heck that's who I got into amateur!  In kindergarten,  my best friend J.T. wrestled for a youth group. When I found out he wrestled, I immediately wanted to join.  Much to my shock when I walked into the gym for the first time, and thee was no wrestling ring, no ramp, no crowd, and rules completely different than what I knew of TV, I wanted to quit right away! However; in the Crockett household you could not quit, and I ended up wrestling all the way to college!

Yes a wrestler is my dream profession.  I still everyday wonder if I should still give it a try.  In fact there are two wrestling training schools in the area.  One is ran by former pro wrestler, The Executioner, but that is $500 for six months, which is somewhat pricey, and the other one I just found out about, just started to pop up on TV during WWE Raw on Monday nights.  Their commercial claims, "As little as $30 a month!"  This bring some red flags up in my mind.  First, why as little?  Is there more than one option?  It is a wrestling school, shouldn't   all the training be the same?  Second is their commercial. looks entirely low budget.  Not only does it look low budget, but their gym looks very shady.  Well maybe not shady, but very tiny and everyone there looks about my age.  Where is the trainer?  Usually the trainer is a ex pro wrestler, not a bunch of young guys who want to get together and do some wrestling moves on each other!

Tara (my girlfriend), tells me I should go for it.  Fork up the $500, and do it.  Live my dream, and give it a try.  I'm not sure if the $500 is worth it though.  Money is always tight, and if this turns out to be a bust, then I'm out $500!  However, if it goes well, I could have a few matches under my belt, and have fulfilled my dream!

How about it?  What was your dream job growing up?  Was it outrageous, or was it/still obtainable?  Or were you one of the lucky ones who were able to grab their dream jobs by the horn?  And for that matter, if you did get your dream job was it worth it or is it overrated?

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Eric and I...not seeing eye to eye.

So this morning, Eric has been on my case about liking Macho flicks.  What are Macho flicks?  Well let me list a few of my favorites:  Over the Top, All of the Rocky movies, DC Cab, Cobra, Judge Dredd, Rambo, Demolition Man, Robocop, Pumping Iron, Predator 1 and 2, Terminator, I think we get the drift here.

See Eric is one of these movie buff guys, who takes acting, maybe a little too serious.  He studied acting in college, he had a singing career and in his mind if the story is not accurate to life, or the acting is not spot on...the movie is no good! This is where we do not see eye to eye.

What some of you may not know, is that I too went to college for theater arts.  I took the classes, did the exercises, and I still find the over the top movies the best.  To me, it's a movie, it's suppose to capture the imagination.  Sure there can be realistic movies, with great actors, and real problems, but I deal with these problems everyday!  I want to come home, see some dude who is all steroided up, with a machine gun who could wipe out a small country with one round!

I want the villain, half mutated, hell bent for world domination, who had thugs with mo hawks and pink dyed hair.  The city is man handled and is in need of a hero, and just when all hope is lost, here comes this hero to crush the competition!

Or how about the classics sports hero, who is down on their luck, and need this one main event to turn their life around.  We all know whats going to happen, but we still watch and cheer for him anyway, and when he wins, we smile, and we think to ourselves...."I need to work out, because compared to this guy, I'm a fat sack of crap!'  Of course we never do, but thats ok, at least the movie kicked ass!

These movie reviewers and Eric  need to realize this.  These movies are not tying to be snooty academy award winners, they understand what they are going for: over the top, kill all enemies, make sure the  story line is so simple, that even if you walk into the movie 30 minute late, you know what is going on, and that the good guy will always win.  I feel these movies should be rated on a scale of their own.

Could you imagine if all movies were rated on THIS scale?  Some of these movie buffs favorite movies would be considered terrible!  Citizen Kane, considered to be one of the greatest movies of all time, would be considered one of the worst!

So how about it?  Love these macho movies?  What's your favorite/  Or are you with Snooty Movie Man himself, Eric Peterson?

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So is it really going to storm?

Seriously I hate when the news report that we will be getting thunderstorms, and then,  instead we get some drizzle that last for days.  See I love thunderstorms.  Just something bout them, the crack of the lighting, the flash that lights up the sky.  When the sky goes black, when it is still mid day.  The smell of the air before the rain hits, and the way the winds blows extra hard before the rain.

Right now, I'm hoping for a massive thunderstorm, to nap to.  I LOVE taking a nap during a thunderstorm, it just seems to knock me right out.  However; it seems like its been forever since we have had a huge thunderstorm.  Is it just me, or has these past thunderstorms seem weak?

I mean, if the news is going to say we are going to have a thunderstorm, than we should have a thunderstorm!  Not, a drizzle with a little rumble here and there, I want sideways winds, lighting crashing down into the Earth, rain hitting the roof so hard it sounds like gun fire!   Anyone else?

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Caught...Green Handed!

