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Crockett Clause

As you know, I will be going out dawned in a Santa costume for the next two weeks, dancing in order to raise toys for a family in need.  This is their story:

My friend's Sister  passed away on June 10th 2010, she was only 40 years old.  She battled a four year fight with cervical cancer, in which she was diagnosised after the birth of her baby boy twins 4 years ago. she Fight hard to live, traveling to try many different states to undergo procedures and surgeries.  She left behind her loving husband and their four children, a 22 year old, a 9 year old, and two 4yr old twins.  This is their first Christmas without her and I was hoping you can help me fill their Christmas wishes.  They are in a bad time right now, the husband is Foreclosing on their house and moving in with his father, to help with bills and expenses, He is still awaiting his job to take him back, he took a voluntary lay off two years ago to care for his wife and four children.  So can you please help me bring happiness and joy in their home this Christmas?  Even if it's only for a moment!

Here are the children's Lists!

Paper Jamz Guitar
Zhu Zhu Pets (and stuff that goes with it)
Tony Hawk 18inch Bike for girls
IPOD Touch 4th generation
Alice in Wonderland the Movie

Size 3T
Hot wheels training wheel Bike
Razor Scooter
Remote Control Truck
Lego's Set

Size 3T
Toy Story training wheel Bike
Razor Scooter
Remote Control Truck
Lego Set
Surprises...they think

For the older daughter,   I was hoping to get some gift cards, or spa days she is a college student. And she is an x-small in women's clothes!

As you can see they are in need of some help this Christmas, and I know the Froggy 101 listeners have some of the biggest hearts around!  So come on out and donate and lets all have a Merry Christmas!

I have omitted names for privacy, but I can assure you that even the smallest of donations will help!  If you can not make it out to one of my locations, you can mail or drop off donations to the following address:

Crockett Clause

305 Highway 315

Pittston, PA 18640

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at: or send me a message via Facebook.  My name on Facebook is Crockett Froggy.

Thank you again for all your help!  And lets make this a great Christmas for a family in need!


12/09/2010 2:54AM
Crockett Clause
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12/09/2010 5:40AM
Crockett, when I heard this morning while listening to the show who you were doing this for, I almost lost it. This is a wonderful family who has stayed positive and giving throughout all their pain. Please let me know what is not given and I will do everything in my power to get what they are wishing for. I am not a wealthy woman, but would give my life for these children. I wasn't able to give them their mom good health or stop their/her pain. Please, let me know what I can do to make their Christmas a little better. You can email me at the provided address. Thank you for what you are doing.
12/10/2010 5:43AM
You said that the oldest is a 22-year old girl. Is the 9-year old a boy or a girl? I assume that the twins are boys.
12/10/2010 5:45AM
Oops! I re-read your post. I guess that the 9-year old is a girl.
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