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Romance in our golden years...

My cell --- as the kids say -- "blew up" with multiple texts from hubby. He's all excited about finding his Men's multi-vitamin at an incredible discount. He's been looking for this particular vitamin for weeks.

Babe! 200 vitamins for $3.50!!! It's normally 17 BUCKS!!

Can't wait to see what's in-store for our Golden Years: Buy-1-Get-1 water pills will be our foreplay.
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When did my 2 year old become so brave? He insisted on going up the steps and down the slide by himself --- I was more scared than him!
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Bobble THIS!!

Can you even imagine - your very own bobblehead?!!

A big thanks to our friend, Jim Z, for letting us know that Eric and I were contenders in the RailRiders Bobblehead competition!! 
We don't know how our big heads were nominated, but thank you! 
If you want to own a state-of-the-art bobblehead

...where for everytime Bobble Eric nods "YES", Bobble Selena soundly nod "NO" ...

please vote for "Eric &Selena" in the link below!!  THANK YOU!!

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Get your own date!

Man, I'm pissed Kim and Kanye's wedding is MY wedding anniversary -- I don't want to share with those self-exploiting fools!

My sister just told me, too, that she wants to get married on the same date as my anniversary next year. 

I put May 24th on the map, you wedding coat-tail riders!! Get your own! 

Are there certain event dates you don't want to share?  Even Eric admits he's too egotistical to share an important date like a wedding with a sibling...


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Eating snow is instinctual

How do kids know to eat snow?  I kept trying to grab a pic with my 2 yr old son, Cole, in the snow, but he was too busy having dessert!  He's pretty good about not sticking random things in his mouth, so I was curious how he knew to pick upwhat's on the ground and eat it.
Thank goodness it wasn't "lemon" ices!! 
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I'm not a "BELIEBER", buuuut....

Look, I know it's bad when we're calling Lindsay Lohan for advice on Justin Bieber, but I think we've gotten as much out of hand as Justin himself.

What's more pathetic, Justin Bieber's recent screw-ups, or the fact there are people wasting the government's time to deport him?

Check out the petition -- I think it's actually legit; not a joke.  Are you compelled to sign it?  I have more important things to pop a zit.
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Your special bond with your car

I strangely miss my car, Eddie the Edge, this morn. My husband, Ethan, had to borrow it to drive to LCCC.

I called Ethan as soon as I got off the air, and I realized it was more so to check up on my car.

Me: Did you enjoy my car this morn?
Ethan: If by enjoy, you mean instead of WALKING to Nanticoke, then yeah, I enjoyed it.

...Don't be offended, Eddie. Ethan just doesn't have that special bond like we do...
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Who uses "Jicama" in their regular conversation?!!

Do pretentious pregnant hipsters write for! WTH is a jicama, and why would I ever compare my baby's size to that? Really, you can't just say, "turnip"?!! (aaaand now entering the 32nd wk of pregnancy, aka, the "Annoyed Stage")

32 weeks: Your baby is about the size of a jicama

Your baby is taking up more and more space in your uterus, weighing in at about 3 3/4 pounds and measuring 16 3/4 inches from head to heel.

See what your baby looks like .
Read about your baby's development at 32 weeks

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I Love Science! will too -- can you find the octopus?!!  Play this in  slow-mo;  so neat!!

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I'm ready for the next wave!!

It may look like he's scared, but Cole is actually cheering on the never ending waves that came crashing down on him at the shore this Labor Day weekend.  The sandier he got, the happier he was...and the more exhausted I was trying to convince him at the end of the day it was time to head in for a bath!!

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