So the other day, another employee here in the building, came into our office and asked if I wanted a Shamrock shake.  I was thrilled, and I told her, "Yes!"  When she left the room, I took a drink.  Now when you hear the word shake, you think of a thick, creamy, cold beverage. This was not the case...

When the liquid came through the straw, it was warm, thin, and creamy.  I have to say, it was pretty terrible.  Although  the taste was horrid, I thought, "Maybe the next sip will be better."  It was not.  Same thing, and that's when I put the drink down.  I then started my work, and forgot all about the shake and left it here over night.  (Gross I know)

So today, I'm walking down the hallway, when I right next to me, bam! The girl who gave me the shake, and she kindly asks, "Did you enjoy your shake?"  I smiled and said, "Yes, it was delicious."  "Whew, dodge a bullet there,"is what thought, as I continued down the hall.

When I get back into the office, Selena IMMEDIATELY gets on me for leaving the shake out overnight.  The next comment was the worse one though.  Eric turns around and said, "Oh, I may have ratted you out."  I ask why and he replies, "Will the girl that gave you the shake (leaving her name out) stopped by while you were gone, and asked, Is that Crockett's shake I gave him yesterday?"  To which Eric replied, "Yes."

So now I have to try and avoid her for the rest of the day, and hope she forgot all about it over the weekend.  Ever run into this mess before?  Tell a lie, and then immediately after the person finds out?  I always seem to end up being the bad guy, I thought I was doing the right thing!  What am I suppose to say, "No it was warm, melted and horrible.  Thanks for nothing!"  I think not.  So am I jerk?  Doesn't matter, I'm going to avoid her anyway and hope this never is mentioned again.

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I look homeless?

So yesterday, I decided to go make a surprise visit to T while she was at work.  She works at a grocery store, and figured while I went I could pick up dinner.   So I grab a cool retro shirt/jersey that my dad wore when he got out of college back in the day.  For those who don't know, my father played football for Syracuse on a full scholarship (running back) , unfortunately for him, a punt return went wrong, and he almost lost his leg due to the hit.  So football came to an abrupt end.

Anyway, after the injury past, he did what any regular football player would do, he started a team in a flag football league.  SOMEHOW, this shirt has survived all these years, and I now have it in my possession!  So I wear this sweet jersey to her work and greet her with a smile.

Know what I get back in return?  "You look homeless".... ouch!  I love this shirt and I thought I looked rugged and manly, I haven't shaved in a while, so I thought, "man, this looks like a good look."  Well,  guess I was wrong, I apparently looked homeless...what do you think?  Yes I wore the outfit today so you could see...

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Fat Monday...Feel gross Tuesday

So yesterday was my day off.  I figured I would wake up relatively early, get some cleaning done, workout, and maybe go out for a coffee with a friend of mine.  I looked forward to getting all this done all weekend.  So Sunday night, I received word that a nasty snow storm was going to hit us.  My guess is, that the bad news of the storm sunk into my head sub consciously, and crushed all plans for Monday.

Because when Monday morning rolled around yesterday, I woke up at noon...ok a little later than I wanted to wake up, but I figured ok I can still get things finished.  I decided however; before I start I will sit on the couch, get a blanket and watch ESPN.  Yea, this is nice, sitting on the warm couch, catching up on some sports news, and then it happens.  T needs, help...  the driveway was jammed backed with snow, and there was not a lot of room to maneuver a car, seeing how the plowed path was very tiny.

So I get off the comfy couch, wonder out into the snow, get in T's tiny clown car, and have to drive the car in reverse down the entire driveway, because that was the only way I could get the car out.  I also live right on the Ave, so traffic is quite busy, and I'm reversing the car onto it!

Now T is off to work, and I'm back into the warm house, and I COULD start my day, but now I'm hungry, I mean, I did just move a car in a snow storm, so I go to the oven, where there is a large pizza, xtra cheese, and sauce,  just waiting to be eaten.  I will have just a slice, well just a slice turned into four, and sitting on the couch drinking a gallon of water and popcorn!

So after four slices of pizza, popcorn and a ton of water, I decided it was time to do something, so I call my buddy, and we meet up for coffee.  That was fun, and when I get home it is around 7ish.  So I accomplished, NOTHING, and when I got home, I'm still hungry, so I eat the last two slices of pizza, and that wasn't enough, so I make more popcorn and eat all of that!

Needless to say, this morning, I felt horrible, fat and gassy.  I accomplished nothing, gained a ton of  weight, and wasted a perfectly good day off!  Would have been better just going to work.  What a bummer...

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Together we can save Detroit!

Yes, we can save Detroit.  While the news, media and press talk about the forgot wasteland, once known as Detroit, we the people, can come together and save the Motor City!  In fact, it has already started!

As if a prophets,  writers,  Edward Neumeier and Michael Miner, had predicted that one  day, the future of Detroit would be over run by crime, the city would be in mass amount of debit, and the police force would be forced to have cut backs.  The city would appear to be destroyed, ruined, forgotten, until.... ROBOCOP!

Yes, half man, half machine, full time law enforcer!  In the box office hit, Robocop brought law and order back to the city of Detroit, and he is going to do again, but this time it is real!

Not too long ago, the mayor of Detroit made an official Tweet to the city of Detroit, "There are not any plans to erect a statue of Robocop.  Thank you for the suggestion."  This simple acknowledgment, caused a internet uproar.  And thus the cause was formed.

The people of Detroit have had enough, and finally a good idea has come forth, an idea that the people can stand behind.  Just like the Statue of Liberty, it is a symbol of freedom and greatness, and so is Robocop! Criminals will look at the statue and realize, when they were children they wanted to be Robocop, not the bad guys, citizens, will recall the good that Robocop brought, and will become stand up citizens.  Robocop WILL save Detroit!

So how can you help?  Well Brandon Walley started the fund, Build Robocop in Detroit!  That's right you can make a donation to the cause, a minimum of $1 to help.  So far, they have raised over $58,000!  That's over $8,000 of the estimated goal!

This morning I donated my dollar to the cause, because I believe that Detroit needs a hero,  Philadelphia has Rocky, New York has just about everyone famous, and it's time Detroit becomes the prime city it use to be! People, I urge you to join the cause!

Detroit needs help.  Detroit needs our help .  Detroit needs Robocop!

Build Robocop in Detroit!

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Crockett Tron is coming...




Translated roughly:  I will destroy you in Jeopardy like  trivia.  Tomorrow I will not be in studio.  I will be out in the world causing chaos with my sign.  Tremble human race...

---01010101010101010101001110001 00100100010001--- Crockett Tron
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So much for not celebrating Valentine’s Day...

So this year for Valentine's Day, I figured T and myself would just hang out in the house and you know, maybe...skip....Valentines Day?  I pitched the idea two weeks earlier, and it seemed to go over somewhat well.  However; Sunday night while I'm laying on the couch watching my evening cartoons, T sits on the couch and asks, "So, what are we doing for Valentine’s Day?" 

 Now, I'm thinking to myself, "what?" I say to her, "I thought we were, you know, skipping it."  To which she replies, "Nope."  Ok, now this threw a wrench in my mind.  All I'm trying to do is watch cartoons, drink ice tea, and relax, and now I have T sitting with me, puppy dog eyes going full force.  I explain to her that I don't get paid until Tuesday (today) and that we won't be able to go anywhere. 

 She tells me that’s fine, and then asks, "So...what are we going to do?"  I'm lost, and have no clue, so I start pitching out ideas. Horrible, horrible ideas, and I can tell nothing is looking good.  Then inspiration strikes!  I pitched the winning idea, I suggested that we have a candle light dinner, with only one plate, but two sets of silverware, followed by a movie and popcorn.

 Once I got out of the station yesterday, I went to my parents house, dropped off a card for my mom, as well as a couple of cds and a large ham (courtesy of T's family).  Once that was finished, I flew back home because T was out of work at 4:30, and we are now pushing 2:30. 

 What's the big deal?  We are only doing a simple dinner, your saying to yourself.  But here was the thing, there were a lot of dishes in the sink, the pasta pot was being pre occupied with old spaghetti in the fridge, so that had to be emptied and cleaned as well.  So after doing all the dishes, I set the table.  Let me lay it out for you.

 In the center of the table lied one plate.  Then on each side of the plate, were two napkins, each with a fork and a knife.  Complemented with a glass of water on each side of the table.  I took the other two chairs and put them in the other room, that way there was only two chairs, one for T and one for myself. 

 So there I ‘am looking at the table, thinking to myself, "you can do better,"  so while I'm cleaning the rest of the house, I notice there are two empty picture frames, that can hold a total of six pictures.  That’s when it hits me, grab the printer, some photo paper and grab some photos of us.  Now realize we are closing in on 4 o'clock.  Time is ticking. 

 Of course we have the WORST printer in the world, and of course it screws up the pictures twice, and none of them printed in color, but I figured it would do.  So I cut the pictures out, place them in the frame, and place them on each corner of the table.  But of course more chaos, one of the picture frames had no back arm to hold it up!  In a mad dash, I grab a small picture frame, and tapped it to the back of the picture frame I was using.  Crisis adverted. 

 So, now I have the table set, one plate, two napkins, two sets of silverware, to glasses with water, two pictures frames, with pictures of me and T looking very happy together.   Then I think to myself, "You can still do better, what is missing?"

 MUSIC!  Of course, how could I forget!  I promised music for this date, but I have no romantic music on my computer...  Music channels on TV!  Click on the TV, go to those music channels I swore I would never use, start surfing these channels, and there are NO romantic songs!  Unreal... turn off the TV, and figure I can go grab some songs from the internet. 

 So I quickly grab the Righteous Brothers, Unchained Melody (that is our song) and load it on the iPod, and throw it in the speaker dock.  All the while, I'm grabbing a romantic instrumental playlist for dinner.  We are looking at 4:15 now, and I realized that I should vacuum the floor.  I run to the closet, grab the vacuum, and clean the kitchen and living room. 

 Looking around at the table, I still feel like something is missing...  The Card!  Luckily I already purchased one, however I left it in the car.  I grab my shoes, run down my flight of steps, grab the card and run back inside.  I place it on the plate, and realize that it looks dumb just laying on the plate.  What can I do?  Chocolates!  I run into the pantry, grab a box of chocolates, take out three pieces and make a slit in the middle of each of them.  From there, I place the card in the three slots of chocolate, and then place it on the plate.

 Ok, so I have the table set, and it is 4:28, and I look like a mess.  I figure I have at least a five minute windows to take a quick shower.  I grab a towel and sprit for the bathroom.  I take a quick shower (2 minutes) dry off, and get dressed.  Brush the teeth, and spray some Polo #1 on and wait for T to come home. 

 The one last idea popped in my head while I waited by the door.  I realized we had no decorations on the windows.  Remember that box of chocolates I used?  Well I grab the front of it, and tapped it to the glass window on my front door. 

 Perfect.  I kill the lights, and cue up unchained melody, and when she walked through the door, I hit the music and greet her with a big hug and a kiss!  Dinner turned out great and so did Valentines Day. 

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Mama T is mad at me!

So my previous blog got T's mom all fired up!   I mean she was MAD!  I really didn't think I wrote anything that insulting.  I mean, it does take FOREVER to get there, and I must admit, I have to make a few corrections.  First, I did not get any allergies this time when I went to go visit the house, so my apologies there. Next, the bar situation.  So everyone loads up and gets into the car.  We travel down a long twisting road, after about 5 minutes we arrive.  It was nice, but me and buddies wanted to get the grand tour.

So Tara's friend said, "there is another bar right down the road."  "Great lets go," we lie, we drove for 20-25 minutes before arriving!  Right down the road?!  So, we go to this, "right down the road" bar, and I have to admit, while small, it was pretty cool, a lot of retro beer advertising, so that won me over.

This lead to the last destination.  A bar that we were promised to be happening.  Boy oh bo, was this the understatment of the year!  The floor was NEVER restored, it was warped, cracked and destroyed, so warped that the bar did not match up, it looked like you were in some kind of fun house.  Second, the heat was a coal stove!  No lie, I thought it was a decoration, UNTIL THE BARTENDER HAD TO PUT COAL IN IT! The bar stools were, medal and attached to the bar by a bent pole!  I felt like I jumped in a Delorean and went back to the Civil War Bar... not to mention there were only two people in the bar, real happening...

So three bars, and one we skipped.  So four bars, my bad I was off by three.  Now, getting back on track, Tara's mom being mad at me.  I knew I was in trouble when I walked into the door, and she wasn't home, but Tara's dad was.  I was welcomed to him saying, "Your in deep sh*t!"  Then she came home.  Now let me lay down the event prior to this.  Literally three hours before we arrived Tara exclaimed, "Oh my god, do you see what my mom wrote about your blog?!"

This is what was written, "We are so excited y'all are coming up for the weekend. It's been so long since we've done anything but skin animals and make moonshine in our basement. We are honored that the "city folk" are blessing us with their presence. Maybe you can t...each us about civilization and the art of respecting someone's home...especially your future in-laws.
P.S. I have a box of bendryl with your name on it. (Don't worry! I'll keep the livestock out of your bedroom)"

So, now I'm in the house when she comes home, and usually I'm welcomed with a hug and how are you.  This time, she throws her coat on the couch and starts to yell at me about the blog.  After some quick explanation, she clams down, and turns the tables on me!  Her and Pappa T start harassing me in a thick country slang, saying things like, "Hey ma... go fetch me a possum from that there trap", and "Gee wiz, I would have made somethin other than meat loaf, but I couldn't catch me no squirrel before you twos got here."

And they didn't let up!  They did this until we left!  So, now I have to worry about the next time I go down, not only that, but what is she going to think of this blog.  And for that matter, who knew she read these anyway?!

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Please No hangover...Please No Hangover!

So this weekend it appears that my girlfriend and I will be heading down to her hometown of the middle of nowhere, down in the back woods, just past the 9000 streams, and over 10,000 bridges, to upstate New York.  So after a treacherous drive there, it is all cool.  We always have a blast, minus the wicked allergies we get while staying at her parents house.

So this time however, it may be a little different.  See my good buddy Carmen, has been hanging out with Tara's best friend, her name is Courtney, anyway, those two (Carmen and Courtney) will be down in middle of nowhere New York, and they have requested us to go up with them as well, you know to make the trip a little more enjoyable, since there is NOTHING TO DO THERE!

So what will we do?  Go to the one bar in this one horse town and probably have a lot of fun.  Problem being, T has work early in the morning... lame.  See, if I'm going out with Carmen, we are going out to have a good time, which means a sure fire hangover.  Usually no problem, except this time, I have to drive 8,000 miles of back wood roads.  Great, can you say, car sick hang over?

This of course will not stop me, and my fate is already sealed as far as I'm concerned.   Oh, and I may have exaggerated about how many miles and the amount of bars there are, but I would be lying if I said it didn't feel like all those statements were true.

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Tomorrow is the Newly Engaged Game!

So tomorrow should be a very fun and interesting day!  Because tomorrow is the debut of the Wake Up Call's Newly Engaged Game!   We are bringing in 3 engaged couple and having them compete against each other for the grand prize of wedding bands, priced over $1000!

On top of all of this, we just had a new system installed at the station, so it should be a little hectic.  Hectic but fun!  The whole game is going to be based off of the old time classic game show, The Newly Wed Game.  We will see just how well these contestants know each other.

So make sure you tune in tomorrow around 7 am and listen to the debut of the Newly Engaged Game!

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Check out the latest video!

Yes the video...well lets be honest, maybe only a handful have been waiting for!  When I eat men's candy underwear!  In case you missed it on air, let me give you a sneak peak.

I went to Adult Playtime Boutique, purchased a men's candy thong, for Crockett's awful entree's.  So today I was lucky enough to eat the thing.  Before I removed it from the wrapper, it looked harmless enough, in fact, it didn't look terrible at all.  The best way to describe what it looked like, would be to compare it to a fruit roll up.

But when I took that candy thong out of the wrapper I knew I was in MAJOR trouble.  It felt like plastic or newspaper.  I know, that makes no sense, but thats what it reminded me of.  Then it was time for the moment of truth, to acutally eat thins thing.

So make sure you go to and watch the whole video and see if I enjoyed it or hated it!

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Edible Underwear? I'm tryin in!

Yes, you read correctly... Tomorrow, for a very special Valentine's Day treat, I will be eating a pair of Edible Underwear, just in time for the holiday season!  Does it make a difference, men or women?  I'm sure they both taste the same, just one looks like a women's underwear and the other looks like men's.

But knowing my co-host, I will be eating the men's garments... I just hope they are tasty, because last night I went down to the Adult Playtime Boutique in Wilkes Barre, and tried some different types of  "potions", and I have to tell you they were not too tasty.

So here is the story, because I know your dying to hear it.  The idea came up, that I should find a pair of edible under garments, so last night, a buddy and I set off for a pair of tasty underpants.  Luckily for us, the first stop we came to had them.  Instead of just picking them up and leaving, I decided to ask some questions.  Well these questions led me down a whirlwind of awkwardness.

The lady behind the counter was really cool.  She was quite insightful to the world of adult oriented merchandise.  She was pulling things, things I can't talk about, off the shelves, giving me an idea of how things work.  Then she let me sample this coco butter, and no, not the kind you put on your toast, but the kind you put on... well we are all adults here I don't need to tell you.

ANYWAY, this coco butter, tasted odd, and made my entire tongue go numb!  She told me that is what it is suppose to do, and then I felt like an amateur idiot.  Coolest part of the whole process, she's a Froggy listener!

So there you have it.  Tomorrow I will be eating edible men's underwear!  Listen live on online @!  Should be a raunchy snack!

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I just can't complain!

Is it a bad thing that I'm not a complainer?  Let me explain, I'm not sure how I got to be this way, or when I decided never to speak up, but if something I order, buy, or receive is not right, I will NOT complain.  Never, I will just smile take whatever it is, and complain in my mind.

I know a lot of people will say, "you paid for it, then it should be right," but I just feel, I don;t know, guilty.  For example, this weekend T and myself went and had some Chinese food for lunch.  While ordering, the woman who usually take the order, I guess was not there, or in the back, so the cook took our order.  Obviously he was not as fluent in English as the woman who takes the orders, but he did his best.

So, my order got, well some what, screwed up.  My girlfriend, T, told me I should speak up and say something, but my response was, "no, no, it's fine, I'm sure this will be just as good."  Is this a problem?  Am I looking at this all wrong?

And it seems to happen to me all the time.  This morning, I went to Wendys, yes Wendys (Get off my back! McDonald's Credit Card machine was busted!) and order two 5 piece spicy chicken nuggets (they weren't serving breakfast yet) but when I got my order, they were regular!  I sighed, thought about going back and asking for the spicy kind, but decided to just settle and eat the regular.

Maybe I feel bad for the employee's, I mean, they deal with this all day, people complaining, yelling, screaming, and maybe they are a little hung over.  How about it, should I complain, or am I in the right? Do you complain, or just let things go?

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Almost there....

Was it just me, or did this week take FOREVER?  I mean really, this week has seemed to drag on and on.  I’m sure that the crappy weather had something to do with it.  Tuesday night, I ended up staying at a hotel, which ultimately started this string of sleepless nights.  There was something about Tuesday night that there my whole week out of wack.

I can’t seem to get enough sleep this week, no matter how long or how many naps I take during the day, I just find myself exhausted the next morning.  Like this morning, I feel like I was hit by a bus.  Luckily for me, the morning is going by somewhat quickly.  Hopefully, it keeps up, and before I know it, I will be under my blankets passed out for the night.

That is the plus side of this weekend.  My good buddy Carmen, who comes over every weekend with our posse of friends and a few bottles of booze, is not going to be in town this weekend (he has a date with a girl from New York) which means I get a whole weekend to recuperate.  And it is much needed…much needed.  Especially after last weekend, when I may have partied a little too hard, and may have gotten sick on the carpet of the living room…. Yea that was a disaster.

So a weekend of rest, sleep, and recuperation is looking real nice.  How about you, what are you going to do on this nice short weekend?  Party, cleaning or taking the Crockett route, and staying home and resting all weekend long?

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Pro wrestling or Jersey Shore?

Man oh man, what a Thursday night line up!  Why is it, that on Thursday night, that television decides to air all of my favorite shows?  See, usually I can skip wrestling on Thursday, mostly because TNA has been hurting for a good story line.

However; tonight is a big deal… The Return of the Big Bad Booty Daddy, the man who only cares about his freak and his peeks, Holla if you hear him, Scott Steiner! Yes after more than a year long hiatus, he is back!  Scott Steiner is the whole reason I found myself back into watching wrestling again.  About a year and a half ago, my buddy and I use to watch TNA wrestling EVERY Thursday, but then out of nowhere Scott Steiner was gone, and I just gave up watching.


However; tonight he makes an epic return!  I’m so pumped, but there is a situation, the Jersey Shore is on tonight.  Yes, as many of you know, I’m a diehard fan of the Jersey Shore, and I have yet to miss an episode, and I don’t plan to, because I know what will happen.  I will miss one, break the streak, and then I will never be able to catch up on the season, till there is a marathon, and I’m stuck in the house for some reason.

So know I have to figure out what to do… Watch the return of Scott Steiner, or find out the latest developing story of the Jersey Shore.  I know tough decision, what should I do?  What would you do…you know, besides turn off the TV, and watch neither.

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Sweet deal!

So yesterday after the show, Eric and myself knew we were going to have to stay at a hotel overnight because of the weather conditions.  Well we were fully expecting to stay in the small, dirty, gross, and less than sanitary hotel that the staff usually finds themselves sleeping in.

However, this time around, for whatever the reason, ONLY Eric and myself were sent to a different hotel.  A MUCH nicer hotel!  So nice that the hotel had a Pool, hot tub and sauna.  Not only that, but the bed could have fitted three Crockett's!

These rooms had nice TV's, great bathroom's, a desk, and we were on the fifth floor with a great view!  When it came to dinner, I order four spring rolls, and I have to say, it was quite tatsy!

Even though this whole deal was sweet, and I really can't complain, however; there is something about sleeping at your own house, with a loved one that you just can't get at a hotel, no matter how nice it is.  Because this morning, I feel pretty bad.

I feel like I was up partying all night.  I actually feel like I was partying all night.  I'm a little sore, my stomach feels upset, and I'm VERY tired.  I have to admit, I'm ready to go home and go to bed!

How about you, do you like getting away from it all?  Do you feel better when you get out, or is it home sweet all the way for you?  For me, I need my own bed and house.

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Ohhhh Yeaa!

So I'm not sure how many people are going to get this reference, but I'm going to go with it anyway.  Over the weekend my buddies and I went out to the mall, and I found myself a AWESOME pair of sunglasses!  These are probably the second coolest sunglasses I ever had.

The first pair i lost to a friend of mine, who told me he would give me $40 for these pair a replica Macho Man Randy Savage (pro wrestler) sunglasses.  I agreed, and never saw the money...  Oh well.

So Saturday night, I found a awesome pair of white avatars, but they have black V's running across!  Very Macho Man esk.  I have been working hard on my Macho Man impersonation, and when I prefect it, I will gladly do a Macho Man Blog, so stay tuned for that.... DIG IT!

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Going to be a good night of cleaning!

Is it sad that I get excited to clean my apartment?  Well at least get excited to mop.  As many of you know, I love to mop, and today is going to be an exceptional night of mopping.  Why, you ask?  Well last night, I was lucky enough to get the rest of the Scorpions, Judas Priest, AND ManOWar discography!  So many songs I haven't heard yet!  Needless to say I'm pumped to go home, clean and rock out to some classic metal!

Only problem is, I have a live appearance at the Mohegan Sun Arena today till 4.  Yes, yes, you can be excited that while your at the Home Expo, you have a chance to take photos, get autographs, and win sweet prizes from me... ok your just in it for the sweet prizes, but I can't get home till around 5 pm!

The worse part of all it?  My buddies are all coming home, so I will have to clean like a mad man before they arrive!  But that's ok, I like a challenge.  It is going to be a great time, cleaning that is, I'm sure the hangout will be fun too.  What are you guys up to this weekend?

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Where is the motivation?

I keep asking myself this.  My buddy and I decided last week that we would hit the gym at least three times a week last week, and we have gone zero times thur far.  Worst part about it, its my fault.

On Monday, my buddy had dinner with the family, so we weren't able to go.  Tuesday, I stopped by my parents house, when I got there, the driveway was a sheet of ice.   See the night before, there pipes in the garage shattered, causing water to go down the driveway and freeze overnight.  And yes, I said down the driveway, because my parents live on a GIANT hill.  I mean this thing is HUGE.  So when I get there, my car can't even make it 1/3 of the way up.  So I park on the street and walk up the ice hill.

When I get to the top, my mother is there, waiting for my help.  Little did I know I was going to be helping, otherwise, I may have not shown up.  So what did I get to do to "help"?  I got to take a shingle shovel, and in case you don't know what a shingle shovel is, let me explain.  It is a very narrow metal shovel with teeth on the end.  Anyway, I get to take this small shovel, and scrap the ENTIRE driveway!  Yes, I had to remove ALL of the ice so the cars could get up.  Two hours later the job was complete.

So I go home, pass out, and miss the gym.  And yesterday, I just did not want to go at all.  So now there is today.  I'm beat, I'm tired, and just want to go to sleep.  So today is out, and I start to wonder, "Where is my motivation at?"  I could use the gym time, my buddy gets me in for free, but I have no desire to go this week.

It is pretty depressing, I wish I had to motivation to go, but waking up at 3 am takes a lot of out me.  So I guess all I can say is, Maybe next week!

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Horror movies suggestions...

Do you guys have any?  Today after the show, the topic seemed to be horror movies.  It all started earlier this month when Jessie Roberts and myself got on the topic of horror movies.  I told her to check out the fourth kind.  For anyone who hasn't seen this's TERRIFYING!  Now maybe I'm just being a total wuss, but my god, I was freaking out during the entire movie.  Jessie Roberts not believing me, went out last night and rented it.

In fact before she watched it, I received a very pleasant text message from her reading, "Fourth Kind better be freakin scary, or you owe me six bucks!"  Know whats haunting about that text, that she spend six bucks on a rental!  Anyway, about two hours later I receive another text message from Ms. Roberts reading, "Thanks, now I will get no sleep tonight!"

So this morning after the show, she came into the studio, and we just started busting out laughing and talking about how damn scary this movie is!  From here, the topic wondered it's way back into the office.  See tonight, myself and T (my girlfriend) are having a date night, not much too date night, I pop some popcorn, pour some soda, and watch a movie on the couch.  Well tonight I figured we could watch something scary.  I mean after all, last night we watched Poltergeist, and that didn't quite do it for me.

So I asked Selena, whats a good scary movie?  She suggested the Ring.  I have to be honest here, that movie, when it came out was horrifying.  Now I'm sure some people,  you know the ones, who can't have any fun, and no matter what they are watching they will say, "oh that movie was so dumb!  I can't believe you were scared, not me, if that was me, I would have punched that ring girl in the face then ran 7,000 miles and climbed a mountain!"  Yea those people, they will say that I can't handle a scary movie, or that I'm a girl, but I love to wrap myself into the story and just have fun. But back to the subject.  The Ring, yea when that little girl was terrorizing everyone, it was bone chilling.  See, I'm doing my best not to ruin the story, because my girlfriend has yet to see it, and I know she reads my blogs, and we might end up watching this tonight.

So here is where all of you can help!  What is a really good scary movie?  Something that will wrap you up and not let you go?  Take for example, the Strangers.  That movie will make you, make sure you locked ALL of your windows and doors before you go to bed!  Other greats are, Paranormal Activity, Vacancy, and the Grudge 2.

So how about it?  Can you help me out tonight?  Thank for all your help!

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What happened?

That's what I keep asking myself.  This Saturday, I went out, via limo for two of my good friends birthday.  And that's about all I remember.  What I do recall is, we started at my house.  Mixing fruit punch and everclear.  From there, things go hazy.  It was a strange, I did not feel too bad, I thought I was sober, but that was not the case.

Turns out, I woke up in bed Sunday morning, no hangover (thank god) and was having trouble recalling the prior events.  It was almost like a dream, images would pop in my head, and I would say, did that happen?

Luckily there were pictures taken, reminding me of all the crazy events that happened.  I must say these pictures have shown me, that I was not in fact sober, and I was actually far from it!  Hilarious pictures though!

So my word of advice to all of you, rent a limo...totally worth it!

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The weekend is here...about time!

Was it me or did these past two weeks draaaaaaaaaaaaaag?  It was awful, and I think the main reason it dragged so bad, was due in part of excitement.  Tomorrow (Saturday) two of my friends are having their birthdays together, and to make matters even better, we are getting a limo for the night.

So I'm pumped, I have been pumped since I found out.  Of course I found out like 5 weeks ago, so the anticipation was killing me.  The my car was broken into, so right away I considered myself out of the party due to finical troubles.  However; thanks to a last minute gift, I was back in for the party.  Then last week, more financial problems occur and again, I thought I was out.

At last though, I found a way, and I'm going to have JUST enough to be able to go.  So these past two weeks have been torture, but it is almost over!  As soon as I'm done with this blog, I'm outta here.  So sorry to cut you short, but see ya later, have a good weekend!

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Recap of the Smart Mop!

I know I know, your all tired of reading, hearing, and watching me talk about the Smart Mop, well this is the last time...for awhile.  So if you haven't watched my video blog yet, I reviewed the Smart Mop.  After waiting so long to find/purchase the Smart Mop I took it home, tested it, and gave it a 3.5 our of 5 stars.

Well I'm here to tell you that I was wrong in my is actually BETTER than a 3.5, I would say it is more of a 4 to 4.5 star mop!  See here is what I think happened.

After work I went all over creation looking for this damn mop, after about three hours of searching, my search came to an end.  I found it, bought it and took it home.  I woke up at 3:50 am earlier that morning, went to work, came home, did some wash and dishes. Then I went on the search, by the time I got home it was around 6:30.  As soon as I walked in the door I recorded the review.

What I SHOULD have done was, laid took a nap, or did the review the next day.  But the excitement was too much, and I had to try it out.  Here is where problem #2 arrived.  The ammonia.  You can clearly see in the video review that I put WAY too much in the bucket.  So much that I started chocking on the vapors.  In fact, if you watch part 2 of the review, you will notice my eyes are very squinty.  It was not due to the fact I was tired, it was due ONLY because it smelled so strong of ammonia.

I could not see the floor, or could not see the mop, it was horrible.  Actually after the review, I had to  leave my doors and windows open for an hour to drain the smell.  On top of that, in the review, I show how the mop untwisted.  I can assure you it has never done that again!

So yesterday I decided to give the Smart Mop another go.  Instead of ammonia I used Pine Sol, so that maybe this time I could see and enjoy what I was doing.  Well me oh my!  This was a great success!  To my surprise the smart mop did not fall apart, it took off stains no problem, it swept up dirt in the process, and it did not leave the floor dripping wet like my old mop did.

Another great feature about the mop that I mention in the video is about the length of the mop.  It is very long.  Long enough that you are not constantly bending over, resulting in a sore back.  The black handles that allow you to ring out the mop are fantastic!  When the Smart Mop hits the floor it feels and looks like a clean mop is hitting the floor every time!

Again, as promised, this is the last I will talk about Smart Mop for awhile...until tomorrow morning.

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2011 and stayin positive!

My god has 2011 started off rough!  Let me recap this for ya.  First, my girlfriend's car smelled of strong gasoline when she would come home from work.  Being the good boyfriend I try to be, I tell her, don't drive your car you take mine as long as we are both home.  So she takes my car to work, and to her rehearsals, and everything is great.  Then I get the call, and for anyone that might have missed it, some stand up citizen of Wilkes Barre decided to throw a piece of rock through my window, steal my girlfriends purse and nebulizer and about $300.

So I decided to stay positive.  You know keep my cool, I mean at least my girlfriend was safe.  Like I told her, I can replace a stupid window, I can't replace you.  So I go get the window fixed, that's close to $200.  Now rent and college loan payments are due on top of this new bill. Still trying to stay positive, I tell myself no problem it's just an extra bill.

To top this all off, me and my girlfriend had to ind a new nebulizer.  This was no walk in the park either.  Because my girlfriend is from New York, she has out of state insurance, which ultimately means, no one takes her insurance.  So finding a medical store that would sell us one, while going through the insurance was no easy matter.  After an entire day, I was finally to locate a medical store who agreed to help us out.

So yesterday we finally got her car to the shop.... They tell us her fuel tank is going to rot off and that it needs to be repaired ASAP as well as new tubing.  Ok, we still got this 2011 can only go up right?  They tell us this will cost around, $945!  Have no choice, we have to get it done, she needs a car.

I mean come on now...  I figured after the window 2011 had no where else to go but up, but I guess I was wrong.  But hey, I have to keep on staying positive!  I mean if I get down now, it's going to be a LONG year!  What I like to think is that 2011 gave me all the B.S. up front, so that I may have a great rest of the year!  So thank you 2011!

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